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Jul 28, 2017
The Majority Leader in Parliament, Hon Alban Bagbin has stated that the legislative house will not probe the AMERI deal just because the New Patriotic Party has called on them to do so. He said Parliament approved the deal after through investigations and so if the NPP has found any evidence into the deal, they have to put it before Parliament for to look at. According to him the NPP did not consider the AMERI deal because government just proposed the deal and brought it before Parliament for approval to enable the nation solve it power crisis. Asked whether the call will not warrant any probe as suggested by the NPP, He said it is a misplaced call and Parliament will not be swayed by the call. He also chided the NPP for failing to consult their Parliamentary Caucus before coming out with their statement on the matter because if the issues they are raised are not supported by any evidence because ‘’If they had taken their time to go through the documentation, to analyze all the issues, they would have come to the conclusion that government as government had not contracted the AMERI agreement to pay any money…that is a fact. Payment of the money comes after the delivery and so no $ 510 million had been paid,’’ he noted. He noted that the attempts by the NPP is just a political strategy to divert particularly the media’s attention to forget the ills going on in the NPP. Hon. Bagbin stressed ‘’I really don’t see anything wrong with the AMERI agreement. It was brought to Parliament…I think it was laid in Parliament on the 3rd of March, and we [legislators] and finally looked at it on the 20th of March,’’ and so I was surprised that the Hon. KT Hammond say that, the approval was rushed without proper scrutiny. He maintained that the deal was properly  investigated at both the committee level which the minority formed part of approving it and so for the them to turn back and alleged that the deal was properly laid shows that NPP is just playing politics with the matter. Hon. Alban Bagbin advised Ghanaians to be careful on how they discuss the AMERI issues since it could rather create problems for us. On the allegations raised by the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) on the matter he said the think tank group were not able to prove to Parliament when an opportunity were given them to explain their claims on the deal.   ACEP had alleged that they advised Parliament over the total cost of the AMERI deal that Ghana signed at the cost of $ 510 million for a 5 year payment plan built, own, and operate transfer deal which we could have purchased at an outright price for $ 220 million but Hon. Bagbin said the claims by the group is unfounded.
Jul 28, 2017
The attention of the Office of Nana Akufo-Addo has been drawn to a false publication making the rounds on social media, and being discussed on some radio stations, titled “IBRAHIM MAHAMA CHARGE’S ON OKAY FM, TODAY”.   The statements in the publication have been attributed to Ibrahim Mahama, after an interview he granted Okay FM, on Wednesday, December 16, amongst which he is alleged to have stated that “I pay all the monthly medical bills of Akufo Addo, why won’t they sack him rather?” Additionally, it is claimed that Mr. Ibrahim Mahama has donated vehicles to the NPP flagbearer and his wife.   We have painstakingly listened to the audio of the interview granted by Mr. Mahama this morning, and nowhere in the interview did he make these false claims, which are being attributed to him. Indeed, nowhere in the 20 minute long interview did he even mention the name of Nana Akufo-Addo.   For the avoidance of doubt, we want to state that Ibrahim Mahama does not pay Nana Akufo-Addo medical bills, let alone pay them on a monthly basis. Mr. Ibrahim Mahama makes no contribution of any sort whatsoever to the Akufo-Addo’s. Again, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama has not donated any vehicles to the NPP flagbearer or to his wife.   Clearly, these diversionary tactics are being employed by the NDC to draw the public’s attention away from the numerous corruption scandals, the latest being the AMERI deal, that continue to rock the administration of President Mahama.   We will rather appeal to the general public to ignore, once again, this false story. Ghanaians want practical remedies to the hardships they have been plunged into, and not practical, ugly jokes thrown in the public arena in the forlorn hope of diverting attention from the crass incompetence, economic hardships and widespread unemployment being endured under this current administration.   ……signed……   Eugene Arhin   Press Secretary      
Jul 28, 2017
US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, its first increase since 2006. The move takes the range of rates banks offer to lend to each other overnight - the Federal Funds rate - to between 0.25% and 0.5%. The US central bank also raised its projection for economic growth next year slightly, from 2.3% to 2.4%. That suggests the bank does not think the rate increase will damage growth. US share markets jumped in response. The Dow Jones went from a 50 point rise to stand up 79 points at 17,612.79, a 0.5% gain. Rates in the US have been at near-zero since 2008. When the Fed last raised rates 'Improvements' The rate rise vote was unanimous. The bank cited as the reasons for its action increased household spending and investment by business, along with a continued low rate of inflation. In its statement, the committee said: "The committee judges that there has been considerable improvements in labor market conditions this year, and it is reasonably confident that inflation will rise, over the medium term, to its 2% objective." The Fed has said it will continue to monitor inflation and employment to determine if and when further rise are justified. The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, said the committee is confident the economy will "continue to strengthen" but it still has "room for improvement". 