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Oct 20, 2018
The Greater Regional Women's Organizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Madam Joyce Zampare has posited that, the presidential candidate of the elephant fraternity is coming like 'kakai' unto the incompetent National Democratic Congress (NDC), and an 'angel'  to deliver Ghana from its 'fall'. Speaking to Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, she said the centre cannot hold in the NDC, as the foundation of the party is currently shaking because the storm from Nana Addo, has hit hard at them. Nana Addo she explained is now a scare to the NDC but a beacon of hope for the electorates who are highly disappointed in the current administration led by President Mahama. Madam Joyce Dampare called on the NDC to wake up from their slumber because, they will be kicked out from the Presidency for exhibiting gross incompetence, mismanagement and wide-spread corruption. According to her, she finds it strange that a President who keeps touting his achievements, claiming to win the election one touch will be shaken when Nana Addo hits the grounds with his campaign. ''If indeed President Mahama's works will keep him in office, why then should he be campaigning for votes? He should not waste his time to canvass for votes. It is needless.''    She said, the NPP is not worried that the NDC has hit the ground with their so-called Accounting to the People Tour. ''Nana Addo started his Arise and Build tour before President Mahama begun his Accounting to the People Tour. What is scaring the NDC; Are they afraid they will lose the elections; because Ghanaians are now awake and are solidly behind Nana Addo, who has promised to deliver to them a first class governance?'' ''President Mahama's tour is nothing for NPP to be concerned about. Nana Addo will win the elections and continue from where former President Kufour left off. We are focused, we are keeping our eyes on the ball and we are sure of victory 2016.'' The outspoken female politician chided the NDC, for mocking Nana Addo's try me appeal, saying that, there can be no testimony without a test. ''Change is coming because Ghanaians are calling on Nana Addo to come to their rescue. That change will come because, the people have commended Nana Addo for his 'prophesy' four years ago that, Ghana will be down if NDC is voted into office. Nana Addo is asking Ghanaians to vote Mahama if they are satisfied with his achievements. But if they are struggling, then they should vote against incompetence, mismanagement and widespread corruption.''
Oct 20, 2018
Presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has admonished residents of the Ga State to threat with a pinch of salt that he hates Gas. Speaking residents at Chorkor in Accra as part of his Donate for Change campaign tour of the Greater Accra, Region, Nana debunked claims that he hates Gas. He told the gathering that, he has no hate for people of the Ga State and that his better half is a Ga native. He asked them to ignore the  ethnocentric propaganda by his political opponents which all meant to discredit him. The NPP flagbearer called on the people of Chorkor to ignore propaganda making the rounds that he is ethnocentric and dislikes Gas. “I know they say a lot of negative things about me. They insult and denigrate me. They say I do not like Gas. I was born right here in Swalaba, so how anybody can say I hate Gas beats my imagination. If this is so, then it means I do not like myself. My wife is Ga, and yet they say I do not like Gas. How is this possible?” he asked. He also told the people that Ghana can no longer be run on the fuel of propaganda, lies and deceit, as the myriad of problems confronting the Ghanaian people is as a result of a clueless government that has no plan of how to return Ghana onto the path of progress and prosperity. He appealed to them to support in this year's elections, assuring them that the NPP has can do much better for Ghana, than what the NDC government is currently offering. Continuing, he added that “they say I am an old man, who cannot even walk. You have seen me for yourself. It is only people who have no message for the people of Ghana who will resort to insults, lies and propaganda. Mahama’s government has shown they have no plans for Ghana’s development, and that is why they always rain insults on me.” I will reduce electricity tariffs: Nana Akufo Addo reiterated his commitment to reduce electricity tariffs if voted into office. The NPP flagbearer also indicated that, in addition to reducing water tariffs, “senior high school education will be free for all school-going children.”  
Oct 20, 2018
The Supreme Court has dismissed a a review application filed by Nii Armah Ashietey challenging the court's decision to suspend a suit challenging the legality of the selection of Dr Zanetor Rawlings as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary nominee for Korle Klottey. This was after counsel for Nii Ashietey, Mr Gary Nimako prayed the court that he wants to withdraw the review application, on Wednesday morning when the case came up for hearing. The legislator filed  for judicial review of the Supreme Court’s ruling stopping the hearing of his case at the High Court. According to him, the Supreme Court did not take into consideration the NDC constitution when they ruled, and therefore there was a miscarriage of justice. Lawyer for the Nii Armah Ashietey, Gary Nimako was unable to prove his case and finally informed the court that he wants to withdraw the review application after he was asked by the panel made up of seven justices to prove how the decision led to a miscarriage of justice.  
