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Aug 23, 2017
A group calling itself the Objective Media Forum, has issued a statement admonishing business mogul and former Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffour not to bow to pressure to contest the presidential primaries fro opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). According to the group, Dr. Duffour has attained the status of a Statesman a position they say is above the role of a president. The statement said ‘’As a forum, we are of the view that the business consummate is above the role as president because he has attained the status of a statesman.’’ They are of the firm believe that, Dr. Douffour’s role goes beyond partisanship hence must remain as such and not bow to any call by anyone from or outside the party to contest. In their view, Dr. Douffour may be subjected to political gullibility and political bootlickers may take advantage and malign and denigrate him. The group described him as a man of valour, exceptional leadership and a family man who has been able to raise a generation of great leaders serving the nation. ‘’Political communicators, who stand no place near Dr. Duffour, are sharpening their teeth to malign and denigrate him. As a family man who has been able to groom his children and assigned one as the head of one of Africa’s successful banks, Unibank.He is Ghana’s only finance Minister who served without any blemish, scandals or any act of incompetence. The Forum does not want him to be subjected to any political bootlickers.  Dr. Duffour is serving the nation as a statesman and because of that role, contesting the presidential primaries will strip him off that status.The Forum further states because Dr. Duffour has attained the Statesmanship role, all other political parties will need his support,’’ the statement said.   Below is the full statement from the forum         The Objective Media Forum has followed keenly attempts by some individuals to speculate the intention of former Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffour to contest in the presidential primaries for the National Democratic Congress. As a forum, we are of the view that the business consummate is above the role as president because he has attained the status of a statesman. The Forum believes that the economist whose working experience span over 35 years has become a father for all and his rich experience and knowledge serves not just a political party but parties. Dr. Duffour we advice should not accept any pressure or call from anyone to contest the presidential primaries of the opposition NDC because the political gullibility of some persons may tarnish his image and hard won reputation as an astute business mogul. Political communicators, who stand no place near Dr. Duffour, are sharpening their teeth to malign and denigrate him. As a family man who has been able to groom his children and assigned one as the head of one of Africa’s successful banks, Unibank. He is Ghana’s only finance Minister who served without any blemish, scandals or any act of incompetence. The Forum does not want him to be subjected to any political bootlickers. Dr. Duffour is serving the nation as a statesman and because of that role, contesting the presidential primaries will strip him off that status. The Forum further states because Dr. Duffour has attained the Statesmanship role, all other political parties will need his support. The party NDC is currently at the crossroads and big shots within the party are throwing salvos at each other. The integrity of the party is at stake, cases of alleged corruption, incompetence, insults, and vilification are on the ascendency and as far as the Forum is concerned, Dr. Duffour should not be associated with the party as far as the presidential primaries is concerned. Former President Jerry John Rawlings has been subjected to insults and unwarranted attacks for criticizing his own party. His criticisms against the opposition NDC has incurred the wrath of political bootlickers who have no respect for their elders and senior members of the party and for these reasons, it will be improper for a statesman like Dr. Duffour to contest in the presidential primaries. To borrow the words of former President Rawlings who in a rebuttal to Dr. Sawyyer’s attack said, ‘’ NDC is at a crossroads between those with integrity and those without. Those who lack it feel threatened by those of us who have the influence of integrity and that is what is frightening them. None of all these calls against us will hold. I mean it’s false, they know it but they have to propagate it.”   The Forum wish to reiterate that Dr. Duffour’s integrity is unquestionable and non-debatable; he is a man of valour, respect, great achievements and above all, a family man who has been able to raise a generation of exceptional leaders.   He was recently crowned Ultimate Man of the Year at the 2017 EMY Awards. The award was to recognize him as a total symbol of greatness and an inspiration to the young. He is indeed a symbol of greatness and contesting the presidential primaries will only destroy that symbol which inspires many. He is also the Founder and President of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)  a policy think tank that offers advice on Economic Policy. The Institute is a non-for profit organization and its vision of the IFS is to become an indispensable pillar in the economic and social transformation of Ghana.   The objectives of the Institute are to: 1.    Contribute to economic policy-making and management in Ghana; 2.    Promote better understanding of macro-fiscal management in Ghana; 3.    Strengthen public finance management which will lead to improvement in social welfare and enhance opportunity for all Ghanaians; 4.    Build capacity for economic policy research; 5.    Create an environment for open discourse and debate on public policy and macro-fiscal management. Taking a clear look at the role of this noble platform aside the numerous business establishments, the man does not need to bow to pressure to contest for president because he’s done more than necessary. In conclusion, we appeal to Dr. Duffour to remain resolute, avoid the temptation of contesting and remain the statesman he is today so Ghanaians will continue to benefit from his rich experience.          