2017 'normal' Future action will depend on how the economy moves forward and will be gradual. Ms Yellen acknowledged weakness remained in the labour market, particularly wage growth. She warned that if the Fed had continued to delay a rate rise it could have been forced to tighten monetary policy too quickly, something that could have led to another recession. The Fed's medium term projection for the Federal Funds rate is 1.5% in 2016 and 2.5% in 2017. The Fed will not get close to normal levels of around 3.5% until 2018 when it expects the economy will be back on a solid track: "Were the economy to disappoint the Federal Funds rate would likely rise more slowly," said Ms Yellen. UK rate move The UK business lobby group, the CBI, said the move was unlikely to mean swifter action from the Bank of England on interest rate levels in the UK. Rain Newton-Smith, the CBI 's director of economics, said: "Alongside the US, the UK has been one of the best performing advanced economies in recent years, but the Bank of England probably still has a way to go before rising inflationary pressures at home persuade it to follow and up interest rates."   But the Institute of Directors' chief economist, James Sproule, said it would give the Bank of England room to act: "There will always be a thousand possible excuses not to raise rates, but... We are probably close to peak employment in the UK, with employment growth set to plateau next year. All these factors should encourage rate-setters in the UK to think seriously about raising rates in early 2016." Source: BBC
Jul 28, 2017
A group calling itself Citizen Ghana Movement has sued the Power Minister, Kwabena Donkor, the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Doe Ajaho and the Attorney General over the AMERI deal. The government of Ghana and the Dubai based AMERI $ 510 million deal has created a lot of controversies following the recent publication by a Norwegian based Verdens Gang (VG) newspaper that Ghana signed an expensive deal and also the one who signed the contract on behalf of the AMERI Group, is an alleged fraudster who is wantedby the Swiss and Norwegian Police. But that claims had been denied by both government of Ghana and the AMERI Group. The Citizen Ghana Movement in the suit filed at the Accra High Court is seeking among other reliefs that the Power Minister, Kwabena Donkor and the other defendants joined in the suit provide any available information relating to the AMERI deal.   Below is the full details of the suit   CITIZENGHANA MOVEMENT SUES THE MINISTER OF POWER, THE SPEAKER OF PARLIAMENT AND THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL ON THE AMERI CONTRACT In the past few days, it has come to the knowledge of Ghanaians, through a Norwegian media organization, VG, several issues concerning a contract signed between the Government of Ghana and the Africa & Middle East Resources Investment Group (AMERI Energy) LLC.   Some of the issues surrounding the contract include the fact that one of the persons involved is an international fraudster who is wanted for financial crimes as well as his engagement in organized crime. Another issue has to do with the financial arrangements and obligations of the Government of Ghana under the contract. There is also the issue of how the deal went through Parliament without full scrutiny.   In pursuance of the constitutional right to information as provided in Article 21(f), the CitizenGhana Movement, acting through two of its leading members, has on the 16th day of December, 2015, sued the Minister of Power, the Speaker of Parliament and the Attorney-General in the Human Rights Court, Accra. The reliefs being sought from the Human Rights Court are as follows:   a.         An order directed at the Honourable Minister of Power to furnish the Applicants with a copy of the signed contract together with the due diligence report (if any) on the contract between the Government of Ghana and Africa and Middle East Resources Investment Group (AMERI Energy) LLC dated 10th February, 2015.   b.         An order directed at the Honourable Minister of Power to make full disclosure on the said contract between the Government of Ghana and AMERI Energy.   c.         A further order directed at the Speaker of Parliament to make available the minutes and/or the record of deliberations together with the Report of the Parliamentary Sub Committee on Mines and Energy available to the Applicants.   d.         Any further or consequential order(s) as the honourable court may deem fit.   The court action is brought in the spirit of probity and accountability as well as in exercise of the civic responsibility to protect and preserve public property and expose and combat misuse and waste of public funds and property as enshrined in Article 41(f) of the Constitution.   We wish to use this medium to call for support from all Ghanaians and civil society organizations concerning this suit. We welcome any positive collaboration with any individual and/or civil society organization as we collectively embark on demanding accountability from our leaders.      
