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Mar 23, 2018
Although the Basic School Computerization policy was created in 2011 to introduce computers and elearning into the entire educational system to promote training and life-long learning, lack of proper infrastructure is affecting the implementation of the policy. The Sustainable Development Goal 9, calls on countries to “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.” The 2030 Agenda recognizes the need to develop knowledge societies where everyone has opportunities to learn and engage with others, which starkly highlights the need for access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Despite the agenda, in many places, people and communities cannot access computers. Based on this, a team from Rainbow Radio’s morning show visited some selected schools across the regions to assess the infrastructure of ICT. Daniel Asuku, visited the Richard Akwei Memorial Basic school where he reported that, the size of the ICT would could be the size of a two single room joined together. According to him, the school received some 24 laptops courtesy the Ghana Education Service in collaboration with RLG in 2013. However, only three are functioning with the rest broken down. The school also has access to a portable printer that they use for other purposes. He noted that the three laptops are used to train students in the Junior Department by the ICT teacher who double as the teacher for the primary department. The primary section he revealed also shares the same three laptops and has access to Vodafone Internet services but added that, it was not wide enough. Rashid Obodai Provencal, reported from the Adabraka Presby Schools where he said, the school only have access to one laptop which the teacher uses to teach the entire school. Despite an ICT centre which also serves as a library, the school did not have a single computer but was stocked with books. Nana Yaw Adjei visited the Aplaku MA Basic Schools (comprising three separate schools) did not have access to enough computers. The population of the school is over 700 but have only 4 computers out of an original number of six donated to them under former President John Dramani Mahama., Thirty (30) students, who are preparing for the 2018 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), are facing serious challenges, he added. The second school he noted was serious because the students have not seen a computer before and the ICT teacher draws on the board to illustrate to the students when it comes to parcticals. Kwame Amoako reported from the Ojorbi DA/B Basic School in the Gomoa East District in the Central Region. The school which was under the Millennium Development Schools lacks access to computers and accessories although it has an ICT centre. The ICT teacher told him that he draws and demonstrates ICT on the chalk board due to the challenge the school was facing. The situation was not different from the Islamic Basic School in the Bolgatanga Municipality. Justice Issah Anthony who reported from the school said, the school with a population of 382 has two ICT teachers but do not have access to computers. The pupils he said have not seen a computer before and have to draw on the board to illustrate to them. According to him, the pupils see computer mouse as a crocodile that lives in water. International recognized ICT expert, Theophilus Ahadzie, says if a nation deprives its citizens of effective ICT knowledge, that nation will come under attack. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Samuel Amiah, has hinted that his company is planning g to donate 20 computers to some selected deprived schools.
Mar 23, 2018
Disney-Marvel’s “Black Panther” has maintained its momentum at the domestic box office, winning its fifth consecutive weekend with $27 million from 3,834 locations. Alicia Vikander’s “Tomb Raider” finished second in its opening weekend in line with expectations with $23.5 million from 3,854 sites for Warner Bros. and MGM. Lionsgate-Roadside Attractions’ faith-based drama “I Can Only Imagine” outperformed forecasts with $17.1 million at 1,629 venues. Disney’s second weekend of time-travel adventure “A Wrinkle in Time” followed in fourth with $16.6 million at 3,980 locations, lifting its 10-day total to $61.1 million. Fox’s launch of gay teen comedy-drama “Love, Simon” took fifth with $11.5 million at 2,402 venues. “Black Panther” has become only the seventh title to pass the $600 million milestone at the North American box office, and is the second-fastest film to do so. It’s the fourth-highest fifth weekend of all time, and the first time a film has held the top spot for five weekends in a row since 2009’s “Avatar.” The overall box office took in about $130 million, down 50 percent from the same weekend last year when Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” opened with $174.5 million. Thanks to “Black Panther,” the year-to-date box office is up 2 percent over the same period a year ago at $2.5 billion, according to comScore. Source: Reuters
Mar 23, 2018
“If the Free SHS policy is to succeed, and if we are to build the modern, progressive and prosperous Ghana we desire, each and every one of us here – political leaders, traditional rulers, teachers, parents, students – has a major stake in ensuring that we achieve excellence in our educational system. The policy is not about the NPP or the NDC.” These were the words of the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Sunday, 18th March, 2018, when he addressed the 65th Speech and Prize-giving Day of Seventh Day Adventist Senior High School, in Bekwai, in the Ashanti Region. According to President Akufo-Addo, the beneficiaries of the Free SHS policy are not only NPP members of sympathisers. “They are Ghanaians from all walks of life, and from all political persuasions. This is about Ghana, and how best to build a progressive and prosperous nation for this and future generations. All Ghanaians should support the policy to ensure its success,” he said. President Akufo-Addo stressed that prior to the launch of the Free Senior High School Policy, in September 2017, available data indicated that Ghanaian children were falling out of the educational system at every stage. Over the four years, prior to the last one, for example, an average of 100,000 BECE graduates, who were placed in our public senior high schools each year, did not take up their places. “This means that, in the next decade, about one million of our young men and women would have had their education terminated at junior high school. Such a situation was totally unacceptable, and I was determined to end it,” the President said. He continued, “Free SHS has ensured, and will continue to ensure, that all our children will be educated to at least secondary level, and the lack of money will no longer mean a denial of education. The policy has already led to an increase of over 90,000 children, who entered secondary school in 2017, than in 2016.” The President was