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Jul 21, 2018
Minister for Sanitation and water Resources and who double as the Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central, Joseph Kofi Adda has assured people living at the Makola No.2 market of an action plan being put in place by his ministry to remove filth from their location. According to him an irresponsible waste collector disobeyed their instructions and dumped the waste there. The Minister was answering a question by the Member of Parliament for Nkwanta North, Mr John Kwabena Bless Oti on the ministry's strategic plan towards clearing the various garbage heaps on the Agbogbloshie Abosey Okai main road, and the Makola No.2 market. The Ministry also announced several arrangements have been made to allow waste companies to dump their waste through the provision of a landfill site. He stressed the situation where resident s saw the non-collection of waste would be a thing of the paste because the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has been charged to regularly collect the waste. Nyankonton Mu Nsem recently reported from the Agbogloshie Market that, there is the looming threat of another cholera outbreak in Accra following the large amounts of waste that have engulfed the market, here in Accra. Most traders at these markets display their wares on pavements, gutters, around trash cans and other unhygienic places. Staple foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh or dried fish as well poultry among others are commonly displayed near refuse dumps sites at these major markets patronized by thousands of people daily. A visit by Nyankonton Mu Nsem's Nhyiraba Kwabena Airifi, said the unsanitary conditions in the market, is alarming. Staple foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh or dried fish as well poultry among others are commonly displayed near refuse dumps sites at the market. Meanwhile traders are also calling on authorities to repair the road at Agbogbloshie as drivers finds it extremely difficult to ply the road. The situation becomes extremely worse when it rains heavily.
Jul 21, 2018
Fishermen at Gomoa Nyankyano in Gomoa East District in the Central Region have expressed their displeasure on government’s ban on all fishing activities which would elapse after a month. Stating emphatically, most of these fishermen said that the decision by the government would make them overburdened since most of them are working with loans from the bank of which they already have huge amounts of interest to pay. They have therefore appealed to government to reconsider the decision for them to be able to raise some funds to satisfy the basic needs of their children. How does the government expect us to cater for our children in school till the end of the next one month, one fisherman lamented? Aside that, fish mongers in the area have also emphasized that government’s decision to halt all fishing activities till the end of a month will not help those who earn a living through fishing activities, instead it will subject them to abrupt poverty. A tour through Gomoa West precisely Apam in the Central Region clearly also projected that, fishermen in these areas disagree with this decision and they expressed their thoughts saying that this decision is unprecedented as far as leadership in this country is concerned. “Since we started fishing, we have never heard any government who has taken a decision to halt fishing activities except for the current president, Nana Akufo-Addo’s administration”, they stated. Fishermen in Effutu Municipality (Winneba) also in the Central Region have also said that this decision would subject fishermen to unnecessary pressure and burden which would go a long way to affect the families of these fishermen. Speaking to Rainbow Radio’s Nana Yaw Asare, these fishermen in the Central Region further pleaded with government to have a look at the decision and make some necessary reconsideration wherein possible. The Minister of Fisheries and Aqua Culture, Mrs Elizabeth Afoley Quaye has justified reasons for the ban. According to her, government will not rescind its decision on the ban. According to her, government will ensure strict compliance with the one-month ban, adding that defaulters will be fined between $500,000 and $2 million. She said in addition to the fine, the equipment of the offenders will also be confiscated by government. “A person who engages in fishing during a closed season declared, commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than $500,000 and not more than $2 million in respect of a local industrial or semi industrial vessel or 100 penalty units and not more than 500 penalty units in any other case and in addition, any catch, fishing gear or vessel or any combination of them used in the commission of the offence maybe forfeited to the state,” Mrs. Afoley Quaye explained. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
Jul 21, 2018
The Supreme Court has ordered the Economic and Organised Crime Office ( EOCO) to release the bank accounts of Dr Stephen Kwabena Opuni, a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Cocoa Board. Per the court order, EOCO must defroze all the money in the bank accounts except Gh₵25,000, which state prosecutors claim Dr Opuni took as bribe from a businessman Seidu Agongo, during his tenure as CEO of Cocobod. The two accounts of the suspect have been frozen for over a year by EOCO as it investigates the former CEO who headed COCOBOD for three years. Dr Opuni has been arraigned before court for causing financial loss to the state. The state has accused Dr. Opuni of causing 217million
