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Mar 24, 2018
The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) has begun the phase two of the mass registration of inmates of prisons onto the National Health Insurance Scheme. The initiative according to the sector minister, Nana Oye Lithur is pursuant to government's social protection mandate to address the health needs of the vulnerable in society. Nana Oye Lithur, stated that ‘’prison inmates are wards of the State. As a government, we recognize this responsibility and would ensure they have access to the basic necessities of life such as healthcare.’’ The minister added, ‘’with this initiative to sign up inmates of prisons unto the National Health Insurance Scheme and other social intervention programs, we are demonstrating government’s commitment to carry everyone, bound or free, along the path socio-economic freedom. No one will be left out!’’ Since last year, in collaboration with NHIA, the Ministry has registered more than 6000 elderly persons in the Greater Accra, Eastern Volta Ashanti and Western Region, with the inmates of prisons joining. On her part, the Director General of Ghana Prisons, Ms. Matilda Awuah said the initiative and registration of inmates onto the National Health Insurance program is a significant step in alleviating the high costs of healthcare in our prisons. She said the exercise will bring an effective health care system to protect all citizens no matter their circumstances. The Membership and Regional Operations Director of the NHIA, Mr. Ben Kusi said the NHIA as an authority is committed to providing health care insurance to all Ghanaians. He said since last year 2014, the scheme has provided healthcare coverage for over 1.5 million vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged people in Ghana for free. It is our hope to continue working together and intensify collaborations with all relevant stakeholders for a prosperous country, he added.
Mar 24, 2018
Flagbearer for the NPP says considering the economic hardships, rampant and widespread corruption, rising cost of living, and the high levels of unemployment, it comes as no surprise to him that Ghanaian youth are angry, hungry and have given up any hope of the country offering them a bright future. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said the situation “has created an unrelenting social crisis in Ghana”, especially in the area of youth unemployment. The NPP flagbearer made this known on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, when he delivered a speech at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON), at the Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University of Ghana, Legon, on the theme “NPP Youth – Today, Tomorrow.” Akufo-Addo stated that the NPP sees the crisis of youth unemployment as a development that could have ripple effects for decades to come — not only for young people's demoralisation, but also for their weak contribution to the strength of the Ghanaian economy. The flagbearer lambasted the NDC government for failing to create a conducive environment that would spur on private sector development, which will bring in its wake the much needed jobs, and income for the teeming masses of Ghanaian youth.  Akufo-Addo noted that the John Mahama government has superintended over the country’s dwindling fortunes in every sector of the economy, adding that “at the rate at which Ghana is going, I shudder what Ghana would look like if we give the NDC another four years, on top of these eight years.’’                        
Mar 24, 2018
The 2016 presidential candidate for the opposition NPP has expressed fears for the country considering the massive corruption in the Mahama led administration. Speaking at the 15th anniversary celebration of TESCON at the University of Ghana, Nana said the NDC government has shown clearly that, they cannot govern the nation with their level of incompetence and stealing of state funds which is depriving Ghanaians of what rightfully belongs to them. “With every cedi that is stolen under the Mahama government a child is being denied education, a farmer being denied fertilizer, a driver not getting good roads, and the sick being left to die,” Akufo-Addo said. Nana indicated that the future of the youth under President Mahama and the NDC is one that is frightening and any attempt to keep the NDC in government for another four years will throw this country into deep trouble and leave the youth of Ghana hopeless, “I fear for Ghana. I am frightened about the future the NDC is building for the young people of this country. It is a future of indebtedness; a future of hopelessness; it is a wretched future being needlessly created by a reckless government.  The prospect of another four years of this scares me and so must it scare you, too. Twelve straight years of NDC would leave you, the young people of Ghana, with no future of note,” he said. With Ghana being described as the poster boy of ‘Africa’s Rising’ narrative at the end of President Kufuor’s tenure, Nana Akufo-Addo asked “how come Bloomberg can, in an online publication, post a headline ‘Ghana’s success story goes dark?’” The answer is, he said, is the NDC that went wrong and took Ghana down with it.   Don’t lose hope Nana Addo admonished the youth of Ghana not to lose hope, because of what has happened since he [Nana Addo] when elected president will ensure that, the change Ghana needs will happen to give the youth hope and a future. “To you, the students of Ghana, I say, don’t lose hope. I have great news for you, though. There is something great coming. My message for you, our young people, is this: don’t see this tragedy as your destiny. There is a brighter future for you. You have the energy, you have the passion and you have the drive to make the change Ghana deserves happen.”  Mentioning a host of Ghanaian youth who are doing well in various fields of endeavour, ranging from business and entertainment, to sport, Nana Akufo-Addo stated that “I am encouraged in my thinking by the continuing creativity and sense of enterprise of several of Ghana’s young people. This reinforces my unshakeable belief in the prospects of our nation, the Black Star of Africa.” The presidential candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, with stressed that Ghana under the leadership of the NPP will work again. “Our solution will be principally four-fold: first, we will stabilise the economy and bring back the confidence the private sector needs to thrive. Second, we will come down heavily on corruption, instill fiscal discipline and invest the savings made in areas that can create jobs or open up the economy for greater vibrancy. “We will do so by developing and expanding rapidly our public infrastructure, with value for money at the heart of its financial arrangements and the active support and participation of the private sector,” he noted. 
