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Jul 22, 2018
Ace choreographer and musician, Slim Buster, has for some few years been out of the country and missing in the Ghanaian entertainment circles. However, the musician has bounced back with a latest song dubbed, ‘Vuvuzela’. The song released is expected to appear on the performer/singer's forthcoming studio album. The musician debunked assertions that he has retired from music. Slim Buster, speaking to Prince Kwesi Handsome on GH Entertainment from UK base said, he took the long break offered him an opportunity to conduct a lot of research, postmortem in order for him to come bigger and better. He also revealed his intention to release new tracks every one and half month. Slim Buster when asked if he will be prepared to work with the current breed of musicians said he will work with those who are willing because the new breed of artistes would benefit immensely should they humble themselves and learn from the pioneers. In his view, the new breed of artistes are collapsing the industry and so he is ready to revive it before if finally collapses.
Jul 22, 2018
Safety Advocacy Group, National Safety Campaign (NASACA) has slammed Midland Savings and Loans over the statement the company issued following the police brutality meted out to a customer of the company two days ago. The interdicted officer, Lance Corporal Fredic Amanor was exposed in a video assaulting, kicking and slapping a customer of the Shiashie branch of the company after ordering her to walk out of the banking hall because they have closed. His action angered social media users after the video went viral. The company issued a statement to apologize for the assault on the victim, Patience Osarfo. Midland assured customers of their safety in a statement that read: ‘’ ‘’the management of Midland Savings and Loans condemns in no uncertain terms the act of brutality meted out to a customer by a security officer at one of our branches. ‘’We wish to render an unqualified apology to the customer in question and the general public for the uncivilised act. We have reported the matter to the police for the necessary action to be taken to ensure our client gets justice. We want to assure the public that we are an institution that really cares about the welfare and safety of our customers.’’ But NASACA believes the statement by the company was an afterthought. They have also called for compensation for the assaulted victim and the grandchild. They have also called for the prosecution of staff of the company who were present when the incident occurred. Read Below full statement: They have also commended the Gender Ministry, the Police for the action taken so fat after the incident occurred. Press Statement: SHOULD MIDLAND TALK ABOUT CARE AND SAFETY? Following the so-called apology letter from the management of Midland Savings and Loans to the brutalized victim customer of theirs, Patience Osarfo, National Safety Campaign (NASACA) want to ask, does the company has the right to talk about care and SAFETY at this point in time? If the company is indeed one that care and consider SAFETY, why wasn't it realized in the staff members of its Shiashie branch where the vulnerable customer of theirs was bitterly suffered such kind of assault by a hired uniformed police officer? NASACA is of the view that the police officer, Corporal Godzi Frederick Amanor (Skalla) alone cannot stand trial, but the bank too whose employees looked on for the policeman to harass the poor nursing mother to that extent. It is a shame to the nation's security and a torture to entire womanhood. The need for a befitting compensation for the victims (mother and child) is also paramount. Thankfully, the ministries of Interior including its law enforcement arm, the police service, and Gender,Children and Social Protection are showing up in this unfortunate moment. As a police officer, society see no reason for him molesting someone, most especially, a woman. Worse of all, a nursing mother when he was to protect such per training and mandate. We ask that the institutions keep on their feet to ensure full course for justice to prevail. NASACA is by this condemning the barbaric act and is pleading with the entire womanhood to pardon it. Naturally, both the mother and her yet to attain three months old baby are not sound and are to be given special care to enable them recover from any form of possible trauma. Here, we call for the attention of the health sector. As a society, we are SAFETY minded in our own interest. Don't wait till it occurs ...signed... Daniel Asuku SAFETY advocate and President Christopher Biney Coordinator
Jul 22, 2018
Manager of one of Ghana's biggest and vibrant music groups, Keche – George Mensah Britton has slammed individuals tagging him as homosexual. The manager who has managed artistes including Managed Knii Lante, one of Ghana's renowned reggae artistes and Male Vocalist of the Year laughed off the rumours in an interview on GH Entertainment with host, Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr Handsome. He was wondering why people will speculate and tag him as gay with facts. When asked to respond to the rumours, he said, ‘’they said I am gay. Who are those saying I am gay? George Mensah Britton was together with Keche who appeared on the show today [Saturday]. On the group, the manager said Keche’s best has not been seen yet because they have a lot of things they are yet to release. He described the duo as versatile, disciplined and dedicated to whatever they do. Meanwhile, Keche has said only death can separate y=them because they will never split. The Hiplife group, made up of Joshua Ampah (Keche Josh) and Andrew Cudjoe (Keche Andrew), has been around for about 10 years said they have encountered worst scenarios that saw other groups separate but we ‘’will no separate. We understand each other.’’ “Everything that has caused groups to break up has happened to us. Friends, money, women etc. we’ve been through it all and the group is still going strong. We sometimes disagree on issues. We’ve had our differences but we have remained together because we ourselves as a brand that represent the interest of our fans and not ourselves.’’