unequivocal that “the cost of providing free secondary school education will be cheaper than the cost of the alternative of a semi-educated and unskilled workforce, that has the capacity to retard our country’s development.” In addressing the teething challenges confronting the policy, he stated that the delivery to the schools of some 69,500 mono desks, 13,100 bunk beds, furniture for dining halls, staff rooms of teachers, computer laboratories, and marker boards for classrooms, has begun. “We will spare no effort in ensuring that this policy succeeds. Free SHS is here to stay!” he said, to a rapturous applause from the gathering. Whilst Government does its utmost to ensure that it provides the requisite tools and environment for learning, President Akufo-Addo noted that heads of schools must supervise teaching and learning, check absenteeism of both teachers and students, and develop innovative strategies to monitor effectively activities of the school. “Towards the success of the Free SHS policy, no headmaster or headmistress is to charge any unapproved or illegal fees, or charge fees already exempted under the policy. Government will be strict about this, and sanction any school head who flouts this directive. We have a sacred duty to our children, and to the generations beyond, to ensure that, irrespective of their circumstances of birth, their right to an education is preserved,” he said. The President indicated that the commitment of teachers to the attainment of quality education at any level is critical, and urged teachers to bear in mind that they are role models to students, and they set the bar for excellence, and must, therefore, project excellence to their students. Discipline and academic excellence, he added, go hand- in-hand, and so teachers should not compromise on the rules and regulations of the School. “On the part of government, we recognise that a well-trained, confident and contented teacher is at the heart of the delivery of quality education. The views of teachers are being sought on education policy, innovation and implementation. Their professional development and needs are being treated with respect, and we are making sure that teachers’ salaries and allowances are paid regularly and on time. My administration will also concentrate on the provision of incentives that will motivate teachers, and reward their hard work in the classroom,” the President said. To the students of SDA SHS, President Akufo-Addo urged them to be minded by the fact that indiscipline undermines academic work and progress. “Self-discipline and the effective use of your time are some of the key ingredients to your success. A disciplined student is focused and hardworking, and always seeks to challenge himself or herself beyond mediocrity. I urge all of you to abide by the rules and regulations of the School, and set the highest standard of discipline to enable you complete your education successfully,” he added. President Akufo-Addo reiterated the commitment of his government to support all senior high schools across the country, to deliver quality education. “The challenges of logistics and infrastructure, associated with the introduction of the Free SHS policy, will be satisfactorily addressed. The policy is here to stay. An education that will produce dedicated, disciplined and determined students, who will be eager and willing to participate in developing our beloved Ghana, and to become her patriotic future citizens and leaders, remains our objective,” the President stated. • Next
Mar 23, 2018
Some customers of Savanna Brokerage, an online investment company, are crying over their locked up cash. From investigations conducted by the morning show team, Frontline, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, over 12,000 customers have their investments locked up with the company. The investments according to some customers who spoke to Kwame Tutu, said, their investments ranges between GHc1,000 and GHc50,000. According to the customers, the online investment company has a system which operates with registered MTN merchant lines. From further information gathered, the brokerage is a ‘’South African brokerage firm, specializing in providing a secure, convenient investment solution to clients from across Africa.’’ The company engages in accumulating funds of their investors and diversifying them according to innovative estimated schemes in the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes, including futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities and minerals mining. A customer told the host that, they have been unable to activate their accounts online after days of subscribing to the operations of the company. The official website of the company has also been suspended when rainbowradioonline.com visited the page. MTN has also suspended the use of their merchant lines for the company because they indicated to customers who complained to them that, they had no business with the brokerage company, one of the customer said. The customer said, MTN told him the telecommunication company was still investigating the matter. The investment packages are the different investments options that customers can choose as their investment option. They differentiate in terms of durations, profits percentages, minimum and maximum amounts for investments and many more. Below are the packages. The packages include Kings, Queens, and Knights Investment packages. The Knight Investment package has a 110% Return on Investment with a minimum of Principal: GHc 50 and maximum Principal of GHc 10000 with a Duration of 7 Days With the Queens package, customers are entitled to a 160 percent return on investment with a minimum of GHc1, 000 and maximum of GHc10, 000 investments with 30 days duration. That of the Kings Package promises customers 200 percent return on investment with a minimum of GHc50 and maximum of GHc10, 000 and duration of 90 days and 2.2 percent daily payments. The customers have appealed to authorities to intervene as their investments have locked up and some of them losing their source of livelihood and business capital. How does it work? Savanna Brokerage offers a referral commission of 5% to all members. This means that, when you register someone with your affiliate link which you can find at the affiliate program section on the Account Menu, you are entitled to 5% commissions anytime your referred members invest on the website. You can simply register and promote your affiliate link on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media for referrals. Money earned through it can be reinvested for more profits. It is an amazing way though starting with something small whiles the commission gets added may be a good start. You can also start with 50 cedis and work to add more affiliate commissions. The company started operations in Ghana about a year and few months ago with a total of 16,909 customers. total investments of GHc24, 118,800, total cash outs of GHc14,953,656 and insurance fund of GHc40,760,772.