Aug 23, 2017
A forty-two (42) year old man whose name was given as Abdul Aziz Hussein, has reportedly stabbed his wife over a cat meat at Zanburi in the Northern region. Narrating the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, our reporter Prince Kwame Tamakloe said the victim Maame Aku aka Daavi, bought the meat on her way from a burial ceremony so she will use it for a meal at home. However, the husband who is a Muslim was angered by that because his religion does not allow him to eat cat meat. According to Prince, the two argued over the issue and questioned why the wife had to use his utensils to prepare the cat meat when she knew he does not eat cat meat. The victim is currently on admission at the hospital and in a critical condition.  
Aug 23, 2017
The Board Chairman of the defunct Capital Bank who also doubles as the Founder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil says, he has had some reality hit him over the past week following the takeover of the bank by GCB Bank. Pastor Mensah Otabil said this has caused people who don’t deserve to insult him rain series of insults on him. ‘’Oh yes I’ve had some reality this week. You know when people who have no right to insult you, insult you, that is reality. You look at the person insulting you and the person sometimes himself looks like insult but out of the abundance of his insult, he is insulting you. That is reality. Reality is when it is hitting. You know all kinds of stuff is hitting, I don’t want to go too much into that.’’ According to the man of God, sometimes people are unable to celebrate their victories from because of challenges and difficulties they have faced. ‘’Sometimes God will give you the victory but by the time you get the victory, you’ve already killed yourself. You’re going through a battle; God has assured you it is well but in the process before you get to it is well, you’ve already harmed yourself so much that when you get to it is well, you can’t even celebrate the victory because in the process, your mind has bombarded and hurt you so much that your soul is wounded -you can’t even enjoy the victory God is giving you,’’ he said. He added, it is true he is in difficulty but that does not deter him from discharging his duties and responsibilities as a man of God. ‘’For me this is what helped me. It is getting hold of my mind…On Thursday morning, I woke up and said well I have a church to preach to on Sunday. They are not going to come and listen to pastor’s troubles; they need a word of encouragement. So I go through my process of beginning to prepare my sermon and part of the process of doing my sermon is-   I start praying for the congregation. So I am not praying for myself, am I in difficulty? Yes, but now I’m beginning to frame my references well. I’m praying for the people and I’m praying for the people who are going through their own challenges and people who are going through all kinds of situation; I say, Lord help me to bring a word to them that will encourage and lift them up,’’ he concluded.
Aug 23, 2017
  The implementation of the mandatory towing levy has been cancelled by government.     The transport Minister Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, in a statement said public resistance against the levy was enough to dissuade the government.    According to him, government will scrap the Legislative Instrument LI 2180 backing the implementation of the mandatory tow levy.    The statement further  stated, government will examine new "modalities" for "dealing with the problem of broken down or disabled vehicles"      The statement indicated that “upon consultations consequent to the calls, government has decided to seek a review of parts of the law specifically to achieve the following objectives:  Removal from the law, the concept of mandatory towing levy on all owners and persons in charge of motor vehicles and trailers.  The role of government in the provision of towing services will be limited to only licensing and licensing and regulating service providers.”
