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Jun 29, 2017
On behalf of my wife, family and government, I wish Muslims in Ghana and around the world Eid Mubarak. We thank Allah for seeing us through one month of fasting, prayer and devotion. I have no doubt that after nights of intense prayer and devotion, Allah would increase his favour upon our country and, insha Allah, by the next Ramadan our country would be better than it is today. The month of Ramadan has certainly drawn us closer to Allah than we were before. It has also taught us the virtues of prayer, patience, piety and faith. These are virtues that we need all year round. I, therefore, urge all of us to hold fast to these values and not lose them merely because we are no longer in Ramadan.Above all, let the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and love that characterized our activities in Ramadan continue to influence our relationship with our fellow Ghanaians. With a sense of unity of purpose, we shall realize our goals. I wish you a happy celebration and may Allah make our nation great and strong.
Jun 29, 2017
Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has said the issue of galamsey is a Ghana matter and anyone engaged in it will not be spared. The fight he stressed is no respecter of person and anyone caught will be dealt with according to the laws of Ghana. Speaking in Accra on Sunday, June 25, shortly after his arrival from a working visit to China, Dr Bawumia said, government had reached an agreement with the Chinese government for the mutual benefit of both countries. Some have made claims that the loan may compromise the fight against galamsey involving Chinese nationals. But the Vice President has allayed such fears stating that ‘’the issue of galamsey is a Ghana matter and we will deal with anybody who is involved in galamsey per our laws, and the Chinese are very happy with us enforcing our laws. They won’t tell us how to enforce our laws  as we can’t tell them how to enforce their laws.’’   He added, ‘’the fight against galamsey is no respecter of person regardless of where you come from. Whether is Ghana, Burkina Faso or Uruguay Ukraine or China, you are going to be dealt with the same. So that is not an issue and they [Chinese] are supportive of us dealing with the galamsey issue as per our laws and our laws are doing a wonderful job so far.’’
Jun 29, 2017
Lawyer for Sarah Kwabla, the lady at the centre of the alleged rape scandal involving Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan, Maurice Ampaw, has lambasted him [Gyan] for spewing lies on national television that he had consensual sex with his client. The player denied sexually assaulting the lady who he said consented to have sex with him and wondered why she later fabricated a story that he [Asamoah Gyan] raped her. He said, when we entered, we had sex but we agreed on that and she even opened the gate for me to move out so can someone who claimed to have been raped gather the strength and opened the door for me to drive out?   But lawyer Ampaw speaking to NyankontonMu Nsem said, Asamoah Gyan lied when he appeared on the Delay’s Show and will soon expose the player who he described as a womanizer and bad luck for the national team. He insisted that Asamoah Gyan sexually abused his client through her anal part after forcibly jumping on her. ‘’He [Gyan] will meet us in court so he tell the judge that he had consensual sex with my client. He will meet us in court. Asamoah Gyan is aware that he sexually abused my client. I have challenged him to meet me at the shrine he goes for protection so we will see if he is speaking the truth or not but he has refused.’’ ‘’We will expose Asamoah Gyan. He raped my client and sent messages to apologise and plead for forgiveness but is now denying. We will expose him.’’ Lawyer Maurice Ampaw wondered why the Gender Minister, Christian Community, leaders of the country have kept mute over the issue when a player had abused someone sexually and is walking a free man.     ‘’Ghanaians should continue to keep quiet, the GFA should keep quiet, the Gender Minister should also keep mute and allow Asamoah Gyan to continue abusing young girls sexually.’’ He concluded by stating that, the player has brought bad luck on the team because of his shameful act and does not deserve the role as captain.    
Jun 29, 2017
Representatives of some Ghanaian businesses and members of the Parliamentary Select-Committee on Transport and Agriculture, would on June 26, 2017, embark on a trade mission to Moscow, Russia, to explore business opportunities for both countries. The six-day trade mission, which comprises 30 participants, is being organised by the World Trade Centre, (WTC) Accra, and the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The mission is to afford a platform for Ghanaian companies to strengthen collaboration between the two countries for win-win business exchanges and trade investment. The Ghanaian companies would make presentations on renewable energy, agriculture, finance among others, to expose the country’s potential to the Russian business community. The companies include; Ghana Free Zones Board, Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Microfinance and Small Loans Centre, National Petroleum Authority, Northern Electricity Distribution Company, Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company, Global Dream Hotel, Abuya Cleaning Services, Bonyaso Farms, Nerjet Company limited, Westbourne Company Limited, Strategic Communications Limited, Strategic Energies Limited, and Nick Petroleum. Togbe Afede XIV, Board Chairman of the World Trade Centre, (WTC) Accra, said the Centre, owned by Strategic Initiatives Limited, acquired the license to operate from the World Trade Centres Association (WTCA) in New York, to operate in Accra, Ghana. Togbe Afede XIV said WTC Accra was a member of the prestigious WTCA, whose membership included more than 300 world trade centres operating in 100 countries, a global network that provided business people with services, and facilities for easy and faster international trade. He said through the WTCA, WTC Accra became a local link to all other world trade centres with a unique concept of reciprocity, making membership in WTC Accra an entry into the international business community. Togbe Afede XIV said the centre was aimed at bringing together businesses and government agencies involved in international trade to provide essential trade services and stimulate the economy of the country through conference facilities, trade fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, trade information services, and market research services. He said the mission was the Centre’s 10th trade mission and had yielded positive impact through networks and business exchanges with international companies. He urged the companies to make a strong presentation to attract investors for the country. Mr Andrey Stolyarov, Deputy Head of Mission to Ghana, Embassy of the Russian Federation, commended the Centre for the initiatives, and hoped both countries would make a strong presentation to woo investors for mutual benefit. Mr. Bright Awuye, Head of Research and Trade Education, WTC, said the mission to Russia was crucial because both countries signed a protocol in 2016 on national interest issues, urging Ghanaian companies to give a detailed outline about the company and what they could do better than other companies. The participants were very optimistic of a fruitful engagement with the Russian community for win-win business opportunities. Source: GNA    
Jun 29, 2017
Former President Jerry John Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, have in statement congratulated the Muslim community on the occasion of the feast of breaking of the fast – Eid ul Fitr. The couple in the statement said, . “The prayer, sacrifice and purification that you endure throughout the month of Ramadan has a cleansing effect on whole communities and offers a renewed lease as we confront life’s many challenges. The statement added: “We thank the Chief Imam, Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu, leaders of the various Muslim groups and the entire Muslim community for dutifully committing to the Ramadan fast.   “We pray that as you break the fast you continue to seek Allah’s guidance and blessings not only for our families, friends and communities but for the good of Ghana so we can forge ahead as a people in peace and tranquillity,” the statement stated.