Mar 23, 2018
A total of five hundred and seventy (570) dams are to be constructed in the three northern regions this year as part of the NPP Government’s manifesto pledge to facilitate community-owned and managed small-scale irrigation facilities across the country, especially in northern Ghana, popularly known as “One Village One Dam”. Feasibility studies and consultative forums have been undertaken, with work on the first of these dams set to begin in a couple of weeks, ahead of the rainy season. Ghana's Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, made the disclosure at the annual “Paarigbielle” festival of the chiefs and people of the Tumu Traditional Area in the Upper West Region, on Saturday March 17, 2018. According to Dr Bawumia, a similar number of dams will be constructed across the three northern regions next year, with the dams, together with other interventions in the agric sector, expected to have a great impact on Ghana’s food security and improve the lives of the farming communities. Vice President Bawumia indicated that the Sissala area, which is made up of the Sissala East and West districts, will get 10 dams apiece. Citing the implementation of the Free Senior High School policy, restoration of teacher and nursing trainee allowances and the reduction in electricity bills, Dr. Bawumia said the construction of the dams was another sign of the Akufo-Addo government’s commitment to fulfilling the promises it made to Ghanaians ahead of the 2016 elections “Along with the Government policy of Planting for Food and Jobs we have also initiated the policy of One Village One Dam and I am glad to note that this policy is taking off this year, and for the three northern regions this year we expect the construction of a total of 570 dams. “We expect to cut the sod for the commencement of this policy within a few weeks and in Sissala East you will be getting 10 dams this year. In Sissala West you will get 10 dams this year by the Grace of God” Vice President Bawumia announced. According to Vice President Bawumia, Government is also committed to ensuring value addition in the agriculture sector, and is engaged in discussions with potential investors to add value to such crops as cotton and maize. “I am aware of the contribution of farmers in the Tumu Traditional Area to the production of cotton and the textile industry in Ghana, especially the establishment of the cotton ginnery at Tumu. “I am informed that the machines at the ginnery can be made to work again even after being idle for quite some time.” Dr. Bawumia continued: “Government is in contact with prospective investors, some of whom have expressed interest in the Tumu Ginnery and we certainly would facilitate the revamping of the Tumu Ginnery as one of the projects in line with our One District, One Factory policy.” Government, under the policy of Planting for Investment and Export, is encouraging farmers, especially farmers in the three Northern Regions, to embrace the cultivation of cashew as an important cash crop which would protect the environment and provide stable income for farmers, Dr. Bawumia indicated, adding, “The Ministry of Agriculture and the District Assemblies are facilitating the cashew project implementation and it is hoped that our farmers would realize the tremendous benefits to be derived from the cultivation of the multi-purpose cash crop the cultivation of which has specifically been designed for the purpose of poverty reduction.” The 2018 was under the theme “Paarigbielle festival, a vehicle for fostering good neighbourliness to propel the socio-economic development of the area”. It was attended by profile personalities including Interior Minister Ambrose Dery, who is also MP for Nandom; Water and Sanitation Minister Joseph Kofi Adda, who is also MP for Navrongo Central; and Abass Ridwan Dauda, MP for Sissala East, as well as sons and daughters of Sissala land.