Aug 23, 2017
Two protesters were killed and 13 others wounded in Togo on Saturday when security forces opened fire to break up demonstrations against the ruling Gnassingbe family dynasty, the security ministry said. President Faure Gnassingbe has been in power in the West African country since the death in 2005 of his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema, who had been at the helm for 38 years. Wearing the red colors of the opposition PNP party, chanting and singing "50 years is too long!", thousands of demonstrators in the capital Lome called for the reinstatement of the constitution limiting terms that Eyadema introduced in response to protests in 1992. Security forces fired tear gas to disperse them.  But in a parallel protest in Sokode, 210 miles (338 km) north of the capital, clashes erupted and Togolese forces used live bullets. The security ministry said that apart from the casualties among protesters 12 gendarmes had also been wounded. "We do not understand our little Togo," said demonstrator Ali Boukari. "The father Eyadema was in power for 38 years, his son will soon have done 15 years. All we are demanding is a term limit and they shoot (tear gas) at us." The 1992 constitution brought in notional multi-party democracy after decades of dictatorship, and limited presidential terms to two, but ten years later lawmakers amended it to enable Eyadema to run for another term - a common pattern in Africa. Then, when he died, the military effectively tore up the constitution by installing his son as interim president, instead of the head of the national assembly, as was legally required. The protests that followed Faure Gnassingbe's first election victory in 2005 triggered a violent security crackdown in which around 500 people were killed. "We are protesting against the arbitrary nature of governance and denial of freedom to assemble," PNP leader Tikpi Atchadam said. Update Sunday 11:30 am  Joy News has gathered there is an uneasy calm in Lome, Togo's capital after yesterday's disturbances. Soldiers (Gendarmerie) have been deployed in every part of the city according to reports.  Addressing the nation last night, the military high command put the death toll at four, however, failed to mention how many soldiers were injured or killed. Also, unconfirmed reports say seven soldiers have been kidnapped by protesters in retaliation for killing civilian protesters.   Source: Reuters
Aug 23, 2017
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has expressed his profound appreciation to the leadership and membership of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for the prayers and support given to him and his party, the New Patriotic Party, in the run-up to the December 2016 elections. Addressing the 17th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church at Abetifi, Kwahu, on Saturday, August 19, 2017, which had the Acting Moderator, Rev. G.O. Kwapong; Clerk of the Presbytery, Rev. Dr Samuel Ayete-Nyampong; former Moderator, Reverend Prof. Emmanuel Martey; and the entire membership of the Synod, all in attendance, President Akufo-Addo noted that, nearly a year ago, he addressed the 16th General Assembly of the Church, where he, amongst others, outlined his vision for the country, should he win the elections of December 2016, and went ahead to appeal to the Church for its prayers and support. “By the Grace of God, and with the generosity of the Ghanaian people, I am here today, not as presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, but as President of the Republic. It was ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts’”, President Akufo-Addo said. The President, thus, deemed it fitting and proper that, “after coming here to seek your support during the 16th General Assembly, I come back again, during the 17th General Assembly, to express my profound appreciation.” President Akufo-Addo also used the occasion to thank the Church for all the assistance in education, health and agriculture, amongst others, that, for over a century, the Church has rendered to the Ghanaian people, and to the advancement of our nation. New Ghanaian civilisation The NPP, according to President Akufo-Addo, won the 2016 election because the Ghanaian people were dissatisfied with their living conditions and the direction in which the economy, and, indeed, the country was headed. “They believed we, in the NPP, were different, and could put in place the requisite measures to improve their living conditions. My government has begun putting in place the measures that will improve the living conditions of the Ghanaian people,” he said. On the requests put before the President by the Acting Moderator of the Church, Rev. G.O. Kwapong, on behalf of the Church, President Akufo-Addo assured that “in due course, you will know my response, and it will be positive.” President Akufo-Addo appealed, once again, for the support of every Ghanaian, especially the support and prayers of the Church, to help him and his government carry out its mandate successfully. “I am fortified in this by the Gospel of St. Matthew in chapter 19 verse 26, which reads: ‘But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’”, he said President Akufo-Addo urged the gathering to believe passionately “in our capacity to build a modern, developed, progressive nation, and free ourselves from a mindset of dependence, aid, charity and handouts.” He continued, “We can, together, build a new Ghanaian civilization, where there is fair opportunity for all in education and health, where hard work, enterprise and creativity are rewarded, where there is an abundance of decent jobs with good pay, where there is a dignified retirement for the elderly, where there is a social safety net for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, where governance is honest and free of corruption, and where the rule of law works.” The founders of Ghana, President Akufo-Addo stressed, chose the words Freedom and Justice as the country’s motto, “because they envisaged us as a shining example to the black peoples of the world of what a free, dedicated, enterprising, Ghanaian people can do to build a society the equal of any, any where on the face of the planet. I am deeply influenced by this vision.”    The President prayed for God’s blessings for the Church and for its Moderator, Rt. Rev. Cephas Omenyo, “and nurse him back to full health. Our nation needs his ministry, as we can all testify from his powerful address this morning.”