Jul 21, 2018
Former National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan has opined that, there could have been chaos over the removal of Mrs Charlotte Osei as Electoral Commissioner if not for the death of former vice president Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur. The outspoken politician in an interview with Kwame Tutu said, the death of the late vice president although painful disrupted plans by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to engage in 'chaos'. The opposition NDC on the night after Mrs Osei’s removal planned a demonstration in an attempt to resist the removal of the EC boss. However, the demonstration was cancelled after the death of the former leader broke. He advised the appointment of the EC boss should go beyond broader consultation and political consideration. ‘’Broader consultation should go beyond political consideration. The EC boss should be a neutral person […] the removal of the EC chair was not the best. If it were to be in another country, it would have led to violence but Ghana is a blessed country and so when we are angered by something, we still find a way to calm ourselves.’’ he said. We understand each other. The removal of the EC boss was not grounded on a strong case.’’ ''The 2020 election is very crucial and we do not want a commissioner who will be biased. The removal of the EC boss was shocking and so the NDC wanted to demonstrate but the death of Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur calmed the NDC.'' But speaking on the same matter, lawyer Obiri Boahen slammed the NDC for attacking the president and described the call by the NDC as unnecessary noise. He believes the broader consultation call is not constitutional, and unnecessary. ‘’Some people planned to hold a demonstration over the removal. They should hit the street and hold the demonstration. They cannot keep on holding demonstrations. They will surely get tired after some time so I will encourage them to hold the demonstration. It is their constitutional right,’’ he said. He called for the prosecution of Mrs Osei and her deputies because the grounds that caused their dismissal were serious offences that cannot be swept under the carpet. The president recently removed Mrs Osei and her deputies. The removal came after a committee set up by the Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo, pursuant to Article 146(4) of the Constitution, to investigate separate complaints brought against the three persons by Ghanaian citizens, recommended their removal from office. Meanwhile, the NDC has through a statement signed by Chairman Kofi Portuphy has said the NDC will deal with the president after the funeral of the late vice president is held. Below is the full statement: NDC APPEALS FOR CALM AND ASSURES OF MASSIVE RESISTANCE TO PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY AFTER THE FUNERAL RITES OF H.E. KWESI BEKOE AMISSAH-ARTHUR The leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has noted the widespread condemnation, outrage and general agitation over the government's machinations at the Electoral Commission. We wish to assure all party members and the entire nation that the NDC remains committed to safeguarding our democracy, which we have all toiled for and nurtured. The NDC will therefore resist the deliberate attempt by the Akufo-Addo Government to abuse constitutional processes with the sole objective of manipulating the electoral process. While acknowledging the legitimacy of the enormous pressure from the rank and file to exercise our inalienable constitutional right by demonstrating against this blatant assault on our democracy, we wish to renew our earlier appeal for all to remain calm until after the funeral of our fallen hero, the former Vice President of Ghana, H.E. Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur. We wish to affirm our strong resolve that, the NDC and our democratic allies in fulfillment of our constitutional obligations will surely take decisive steps to register our revulsion in the strongest possible terms against this flagrant abuse of the legal process after we have accorded our Comrade a befitting send off on 27th July, 2018. The leadership understands the restlessness among party members and the good people of Ghana in general. Please be assured that President Akufo-Addo and his collaborators will not be allowed to get away with the premeditated, cynical and shameful subterfuge to subvert the electoral process and undermine the growth of our democracy. Signed, Dr. Kofi Portuphy (National Chairman)
Jul 21, 2018
Ace Three banks, GN, Sahel Sahara and Premium Banks have complete merger talks awaiting approval from the Bank of Ghana. According to reports by Graphiconline, the three banks reached a deal earlier this month paving way for a formal announcement this week. The central bank is hopeful that banks in the country will be able to meet the minimum capital requirement of GHc400 million by December 2018. Some of the local banks have appealed to President Nana Akufo-Addo intervene and keep the Central Bank at bay as far as the enforcement of the capital requirement is concerned. They want the regulator to stagger the implementation of the new requirement up to 2022 when they believe they would have been in a better stead to meet the stated capital. However, the BoG says it has not shifted from its position that all banks must meet the requirement by the deadline of 31st December 2018.
