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Oct 19, 2017
The Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Theodora Georgina Wood has said that although the latest Anas video has dented the image of the judiciary, it has destroyed their reputation. Speaking at the inauguration of the newly multi-million dollar court complex in Accra, she stated that she have had the difficulty in talking about the latest 3 hour long, Anas video which has implicated some 34 judges and some 180 other judicial staff members, who were captured on camera for allegedly taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases they were presiding over. ‘’Over the last couple of weeks I have had the unpleasant duty of speaking to the subject that is hardly comforting of all true patriots’’. The CJ stated that the judgement by the public is unrelenting after watching the video with so much question been asked as to where the country find itself in relations to the judicial scandal. She indicated that the situation so far has led Ghanaians to lump together, the good and bad ones a situation she said is because of the extent of corruption captured on the latest work by Anas. Her Ladyship Theodora Wood said ‘’we have been collectively condemned with no one been spared’’. She stated that the judiciary as an arm of government, has a critical role in ensuring that good governance, rule of law is achieved. The judiciary according to her must be the ‘’watch dog’’ of law and order. She posited that although there were some bad ones among the good, it would be important to acknowledge the good ones who have by far held the judiciary in high esteem. ‘’It is true that overtime, the walked conception of the role of the judge by a few among of us, has marred the beauty of what the judiciary stands for  in this great nation’’, she said. She continued that, ‘’the deeds of these few has dented… and I’ve chosen my words carefully have dented but have not destroyed public trust and confidence in our work’’. The CJ  stated emphatically that, they are good judges in the judiciary then the public perceives and those judges through difficult times have stood firm in the discharge of their duty in ensuring economic stability, democracy and the rule of law. She said the judiciary would come out strong after it has gone through the latest scandal that has characterize it. ‘’We look into the future with a sense of brightness, that brightness that assures us that we shall overcome and triumph over the adversities that confronts us. We would band together as judges for the common good, the judicial council is determined to lead in this journey of faith, of believe in our capacity to prevail over the challenges we confront in the present’’. She explained that, institutionally and individually, they have acknowledged where they went wrong and therefore are committed to ensuring the independence and integrity of the judiciary. The CJ has therefore called on all stakeholders to help the judiciary in theses process of ensuring that it redeem its image.        
Oct 19, 2017
The President, John Mahama is currently  in Accar at the inauguration of the 42-room, fully finished court complex which was financed by government of Ghana  at a cost of $50 million. The multi-million-dollar court complex is to help the judiciary a new lease of life The Judicial Service engaged Messrs Avangarde Design Services to design and supervise the construction of the complex, while actual construction was undertaken by the China State Hualong Construction Ghana Limited. The court complex comprises of  10 land courts, 10 commercial courts, six criminal courts and six general jurisdiction courts. The others are three divorce and matrimonial courts, two financial and economic courts and two human rights courts. The rest are two labour courts and one probate and administration court. Facilities at the complex include eight lifts, two exotic public courtyards with a water-harvesting facility and water storage tanks with a capacity of 72,000 gallons for domestic use and for firefighting.  All the 42 courtrooms have adjoining judges’ chambers, four registries, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) rooms and a clinic. The state-of-the-art complex also has offices for banks, a data centre, a business centre, a cafeteria on each level for the public, staff of the Judicial Service and judges. It also has a 300-seater auditorium, a library, executive offices for the Attorney-General and police prosecutors, an information centre and a media briefing room. The complex has first-class consultation and waiting rooms and accommodation for vulnerable witnesses such as children, victims and relatives. There are extensive facilities for lawyers and their clients, the media and juries within secure and segregated circulation. There is also cell accommodation for 100 prisoners, a prison reception area, prison officers’ office and other ancillary facilities.   The efficient delivery of services at the complex would be aided by modern Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, adding that all the courtrooms had been enabled for digital recording, including a dedicated video conferencing facility in some specialised courtrooms.   Other main ICT services include a direct transcription system, wireless access as part of the local area network facility, a data centre with storage area network, a public address system, electronic signage, as well as telephony and dedicated Internet services.   The complex has dedicated closed-circuit television systems, uninterrupted power systems and high-capacity standby generators.      