Aug 23, 2017
 The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has said it would not countenance any action or practices by medical doctors likely to impact negatively on quality healthcare delivery in the country. Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare, the Director-General, said that it was quite worrying that some public sector doctors and dentists, who are on full time appointment by the government, have in recent times developed the penchant for spending part of their official working hours to work in private health facilities. “Some of these medical and dental practitioners even go to the extent of referring patients to their private facilities”, he said stressing that the GHS was taking the necessary steps to stem such unethical conduct. Dr Nsiah-Asare, who was addressing an oath-swearing and induction ceremony for the School of Medical Sciences, Dental School and the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), cautioned practitioners to uphold the code of conduct of the medical profession. He said doctors and dentists who are keen to work in private practice could team up with colleagues with the similar desires to establish private health facilities in order to work as full time private practitioners in needy and deprived communities. The ceremony was held under the joint supervision of the Ghana Medical and Dental Council and Veterinary Council of Ghana, and had a total of 241 newly-qualified doctors, including dental and veterinary surgeons, taking the Hippocratic Oath.     Source: GNA
Aug 23, 2017
MMDA’s in the Northern Region have been called upon to give more priority to agriculture and not only focus on social amenities like schools and clinic.   This call was made by the Northern Regional Minister Hon. Salifu Saeed in a speech read on his behalf at the launch of the 8th National Food and Agric Show which took place at the Regional Coordinating Council in Tamale recently.   The show is said to take place at the Tamale Sports Stadium from the 26th to the 30th of September 2017 and is expected to host participants from all the ten regions of the country.   According to the Regional Minister, the hosting of the program in the Northern Region would be an opportunity for the dwellers of the region to showcase the great potential the region has as an agric zone. Because of this reason, there will be an opportunity for all the districts to exhibit agric products from their districts.   He however noted that, there will be a district dialogue where 10 out of the 26 districts in the region will discuss ways to improve agriculture in their districts.   Hon. Salifu Saeed added that the show will help attract attention to the numerous agricultural opportunities available in the region and also help generate the needed interest in the occupation.   Notwithstanding, the managing director for Yara Ghana limited, partners of the program, Danquah Addo-Yobo reiterated that the northern regions of Ghana is the bread basket of the country’s food production, especially cereal crops. It is therefore an irony that the northern regions appear to be the least developed regions in the country. With agriculture being the main occupation of the people of the northern regions there is an opportunity to transform the regions by developing agriculture further. “Agriculture must be made profitable for the people of the North”.   Mr. Danquah further explained that, for the youth to go into agriculture, it must be made profitable. He said it all starts with farmer profitability, which can be attained by enhanced productivity of the farmer. To achieve this, the farmer needs to get the right inputs at the right time with the right technical support. He added that it is in this direction that the Yara Crop Nutrition Solutions, which focuses on targeted fertilizer for targeted crops will ensure that farmers make the best yield to enhance their profitability.   Meanwhile this year’s National Food and Agric Show is under the theme, “Creating Jobs in Agriculture-Northern Region in Focus”.     By: Prince Kwame Tamakloe 
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