Jun 29, 2017
Skipper of the Senior National Team, the Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan has confirmed in the second part of his interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on her widely watched Delay’s Show that, he slept with Sarah Kwabla at her residence the first time they met. The player denied sexually assaulting the lady who he said consented to have sex with him and wondered why she later fabricated a story that he [Asamoah Gyan] raped her. According to Asamaoh Gyan, Sarah Kwabla sent him a message on social media and he replied and that was how they started the friendship. Asamoah Gyan said, Sarah had joined him at the training grounds at SCC and after training, he introduced her to his colleagues as a friend. He added that, since Sarah’s house, was located behind the West Hills Mall at Weija and was not far away from the training grounds, they went to her house in his car, whilst he was still wearing his dirty training kits. He said, when we entered, we had sex but we agreed on that and she even opened the gate for me to move out so can someone who claimed to have been raped gather the strength and opened the door for me to drive out?   ‘She sent me a message on social media and we became friends, so after 2015 AFCON tournament, I came to Ghana and we met at SCC where I train and because I’m married,   I introduced her as a friend to my colleagues and after the training, we drove in my dirty training kits to her house and we had sex,” Gyan said.   He said Sarah was a very respectful girl but changed after the incident.
Jun 29, 2017
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Excel Production, Kwasi Ernest has appealed to the media and entertainment critics, to stop discussing him and Joyce Blessing, a female gospel musician he once managed. He made the appeal after Entertainment show host of Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, suggested to him [Kwasi Ernest] that the tears he shed at the private 46th birthday celebration was because Joyce Blessing left his camp.   The host said, ‘’I want to say emphatically on radio that, Kwasi Ernest cried because Joyce Blessing left his camp. I think Joyce Blessing leaving Media Excel made him cry the more. He only worked on one album with Joyce Blessing in his life as a producer.'' But reacting to the host he said, ‘’I want to appeal to you Agyemang, leave Joyce Blessing to do whatever she wants to do. She has her calling and I also have my calling. There is never any moment in my life I will cry because of Joyce Blessing. Mark it on the wall, I will never cry because of Joyce Blessing,’’ he said. The ‘Boot Boot’ hit maker parted ways with her Production company Media Excel owned by Mr. Kwasi Ernest. Joyce Blessing is currently under the record label of DaveJoy Productions and had her album, titled “AgyeBum” released by that label. DaveJoy Productions is owned by the Sound Engineer David, he also happens to be the husband of Joyce Blessing. The Unbreakable musician was a product of Media Excel where she worked for five years.  
Jun 29, 2017
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Excel Production, Kwasi Ernest has said, for him to go to the level and break down in tears during his 46th birthday celebration, wasn’t a prepared act but a moment he shed tears after 18 years of misery he had suffered. Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the former manager of gospel act, Joyce Blessing, said he is a very strong man and will not easily breakdown however, whatever happened that day had no intention to get people to support him financially or assist him in any shape or form. Some media personalities, musicians and entertainment critics organized a surprised birthday for the manager at his office where he [Kwasi Ernest] broke down in tears and expressed disappointment in some musicians he had helped but never showed gratitude to him. “I’ve given too much for humanity but I’ve gotten nothing in return. I made sacrifices for my musicians but I’ll end up becoming the bad person. I want to give up…It is not my fault; I want to make them happy. I’m not a bad person” Kwasi Ernest said when crying. A video of the incident was uploaded on social media but was subsequently removed at the request of the renowned manager who described the ceremony as a private one adding ‘’ I did not invite any journalist to come and film it.’’ He revealed to the host that the one who filmed the incident called and apologised for uploading the video on social media which he did for fun. ‘’It was just a surprise thing that just happened and it made me emotional…It was a private gathering in my office. I didn’t invite any media person to come and film me and put it on social media…The person called and apologised to me. It tells me the respect he has for my personal life and regretted doing that.  I spoke to him that I have a family and it was not something I wanted to keep on social media.’’ Kwasi Ernest told the host, I was relieved after weeping and further disputed claims that he shed tears because Joyce Blessing left his camp. When asked if the musicians who had left his camp made him cry, he said, I beg to differ, that was not the reason. According to him, there could be lack of proper communication between managers and musicians which they [managers] have not been able to identify. ‘’That cry had set me free. It has really healed my soul and heart as a person. It came from my inner self. It was my climax and difficulties I have gone through. I am no longer burdened. I am a freeman now,’’ he said.   When asked if he will stop music production, he said, my passion will not let me and I will continue to do what God has mandated me to do but will do things differently.’’
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