Mar 23, 2018
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says Government will mobilise whatever assistance it can to enable the Police provide the Ghanaian people the kind of service they deserve. According to President Akufo-Addo, the aim of his administration is to strengthen the Police, fashioning it into an honest, disciplined, efficient and robust force, whose emphasis will be on proactive and preventive policing, rather than reactive. “This year, we are undertaking the rehabilitation of police stations across the country to standardize the infrastructure”, the President said. He continued, “In addition to recruiting some 4,000 more police officers this year, negotiations have just been completed for the rollout of Phase II of the Alpha Project, which involves the deployment of a total of 8,700 CCTV cameras across all the districts, with three command centres in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.” Outlining Government’s plans to further equip the Police better, the President stated that “at least 1,000 new vehicles are being procured for the Police this year. Already 200 pick-up vehicles have been allocated under Operation Calm Life, with 200 saloon vehicles to be delivered soon, with more to come.” Resources, the President assured, have been allocated for police kits, protective gear and adequate quantities of other essential equipment. He, thus, urged the Police, on their part, to “pay particular attention to the proper maintenance of these equipment and facilities.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Sunday, 18th March, 2018, when he commissioned the Bekwai Divisional Police Headquarters, constructed by the Member of Parliament for Bekwai, Hon. Joseph Osei Wusu. The Bekwai Divisional Police Headquarters is the second building constructed for the Police in Bekwai, and will serve the peoples of Amansie West, Amansie Central, Bekwai, Bosome Freho and Fomena. Describing the initiative undertaken by the Bekwai MP as “an excellent example of the contribution that a responsible citizen can make to the general welfare of the community”, the President indicated that the most important things for a nation are the peace and safety of its people, and its territorial integrity. “It is when these are guaranteed that citizens can go about their normal lives in security, and try to improve upon the quality of their circumstances. We all sleep, feeling protected, when the men and women of the Police Service work to keep our nation, our communities and our streets safe,” he said. With the issue of law and order being particularly important at this time when indiscipline, lawlessness and outbreaks of mob justice are threatening the rule of law, President Akufo-Addo stated that it is vital that the Executive should offer its full support to the Police to allow it to perform its duty of maintaining law and order. “It is my hope and expectation that the Police in this Division will enhance their engagement with the communities they serve, because that is a more sustainable way of reducing crime,” he said. The President also urged residents to co-operate with the Police and give them maximum backing in the discharge of their duties. “When the community and police work together, we can be assured of our safety and security, and, then, we can channel all our energies and resources into building a progressive and prosperous nation,” he added. President Akufo-Addo was confident that “with the citizenry and police joined together at the frontline in the fight against crime, we can help establish an orderly society, governed by the rule of law.”
Mar 23, 2018
The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is expected to meet at least 250 young entrepreneurs to brainstorm on job creation, a key government promise to tackle rising unemployment. The program which comes off Friday, 23, March 2018 at the Accra Digital Center is expected to be attended by a slew of government CEOs who will also interact with the young businessmen and women to learn of their concerns. Dr. Bawumia who enjoys a youthful following is expected to share the government's efforts in removing barriers and bureaucracy associated with entrepreneurship. The summit will also be addressed by the Business Development minister Ibrahim Awal Mohammed whose ministry supervises a $100m plan to fund start-ups and innovations. Several other corporate CEO's will lead a panel discussion where young business owners will ask questions and get answers. There will also be an on-the-spot business registration on the sidelines of the summit to help anyone take the first important step towards starting a business. The Youth and Sports minister Isaac Asiamah has also expressed enthusiasm about the summit and expects the one-day programme to deepen the ministry's relationship with young business owners. The jobs summit is organised by the National Youth Authority (NYA), a statutory body charged with moblising the country's creative potential into productive ventures. The NYA recently pulled off a job creation feat when it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ECOBANK to hire 3,000 youths after they complete a three-month digital training program. The deal which was recognised by President Nana Addo in his State of Nation Address is one of other initiatives which the NYA says is fine-tuning to help create jobs for the youth. CEO of the National Youth Authority Emmanuel Asigri said the summit will see many unheard of young businesses share amazing stories of how they started and hopefully inspire others to keep believing in their own ability. He said the summit is about discussing solutions for the youth and for government officials to appreciate the desire of the youth to see greater speed in support young businesses. Participants are expected to register at nya-youth-summit.webflow.io/
Mar 23, 2018
The Member of Parliament for Zabzugu Alhassan Umar has declared a state of emergency in the area after a heavy rain storm rendered residents homeless. The MP has therefore charged district assembly authorities to force the central government to intervene in providing relief items to dozens of residents who have not received any aid package from the regional secretariat of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).. It is reported that “two communities have been turned upside down”. Affected victims numbering about 2,000 were forced to stay with friends and relatives after their homes were brought down due to the rains. Dozens of houses have been brought down completely by the storm with many roofings and trees uprooted, leaving the villagers in desperate conditions. The MP believes any further delay would further worsen the condition of the residents hence the need for authorities to intervene. “My appeal to the DA and DCE is to fasten up because the rains would set in very soon. This is March, by April we should start experiencing it…so whatever they are doing they should hasten up and come to the aid of the victims to ensure that these victims have some roof over their heads before the rain comes.’’
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