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Sep 26, 2018
President John Dramani Mahama says  every Ghanaian must endevour to work hard to build a sustainable and an prosperous  economy to change  the lives of citizens.     The President who was speaking at the 17th anniversary of the coronation of the overlord of the Asante kingdom, Otumfour Osei Tutu II said, government is committed in investing and developing in infrastructure not only to advance the course of human development but also modernize and progressively transform Ghana.     He noted, in developing infrastructure across the country to transform the nation, his government has and will remain even banded and explicable devoid of politics, and partisanship because every Ghanaian must work hard in achieving this dream.     He noted government is stabilizing the economy to create  the needed environment to create more  sustainable jobs for young people. The prospects he added are brighter as Ghana's economy is projected to grow between 7%-8% by next year.   Government he said will not relent in their focus in providing the needed resources the people need in contributing their quota to make the economy prosperous.    President Mahama said, Ghana has chalked success in fighting the war against illiteracy, disease, ignorance and poverty-which he lauded the Asantehene for playing significant role in.    
Sep 26, 2018
Rev. Father John Essel, Parish Priest for St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Pedu Cape Coast, has justified reasons why the church banned provocative dresses in the church by members.           The church has posted pictures of unapproved dresses on its premises. According to the church the dresses are fit for worship.           The decision has provoked mixed feeling and reaction not only members of the church but some Ghanaians.           However, the Parish Priest in an exclusive interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem posited that, their decision is to improve upon the way and manner young people especially dress to church.           He said, the house of God is not a place to entertain these kind of provocative dresses and as leaders of the church, it was prudent for them to issue this directive.           Rev. Father John Essel said ladies should not in any way wear dresses that will expose their vital parts but must ensure that, they will wear dresses that will define them as good Christians anywhere they go.           The Parish Priest added, the directive should not prevent any member from attending church since that will mean that those never understood the reasons why they attend church or accepted Christ Jesus.
Sep 26, 2018
Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, counsel for the 16 year old boy Christopher Bam who was severely battered by five soldiers on suspicion that he had stolen a phone belonging to one of them, has called for the suspects to be dealt within the remits of the laws of Ghana.           The private legal practitioner in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem said that the military officers are not above the law hence they cannot escape from what they have done.           Lawyer Francis Sosu noted, what the soldiers did is a criminal offence hence they should be properly investigated and prosecuted to serve as  deterrent other indiscipline security officers who are using their office to abuse Ghanaians.           The lawyer opined that the action by the suspects can only be described as  a ''typical abuse of power'' which should not be tolerated in any shape or form.           The 16-year-old boy, Christopher Bam, who was an errand boy for the soldiers, was severely battered by five of them at Tamale in the Northern Region  over the weekend on suspicion that he had stolen a Tecno mobile phone belonging to one of them.           But the lawyer said this is  a test case which the military must investigate thoroughly and punish the suspects appropriately.           He revealed that his plans of petitioning the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) is far advanced.           Lawyer Sosu said the soldiers when find guilty in a competent court of jurisdiction will face not less or more than 20 years in imprisonment or be sacked from the military or both.           The lawyer admonished the security agencies to see themselves as guardians of the Constitution of Ghana and not abusers of it.           Meanwhile three of the suspected  soldiers who were handed over to the Criminal Investigation (CID) in the Northern Region for investigation have been granted police inquiry bail.           Speaking to Citi FM the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Northern Regional Police Command ASP Ebenezer Tetteh said, “We took statements from them and have granted them police inquiry bail so we have released them to the military authorities.”           He added they expect the victim to identify his offenders after he recovers.           “I know of one whose name was mentioned as being the one who assaulted the young man; but we are hearing that he is mentioning some other officers as being part of it so until he [the victim] recovers and comes back, he will be the best person to tell the police which other military officer assaulted him apart from the main suspects that we have taken statements from,” ASP Tetteh explained.  