Mar 24, 2018
President Mahama has fired CHRAJ boss Ms Lauretta Lamptey in accordance with Article 146(9) after receiving reccomendations by a committee set up the Chief Justice to investigate the commissioner for allegation of corruption and financial malpractice brought up against her. One Richard Nyamah convener for pressure group, Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) and NPP Member of Parliament for Nsawam Adoagyir Anoh Dompreh petitioned the president to impeach Ms Lamptey from office as commissioner for CHRAJ. Ms Lamptey was alleged to have spent over 200, 000 dollars as rent at the plush AU Village and another 180, 000 cedis on the renovation of her official apartment as commissioner. The committee set up by the CJ in their finding established a prima facie case against her and subsequently recommended that she should be fired since she was unfit to hold her office as commissioner for CHRAJ. Ms Lamptey on the 16th September was accused of spending an amount of $180, 000 as rent at the plush AU Village. The sit6uation led the convener of the Progressive Nationalist Forum to call on her to resign to save the image of the commission.                                              The President. John Mahama acting on the advice of the judicial council, pursuant to article 146(10) (b) of the 1992 constitution, suspended Ms Lamptey in January 2015. The suspension was after prima facie was established against Ms. Lamptey by the Chief Justice, and the setting up of a five (5)-member committee to investigate complaints made against her. 
Mar 24, 2018
Power minister, Kwabena Donkor has said that the power barges which was earlier reported to had set sail is now going through processes of quarantine before it will be able set sail to Ghana. He said the necessary custom checks and paper works needs to be completed before it will set sail on Ghanaian waters. According to him the ministry never promised that the barges was to reach Ghana in three weeks rather they said the barges will set sail within  three weeks after the quarantine process. “We are nowhere within getting to the end of the three weeks so I again stand by the around three weeks, this is what we said and we are still on schedule. “It is a process and we made sure that we said it was going to go into quarantine for customs and all other checks to be done and all that within the three week period so it is not when it sets sail. It at least sets sail from dock yard to customs for quarantine, and when all that is complete and any other paper work that needs to be completed is done, within the three weeks window we expect that it will be in Ghanaian waters,’’ the minister revealed. The 225-megawatt power barge was procured by government of Ghana from Turkey to help the country manage the power crisis within the country. There was an earlier report that the power barges had set sail and was to reach Ghanaian waters in three waters but the minister of power, Kwabena Donkor has said the barges is now undergoing paper works before it will set sail to Ghana. Commenting to the recent power outages ongoing in the country, the minister had this to say. ‘’ That does not mean at the end of load shedding you cannot have outages, operational outages in your specific areas, a transformer can be overloaded and it will give way. You remember his Excellency the President was in US recently and on his visit to LA there was a power outage. Those things can happen but it does not arrive out of planned generation inadequacy.”
Mar 24, 2018
Residents in Sampa a suburb in the Brong Ahafo region have mounted a serious search for one Patricia Anane a 23 yea-old apprentice for attempting to slash the penis of her fiancée.   The lady is according reports accused the lover for cheating on her with another lady.   Our correspondent Akwasi Donyena said the lady claim to have given an amount of GHC 2, 000 to her lover as a loan but upon all that he cheated on her.   The lady according to report claims to be a virgin until she met her lover.   She picked a fight with her lover and in the process attempted to slash his penis but could not succeed with her plan. She is currently on the run.   Residents have vowed to fish her out from wherever she’s gone so they discipline her for attempting to slash the penis of her lover.
Mar 24, 2018
The Bawku regional police command in the Upper West region have apprehended a 23 year old unemployed young man for attempting to kill his 78 year-old grandmother for sakawa rituals.   Emmanuel Akubila the suspect lives with grandmother in the same compound.   Narrating the story to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, our regional correspondent, B.K Ernest said the suspect was arrested in an attempt to kill the grandmother.   Upon arrest Emmanuel confessed to have being contracted by a group of sakawa guys who offered to pay him an amount of GHC 3, 000 if he succeeded with the contact.   Emmanuel is currently in the custody of the police assisting the police with investigations.  
Mar 24, 2018
Lawyer Francis Kelly-Arthur has said that the presentation by the NPP is problematic, lacks merit and flawed. The private legal practitioner explained that the allegation of the NPP on the high percentage of voters on register vis a vis population size cannot stand the test because the argument was baseless and without merit. The New Patriotic Party alleged that the current register consist of multiple registration, registration with multiple voter ID numbers, same registration details with multiple voter ID numbers, use of scanned pictures on the register. Former National Chairman of the party, Mr. Peter Mac Manu in his presentation also raised issues of minors on the register, high percentage of voters on register vis a vis population size, unusual increase of voters on register in some constituencies between 2008-2012. The NPP also alleged the existence of 76, 826 Togolese nationals in our register and another  40, 000 Burkinabe’s which they charged the EC to investigate, he also pointed out that about 530, 000 voters were in the register but could not be accounted for, making the register statistically defective. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on rainbow radio, lawyer Francis Kelley- Arthur stressed that the issues raised by the NPP was without merit and cannot give them the chance to call for a new register. He scored the forum a higher mark since in his view it offered him the opportunity to learn and identify the flaws in the NPP’s allegations. He said, if he is asked to vote either a yes or no for the forum, he will vote yes because the exercise educated Ghanaians on the real issues and the true reflection of what the problems were. If anyone thinks the forum was a waste of the tax payer's money and needless then that will be that individual's position, he said. He added, ''I feel the forum educated me, it enlightened me,i think it was very good, it was very strategic was very enlightening and as far as am concerned if am to vote yes and no for the forum, i will vote yes.'' 
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