Oct 19, 2017
The former director of the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), Mr. Kwaku Mortey Akpadzi has asked Ghanaians to ignore the alleged allegation of corruption brought against him by an anti-corrution crusader, Cudjoe Akpabey because they are baseless and without merit. Responding to the allegation of the GHC200K, the former EOCO boss asked that, Mr. Cudjoe Akpabey should be treated with competent. Mr. Akpadzi is being accused of misappropriating state funds and still using state vehicles several months after his retirement. The Ho West parliamentary aspirant is to face a vetting committee today, over his alleged misappropriation of fund and the use of state vehicles whiles he is out of office. It could be recalled that the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah earlier yesterday invited anti-corruption crusader and tax expert, Cudjoe Akpabey to the flagstaff house after he appeared on the morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM to discuss the alleged scandal with Kwame Tutu. The Chief of Staff has commenced investigation into the matter. Mr. Akpadzi the former EOCO Boss, faces disqualification in his bid to run for the Member of Parliament Office on the ticket of the ruling NDC government. Mr. Cudjoe Akpabey in his earlier petition to the Presidency, requested for the arrest and prosecution of the former EOCO Boss for his misconduct and alleged scandal. In his response to the alleged scandal, Mr. Akpadzi said, “I don’t want to use some words on Akpabey… treat him with contempt,” Mr. Akpadzi said. He also requested that, any who wants to know the whereabouts of the said vehicle in question should contact the new EOCO Boss.  “EOCO now has a boss, if there are any issues with EOCO assets, I am not the proper person to ask because I am no more the boss of EOCO”.      
Oct 19, 2017
Former GFA Boss and a member of the CAF Inter-club committee, Mr. M.M. D Jahula has said that although the appointment of Issah Hayatou is for a short period, he would be able to help the world football governing body (FIFA) redeem its dainted image. He said that what FIFA needs now is somebody they can trust, and respect, and by experience the CAF president,  has been tried and tested to head the world governing body. Mr. Jahula indicated that the appointment of the CAF president would give Africa the opportunity to prove to the world that we can do the job. He explained that the suspension of the former FIFA Boss, was evident among sports observers within the governing bod,y because of the numerous alleged scandals that characterized his office. According to him, Issah Hayatou’s performance would pave the way for another African to vie for the position of FIFA. Mr. Jahula indicated that his boss, is a loyal member of FIFA who by far, stands as the best candidate to handle the affairs of FIFA. Issah Hayatou took over as the acting FIFA president after Mr Sepp Blatter was suspended by Fifa’s ethics committee for the next 90 days. Blatter is said to have signed contracts which are not in good interest of world’s football governing body and had also paid monies to Uefa president Mr Michel Platini. Issah Hayatou assumed the office of FIFA President pursuant to Article 32 (6) of the FIFA Statutes. A new President will be chosen by the Extraordinary Congress on 26 February 2016. I myself will not be a candidate for that position. In his absence as the CAF president, the 1st  vice-president, Suketu Patell from Seychelles would take over as acting CAF president.              
Oct 19, 2017
The president of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association, Kwaku Asante Krobea has hinted that, the association would support a full scale resumption of another strike action by the association of unpaid nurses, if the disparity in the payment of deferred and withheld salaries of affected members are not addressed with the required attention. He said that, the mother association advised the unpaid nurses to suspend their strike action because of the appeal made by government and efforts that were been put in place to manage the situation. Mr. Krobea indicated that, the delays in payment of salaries of affected nurses, were as a result of ‘’poor management of salary administration in the health sector’’. He has therefore called on the employer, ‘’to attend to all outstanding issues of salary withholding and unemployment among nurses and mid-wives without delay to boost the confidence of the practitioners’’. He said it would be more prudent for the employer to improve upon the ‘’current unacceptable nurse/patients ratio’’.    
Oct 19, 2017
Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has charged his colleague journalist in Ghana to remain firm, courageous and confident and most importantly not to be intimidated but take advantage of the growing ‘’media freedom’’ to expose corruption and correct the rot in our society. The investigative journalist is currently in Norway together with over 800 international journalist at the world Global Journalism Conference. Anas and his Tiger Eye P.I team in a painstaking explosive investigative video, captured some 34 judges and 180 other judicial staff members for allegedly taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases there were presiding over. Addressing the gathering of journalist from over 121 countries, Anas stated that his latest work has led to the suspension of some judges in the judiciary.  “34 Judges are being investigated, they have been suspended by the President of Ghana because of the investigation I have done. I cannot go further to say because the case is in court. We are talking about 34 Judges and 146 judicial staff. That is all I can say.” The gathering of journalist from the information we have gathered, were expecting to see Anas’ lastest 3 hour long video but to their utmost surprise, he showed them another video on alleged theft in the Ghana Health Service. He also declined to comment on the video about the judiciary, citing suits brought against him by some of the implicated judges. He has therefore charged Ghanaian journalist back home to continue to hold up firm in their duty by helping to expose corruption in society.          