Sep 26, 2018
President John Dramani Mahama will on Tuesday 26th April, 2016 storm Brekum in the Brong Ahafo Region to continue with his Accounting to the People's Tour.           The President is expected to inaugurate a Community Day Senior School (SH) at Derma in the Tano District, inspect ongoing projects including the Polyclinic and the ongoing Dadiesouba road.           However, some aggrieved customers of the infamous DKM micro-finance saga have hinted of a possible boycott of the event.           Nyankonton Mu Nsem's Akwasi Donyina who took to the streets of Brekum to sample the expectation of residents on what they expect from the President's visit said, one major issue which they [residents] spoke about was for President Mahama to assure them that they will receive their deposit but if he fails to touch on that, they will boycott the tour.           Some of the residents also claimed that, the President has done nothing worth celebrating in the region hence they will not want to waste their time to partake in the activity, but due to their deposits locked up in the ongoing DKM saga, they will go and meet the President to listen to what he has to say.           It was speculated that the residents planned of a demonstration prompting the security agency to beef up security in the area to prevent any such incident.         DKM and Jastar, both microfinance companies in the Brong Ahafo region, have been hit with crisis as they have been unable to redeem their promise of doubling the investments of their customers. Plans are currently underway to liquidate the asserts of DKM to pay off the affected victiims.    
Sep 26, 2018
A 25 year-old man has been charged for sleeping with a pig at Garu Timpani District of the Upper East Region. The suspect, Kombat Musa according to reports filed by Nyiraba Halidu was caught sleeping with the pig in a piggery belonging to one Yaro, 35. Yaro from the reports heard his pigs screaming and thinking that it was a thief, rushed to his piggery to satisfy his curiosity, however to his utmost surprise found Kombat Musa penetrating the pig. When Yaro confronted him, he told him that, he had been asked to sleep with a pig as part of rituals to make him wealthy-he pleaded for forgiveness and asked the owner to keep what he saw as a secret.  But Yaro who described the incident as a sacrilege reported the incident to the traditional rulers who asked Musa to pay an amount of GHC 3, 000 to Yaro- he was also asked to keep the pig which he slept with.
Sep 26, 2018
Students at the Kumasi Technical University are mounting pressure on the leadership of the Students Representative Council (SRC) to account for an amount of GHC 170 collected from each student as dues which was meant to be spent on their week celebration. Some  aggrieved students who embarked on a protest march on campus today, have vowed to frustrate the executives of the SRC until they account for the money collected from students. The aggrieved students, also revealed that the SRC executives budgeted for a 7-day celebration but organised the event for only three days. 'The student population is over 5, 000 and each student payed GHC 170...They budgeted for a week celebration but the activities went on for only three days. We want them to do proper accounting or we will not let them be. They don't pay dues as executives and so they don't know how it feels like in paying dues as a student,' one of the students told Nyankonton Mu Nsem in an interview.    
Sep 26, 2018
A 42 year-old mobile money operator has hanged himself to death at Koforidua Poly Capital View in the Eastern Region. The deceased Kofi Nti hanged himself on a mango tree with a nylon rope Monday dawn following confusion over some stolen GHC3000. It is unclear his role in the stolen amount. Nyankonton Mu Nsem's Andy Cole said, residents are in a state of shock over the incident, however some are also raising doubts over the alleged suicide because the incident does not seem to be one. Mother of the deceased Christina Dankwa who was in pain said, she felt shocked over the death of his son because he never showed any sign of committing suicide. The body has since been deposited at the morgue awaiting autopsy.
Sep 26, 2018
Ghana has been ranked the 2nd among countries with the highest interest rate worldwide, which makes it so alarming and raises the question of whether the country is treading on a dangerous grounds considering the state of the economy in recent times.   Focusing with the private and local industries, the percentage of interest rate ranges between 35-40% which makes it outrageous considering the 5 years of tax exemptions enjoyed by foreign investors whiles loans solicited from world market is about 1% and 0.5%.   To what extent can the high interest rate affect the disparity between the local and the foreign investors?   A financial consultant, an economist and lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Mr. Kwabena Ntiamoah in an interview with Rainbow Business News stated that the fatal reason for the high ranked of the interest rate and the implications on the economy could be severe and affect trading and business activities.   According to him, the prices of goods and services increases significantly due to the cost of borrowing because business add on to their services to cover their cost of financing their loans.   He again outlined the disparity between the tax holiday of foreign investors of 1% tax rate and local industries paying 35-40% making it extremely difficult for the local industry to compete their foreign counterparts.   Mr. Ntiamoah argued that even if government scrapes the incentives for foreigners while the interest rate is not reviewed, local companies will still find difficult to compete with foreigners.   The economist noted that Ghana can review its interest rate to ensure that businesses expand and thrive.   He said that can be achieved with strong will from the Central Bank and with a strong micro economic policies on the part of government.   By: Nana Adjoa Owusu  
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