Jul 22, 2018
One of Ghana’s consistent and versatile music duo, Keche, have said only death can separate them. The duo, in an exclusive interview with Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr Handsome on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, Keche is in to stay and they will continue to stick together ‘’until death’’ do as part. The Hiplife group, made up of Joshua Ampah (Keche Josh) and Andrew Cudjoe (Keche Andrew), has been around for about 10 years said they have encountered worst scenarios that saw other groups separate but we ‘’will no separate. We understand each other.’’ “Everything that has caused groups to break up has happened to us. Friends, money, women etc. we’ve been through it all and the group is still going strong. We sometimes disagree on issues. We’ve had our differences but we have remained together because we ourselves as a brand that represent the interest of our fans and not ourselves.’’ According to them, the Keche brand is like a company with a number of workers serving people and so ‘’because we see Keche as a brand with this purpose and focus, there is no way we can separate as a duo.’’ ‘’Other groups keep splitting because they did not understand the movement from day one. A lot of issues that have broken groups happened to us but we are still here. We do quarrel sometimes but it doesn’t affect Keche. When Keche calls, Joshua have to put all things aside, Andrew has to do same and attend to Keche…So there is no way you will wake up and hear that Andrew is no more with Keche because it is Keche that called Joshua and Andrew for Keche. We will never break up. Only death can split us.’’ ‘’Keche is for the people and when Keche is no longer in existence, people are going to be disappointed. It is not only in Ghana but across the world.’’ On what is keeping them together the duo said the first thing is giving maximum respect to the brand Keche anytime it calls depending on their differences. Keche dropped a new single titled, They Say after taking some time away from the music scene. The song addresses the lies that ladies believe about their partners. Andrew and Joshua also hinted that they will be releasing an album by end of the year.
Jul 22, 2018
Reports reaching Rainbow Radio indicates that a police guarding a bullion van has shot dead the driver of the bullion van at Odumase Krobo. According to reports, the bullion van is said to have run into a rowdy funeral procession while transporting bank notes. The Policeman guarding van in an attempt to restore order fired warning shots into the air. The officers warning shots mistakenly hit the driver of the bullion van and he died instantly on the spot.
Jul 22, 2018
Information Minister, Dr Mustapha Hamid has assured residents in Asawase that, no culprit would be left unpunished following the killing of some suspected robbers few days ago by the police. Government he announced will set up a committee to probe the matter and unravel the truth. “…the committee will do a thorough job and ensure that nothing is covered up. Whoever is culpable, blamable, it will be laid square and bare,” the Minister added. “Now everybody has committed. The families of the dead have committed that they will remain calm and give the investigative mechanism the opportunity to work. So we believe that going forward from today, there will be peace and calm as we wait on the setting up of the investigative committee to unravel what will happen. Indeed I told them in the meeting that the committee will do a thorough job and ensure that nothing is covered up,” the Information Minister added. He was speaking at a meeting between a government delegation, the Ashanti Regional Security Council, the Inspector General of Police, the Council of Imams and Zongo Chiefs in the Ashanti Region as well as the bereaved families. The IGP, David Asante Apeatu and some other government officials were chased out of the town by irate youth who have described the killing of the seven persons as a calculated attempt by the police.
Jul 22, 2018
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has revealed that a total of five hundred and seventy dams (570), and fifteen (15) warehouses are being constructed in the Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions. According to President Akufo-Addo, Government is undertaking the construction of these critical infrastructure, especially the three Northern regions, for the enhancement of Ghanaian agriculture, and to create the conditions for all year-round farming. “It is long overdue and that is why we have committed ourselves to the programme of 1-village-1-dam, so that every part of the northern region of our country will have access to water and irrigation to be able to support farming all year round,” the President said. That is why, “this year, we are constructing 570 dams in the three northern regions, of which the Builsa area is getting twenty (20) – ten (10) for Builsa North, ten (10) for Builsa South. There are two in Sandema, two in Yaga, two in Chuchuliga, two in Sanyasi, and two in Kandema.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Friday, 20th July, 2018, in Sandema, in the Builsa North district, when he interacted with the Chiefs and people of the district, at the end of his 2-day tour of the Upper East Region. The President told the Sandema Naba, Azaksuk Azantilow, that Government is also establishing 50 warehouses across the country to provide for storage for the output of farmers. He bemoaned the fact that, for far too long in the country’s history, farm produce rots because of the unavailability of storage facilities. “At the end of this year, when the fifty (50) warehouses are in place, that is also going to be a thing of the past. Five (5) of these warehouses are going to be constructed in the Upper East Region, of which Sandema will have one,” he added.
Jul 22, 2018
The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) is advocating for the prosecution of Lance Corporal Fredrick Amanor, the police officer who was captured on tape assaulting a customer of Midland Savings and Loans at is Shiashie branch. The GBA expressed shock at the incident and insisted that no Ghanaian should be subjected to cruelty. A Press statement signed by both the President, Benson Nutsukpui and the General Secretary, Justin A. Amenuvor of GBA said security officers who under the pretense of maintaining peace and order attack, abuse and dehumanise citizens must not escape the arm of the law and victims of such brutalities must receive justice. “GBA is appalled that a police officer, whose primary duties include ensuring the safety of persons, should brutalise the very person he is duty-bound to protect, with such impunity. The Bar condemns in no uncertain terms the reprehensible and cruel conduct of the police officer,” said the GBA. Social media users were outraged at a video which went viral yesterday [Friday]. The police officer who had a gun strapped on the shoulder was seen slapping, kicking and dragging Osafo Patience, a customer of the Savings and Loans Company. He was arrested on orders of the IGP Friday evening. He has since been interdicted, a statement from the police stated. He will face prosecution. The police statement read:‘’ No. 50260 Lance Corporal Godzi Frederick Amanor is in police custody and being processed for Court on all applicable criminal charges. He has also been interdicted and his uniform and all other police accoutrements taken from him, pending internal disciplinary proceedings. Investigation has also commenced into the conduct of officials of the Midland Savings and Loans Limited, where the incident happened and all persons who are implicated would face the full rigours of the law.’’
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