Oct 19, 2017
The British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), as part of its Girls Participatory Approaches to Students Success (G-PASS) Programme, T-TEL (Transforming Teacher Education and Learning) is supporting the government of Ghana with amount of over 700 million Ghana cedis to help improve upon Teacher Training in all the 38 colleges of education in the country and all other institutions that support them. The funded programme is expected to last for the next four years in the West African sub-region.   Why T-TEL Ghana’s transition to middle income status over the last ten years is due in no small part to dramatic improvements in the education system, primary school enrolment has recently reached 82% and gender parity stands at 0.97. However, learning outcomes have not kept with the expansion of primary and secondary school places and many students lack basic skills which affects their future education prospects. Recent data shows that only 24.2% of P3 students and 35.3% of P6 students achieved proficiency-level scores in English. In mathematics, just 16.1% of P3 students and 18.2% of P6 students are seen as proficient. Government has shown commitment to address poor learning outcomes and recognizes that teaching is both a barrier and a solution to progress. Evidence has shown that teacher training in Ghana has not kept pace with the demands of a changing nation. The standing of the teaching profession has slipped over the years. Ghana’s 38 Colleges of Education lack materials and resources, and curricula and training methods are not compatible to international standards. Whiles in theory they (Teacher Training Colleges) compete for the students, demand outstrips supply so incentives for Colleges of Education to improve are weak. Among the national institutions with responsibilities for teacher training, there is the need to align policy effectively and support their vital role in creating the conditions for Colleges of Education to achieve the highest standards.   7 core programme elements T.TEL have a 7 programme elements which they would be working with, these elements are; 1. Providing core training and coaching for CoE tutors in Mathematics, English and Science, and eventually generic materials for all for all tutors. 2. Leadership development through support to the management of CoEs and training of their management teams 3. Institutional reform to CoEs through supporting and clarifying functional responsibilities guidance and policy. 4. Creating better school partnership and more effective student practicums 5. Strengthening and teaching assessment through support for DBE curriculum reform and cooperation with partners to implement policies for teacher education 6. Addressing the gender imbalance through supporting more well trained female teachers and prioritizing girls education 7. Supporting innovation, management, and training delivery through a Challenge Fund to which organizations in their network and partner districts and schools will be able to apple and a Payment by Results Fund for Colleges.   Aims of T-TEL T-TEL’s key aims is to improve governance, management and pedagogical direction in all 38 public Colleges of Education, with 929 tutors effectively using T-TEL teaching and learning materials for lessons and tutorials. Over 35, 000 better-trained teachers, prepared and motivated for a career dedicated to improving young minds, an investment of 2 million pounds target towards encouraging innovation across the education sector, out of a total investment of 17 million pounds in the programme over 4 years. T-TEL (Transforming Teacher Education and Learning) is ensuring that Ghana’s schools have high quality, well trained and motivated teachers for the country’s continued growth. Their programme seeks to support the implementation of a new policy framework for Pre-Tertiary Teacher Professional Development and Management. T-TEL is working closely with trhe Ministry of Education (MoE), and the Ghana Education Service (GES) in consultation with level such as as the National Teaching Council (NTC), the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), the National Accreditation Board (NAB),the National Inspectorate Board (NIB), the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and Winneba (UEW) and all 38 Colleges of Education (CoEs). A steering committee and a technical advisory committee have been constituted to provide overall strategic and technical oversight respectively.
Oct 19, 2017
The Greater Accra regional chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Ade Coker has described day one of the vetting within the region as successful. According to the chairman, they expect that day two would be equally better. Over 70 aspirants were vetted across all the constituencies within the Greater Accra region. Mr. Ade Coker revealed that so far 5 candidates have been disqualified from contesting in the primaries. The reason for their disqualification were because, they went as independent candidate in the last elections, an action the party frowns upon by their constitutional rules. The chairman of the party revealed that any candidate who went as independent in the last election forfeits his or her membership as a card bearing member and before you are able to stand for any elections, you are required to register as a member of the party again. He indicated that all parliamentary aspirants must meet the requirements in the 1992 constitution, then after they must  meet the requirements of the party which are, a member in good standing in the last four years, a registered member and whether you have never been a member of another party. Leeford Nii Kpako Quarshie (Klottey Korle Constituency) Tony Afenyo (Ashaiman Constituency), Michael Kwetey Tetteh (Ningo Prampra), Isaac Awuku (Dome Abra Obom) and Opolu William Kwesi Ahamadzi (Amasama) are the candidates disqualified so far. Mr. Ade Coker stated further that, the disqualified candidates have the opportunity in running in the next elections after they have gone through due process of re-admission. The chairman of the party mentioned that disqualification meant that you failed to meet the clause or rule in the constitution but that should not allow the affected candidates to think that all hope was lost. He said the Greater Accra region were excited and happy about proceeding so far because the candidates have disciplined themselves throughout the exercise, which he said is an indication of how peaceful and democratic the NDC party is. The party according to him have admonished the candidates to engage in a healthy campaign, because the party would be monitoring the activities of all the aspirants. Mr. Coker was sure that the party would come out successful after the primaries in November.    
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