Jul 21, 2018
Ace highlife musician, Samuel Owusu has lamented over the current breed of songs being released. He opined that the songs we listen to today, lacks sense, inspiration and do not motivate Ghanaians as compared to what he and other ace musicians did in the past. ‘’A lot has changed today. In the past, people were interested in listening to sensible songs but today, Ghanaians are yearning for any kind of songs even if the songs lack sense or inspiration.’’ ‘’The way we were brought up and what we learnt in the past cannot be compared to what we see today. Musicians in the past like myself, Oheneba Kissi and others are still around composing songs but Ghanaians are not interested in our songs because they have fell in love with the senseless ones we hear today.’’ The Highlife musician speaking on Golden Highlife show with hosts, Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi and DJ Collins said, his style of music were inspired by his desire to influence people positively. Samuel Owusu said as a musician, your works should inspire and motivate your fans but when you are not able to affect lives positively with your songs then you are not making any sense. Samuel Owusu says he has not retired from music and released an album two years ago dubbed ‘Alomo’. ‘’I have not retired from music. I released an album two years ago. I also perform at shows and so I have not retired from music.’’ He stated. Samuel Owusu who released his maiden album in 1992 has 13 albums to his credit. His songs include: ‘Abusua kyiri ka’, ‘Kokosakyi’, ‘Mempe me ho asem.’ When asked if he has benefitted from music, Samuel Owusu said the love he received from Ghanaians alone has satisfied him as compared to material gains.
Jul 21, 2018
Former Deputy General Secretary of NPP, Lawyer Obiri Boahen has expressed his thoughts on the president’s intention to appoint a new Electoral Commission chairperson and her deputies. According to him, the criteria for which the president may use as a yardstick for the selection of a new EC boss should be in conformity with the constitution of the country. As a lawyer, we do not speculate in our profession instead, we deal with issues at hand. Anyone whose (qualifications are in line with that of the Court of Appeal(15 years’ experience as a practitioner).We do not speculate to select either a fair or dark skinned, fat or slim person, he exaggerated. These provisions have been stipulated in the constitution. In legal terms, that person should be competent and capable, he stressed. Adding, he said that there has been a lot of criticisms against the NPP government. The previous government elected an EC chairperson based on the prejudice of the constitution, so the president must now be allowed to also elect a new EC chair also based on the provisions of the constitution. There is a lot of unnecessary noise in the country, he emphasized. He also said that his humble advice to whoever would emerge as the new EC boss is that, than individual should be God fearing for him not to disgrace himself or herself just like how others came into office to put their names into disrepute. Responding to Rainbow Radio’s Kwame Tutu on whether a broader consultation (Engagement of all stakeholders) would be demanded of President Nana Akuffo Addo just like how the NPP held a press conference to demand a broader consultation at the time Mrs. Charlotte Osei was appointed, lawyer Obiri Buahen responded saying, the broader consultation is not a requirement of the constitution and so there would be no need for that. He conclusively hinged on the fact that the qualification Ghanaians should use as a yardstick to measure the competence of a new EC chairperson is a person who is an appointment based solely on the constitution, capable and competent enough to discharge all the duties that would be assigned to him/her. The appointment of a new EC Chairperson must be in line with the requirements of the constitution of Ghana, he emphasized. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
Jul 21, 2018
The Ghana Stock Exchange has suspended trading in the shares of the ADB Bank Limited, following an order by the Bank of Ghana to revoke the sale of shares in the bank. The suspension, which took effect today, Tuesday, means that investors can neither buy nor sell shares of the bank until further notice. The suspension by the Stock Exchange is the third one that has hit the ADB in recent times. The BoG yesterday [Monday] revoked the purchase of shares in ADB. This means that Belstar Capital, EDC Limited, Starmount Limited and SIC-Financial Services are no longer shareholders of ADB. A statement issued that effect by the Central Bank stated that, "Belstar and Starmount are not fit and proper persons and cannot permit them to continue to hold shares acquired directly or indirectly in ADB." The Order by the BoG was pursuant to section 55 of the Banks and Specialised Deposit-Taking Institutions Act, 2016 (Act 930) to: (i) annul the acquisition by Belstar Capital Limited (Belstar), Starmount Development Company Limited (Starmount), SIC-Financial Services Limited (SIC-FSL), and EDC Investments Limited (EDC), of all shares held by them in the ADB Bank Limited (ADB), and all transactions undertaken in respect of the relevant shares; (ii) prohibit the exercise by Belstar, Starmount, SIC-FSL and EDC of any of the voting rights or any other rights in respect of the relevant shares; and (iii) prohibit the directors appointed by the parties specified above to the Board of the ADB from acting as directors of ADB. The statement also announced that: ‘’ The exercise of any of the voting rights or any rights issue in respect of the shares by Belstar, Starmount, SIC-FSL, and EDC and the payment of any dividends in respect of these shares are also prohibited. All shares acquired by Belstar, Starmount, SIC-FSL and EDC in ADB which were previously held by the Financial Investment Trust are to be immediately restored to the Financial Investment Trust until further notice. All directors appointed by Belstar, Starmount, SIC-FSL and EDC to the ADB Board are to cease holding themselves out as directors of ADB with immediate effect.’’
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