Oct 20, 2018
Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ade Coker has beat his chest saying, he will defeat the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), in the upcoming general elections. The NDC he said is changing and transforming lives of Ghanaians, hence the elections will be a cool chop for the party. The Greater Accra Region he stated has had its appreciable level of development. Speaking on Rainbow Radio's morning show, Frontline, Ade Coker said, Greater Accra has received its fair share of development and said more  roads have been asphalted. According to him, the evidence is clear for all to see, thus it makes no logical sense for anyone who make claims that President Mahama has achieved nothing. He said, the provision and improvement in  infrastructure in the region were expected to enhance the living conditions of the people. President Mahama started his Accounting to the People Tour on Tuesday in the region with presentation of 500 vehicles to some selected schools from all the 10 regions of Ghana. While President is accounting to Ghanaians on his stewardship, his close rival and presidential candidate of the opposition NPP, Nana Addo is also on a Donate for Change campaign. Nana Addo lambasted President Mahama for spewing lies, progaganda over his so-called achievements when Ghanaians are struggling. But Ade Coker responding to the tour by Nana Addo said, it is no problem for them as a party because the NDC is not shaken by Nana's campaign since the party will beat the NPP hands down. Government he explained, has invested massively in the health, water, roads, education among other sectors  in the region. ''The evidence is clear for all to see. The Greater Accra Regional Hospital, the Circle interchange, the eye clinic, the asphalt road in Chorkor, on which Nana Addo travelled on was constructed by President Mahama; and  that of Korle-Bu were all constructed by President Mahama. The President is already transforming the lives of Ghanaians. His achievements are unrivalled. '' He added, the 1, 500 affordable Saglemi Housing Project which is 80 percent complete are all among the numerous projects that the region has benefited. ''He is accounting to the people and telling them what he has done and these are beginning of the evidence that President Mahama is not just talking but walking the talk. It is a mandate the people gave him and he has performed remarkably well.'' ''I defeated the NPP in 2012 after their mammoth rally. I will do same this year. I will beat the NPP again.''  
Oct 20, 2018
Presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo has consoled President Mahama following the death of his mother, Madam Abiba Nnaba.  The death of the deceased was confirmed by the Communications Minister, Dr. Omane Boamah on Wednesday in an interview with the media. Abiba Nnaba Mahama, died Wednesday dawn. She is reported to have died at the SSNIT Hospital in Accra after a protracted ailment. Rainbowradioonline.com has learnt the late Nnaba Mahama will be buried later today in line with Islamic tradition since she was a committed Muslim. In a tweet, the presidential candidate said ''I extend my condolences to @JDMahama and his family on the passing of his mother, Madam Abiba Nnaba. May she rest in perfect peace.''
Oct 20, 2018
A communication member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Richard Nyaamah, has categorically called President Mahama a thief on radio. The outspoken politician failed to retract when he was asked to do so and challenged the President to sue him in court and he will to defend himself. Speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5FM. Richard Nyaamah said ''the President is a thief and corrupt. I will not retract my statement.'' His comments comes on the heels of an investigative works conducted by Accra based JOY FM, Investigative journalist, Maneseh Azuri over a Burkinabe contractor who offered a  controversial gift to President  Mahama. The Burkinabe contractor, Mr. Djibril Kanazoe reportedly dashed President Mahama the vehicle as 'kick back' for  the $650,000 Ghana Embassy Fence wall contract awarded him. But commenting on the issue, Richard Nyaamah said, the controversial gift can best be described as nothing but an act of thievery on the part of president Mahama. According to him, the President's  code of ethics for ministers and political appointees, gifts that are to be accepted without any conditions should not exceed GHc200 or $50, however, the controversial gift given President Mahama is worth over $100,000. ''The contention is that President Mahama is corrupt and a thief, that is what we are saying. Let me tell you. I will not refrain it. The President put up a code of ethics for ministers and political appointees, gifts that are to be accepted without any conditions should not exceed GHc200 or $50, however, the controversial gift given President Mahama is worth over $100,000. This is thievery. You say whatever you want to say.''  
Oct 20, 2018
The Member of Parliament for Efutu in the Central region Alexander Afenyo Markin has called for legislation to regulate activities of the mobile money services. According to him telecommunication companies are  licenced to operate telecommunications services and not to provide financial services. The mobile money business he noted, is not a bad idea, however, it should be backed by law. The legislator in an interview with Rainbow Radio's Kwabena Agyapong said, people can use the mobile money services for money laundering, and other  serious crimes. Lawyer Afenyo Markins opined that, it is extremely outrageous for Ghanaians to keep mute over the illegal activities ongoing in the mobile money industry. ''Mobile money business is operating in Ghana; Am not saying we should ban mobile money in Ghana, but the truth is that, the service is not backed by law. The telecommunications companies are aware. Yet Ghanaians are quite and have allowed the services of the mobile money to destroy this country.'' The private legal practitioner chided the Bank of Ghana for failing to crack the whip, and allowing the mobile money services to operate illegally just as some micro finance companies invaded the country and duped innocent customers. ''Bank of Ghana is known for its weak regulations. If Bank of Ghana had strong regulations, the micro finance companies would not have invaded the country to dupe innocent people like they did. Yet Ghanaians are quiet over this.'' Citing Kenya as an example, he said the country have regulated activities of the mobile money services, therefore, Ghana can learn from the Kenyan example. ''People can use this as a platform for money laundering and commit so many crimes,'' and ''our security services are not so sophisticated and well resourced to investigate high rated crimes. So why should we worsen their plight?'' he quizzed further. Hon. Afenyo Markin called on the Central Bank to come out with a proper legislative regulations that has the legal backing, instead of an administrative regulation. He added, the Central Bank  has failed to sanction the telecommunication companies for failing to comply with  the regulations  by it, because they do not have the mandate by law to regulate them.  ''So come to Parliament with the law and we will all back you,'' he stated.  ''The mobile money service is convenient; i agree. But can we regulate it properly to prevent any challenges in future?''
Oct 20, 2018
All activities earmarked for the Accounting to the People's Tour have been cancelled due to the passing of President Mahama's  mother, Abiba Nnaba.  The Minister for Communications, Edward Omane Boamah confirmed this to Accra based Citi FM..  It is unclear yet what led to her demise, but the Minister revealed that the President’s mum died on Tuesday
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