Jul 28, 2017
President JD Mahama and other leaders from the ECOWAS Region are in Abuja, Nigeria for the 48th Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State & Government. The meeting, which will consider a number of reports including the 2015 Annual Report of the President of the Commission and one from the Mediation and Security Council, will also be used to mark the 40th anniversary of the sub-regional grouping. The two-day meeting was opened earlier today by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and the Chair of the ECOWAS Authority, President Macky Sall of Senegal. President Mahama is attending the Session with Foreign Minister Hanna S. Tetteh (MP), National Security Adviser Ambassador Baba Kamara and the Secretary to the President, Ambassador Kwesi Quartey.    
Jul 28, 2017
Information picked by rainbowradioonlin.com, indicates that the former national chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Peter Mac Manu has been named as one of the campaign team to manage the campaign of Nana Addo in the upcoming 2016 general elections. Meanwhile Member of Parliament for Okere, Hon Dan Botwe a former General Secretary has also been named among the campaign team. Other members of the team are Boakye Agyarko, Ken Ofori Atta, Sammy Awuku, John Boadu and all executives of the NPP. The NPP will be going to their Extraordinary Delegates Congress come the 19th December, 2015 to officially outdoor their campaign team for the 2016 elections.                                                                                         
Jul 28, 2017
The National Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Mr. Kofi Adams has indicated that the party won the Amenfi West by-election on merits and not vote buying as speculated by the NPP. In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, he said the achievement chalked by the NDC in the constituency through various initiatives under President Mahama helped them retain the seat. He denied claims that the NDC bought the voters with freebies rather he explained that they adopted a strategy that focused on marketing their candidate to the constituents. According to him one challenging factor that confronted them was the candidate put forward by the NPP who was a resident from the town of the late MP Hon. John Gyetuah yet the managed to win by what they have done so far as government. Mr. Kofi Adams added the NDC as a party is still united and focused than the NPP which also played a major role for them. On the issue of whether the NDC deliberately asphalted the roads in the constituency to buy the voters, he denied those claims saying that the activity was all part of efforts by government to improve upon the poor nature of the roads in the constituency.   Mr. Kofi Adams in his explanation did not find anything wrong if politicians dish out money to constituents when they visit them on events like elections.   The NDC represented by Mr. Eric Afful 41 polled 15, 806 representing 52.6% Mr. Abraham Kwadwo Buadee, a 41-year-old accountant for the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), polled 1, 032 representing 3.4%, Mr. Paul Derkyi, 43 a lawyer, for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) polled 13, 079 representing 43.6% and Mr Elvis Adjei, a 30-year-old Loan administrator for the United Front Party (UFP) polled 113 representing 0.4%. The election was organised in 102 polling stations with 62, 382 voters expected to have cast their ballots. The total valid vote cast was 30, 030 while the rejected ballots was 532 representing 1.7%.   The total voter turnout was 49.5%.                                                                           
Jul 28, 2017
Your first date is when you have the opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Of course, you want the other person to feel the real you and not the high-pitched, jittery you. The following are some tips to keep in mind on your first date.   1. Minimize awkward silences   We all fear the daunting awkward silences. Try to minimize them by being prepared beforehand. Come prepared with a list of about 4-5 topics that you both can talk about.   2. Dress for the occasion   Dressing accordingly is very important to make a good impression on your date. If you are going on a high-end gourmet restaurant, dress up. Or if you are going to a local mall, wear something casual.   3. Arrive early rather than late   Do not make the other person wait. Always be on time or a few minutes early.   4. Do not mention your ex   Your date does not want to hear about your ex and how grand and amazing he/she was. Keep your conversation about you and your date.   5. Do not discuss sensitive topics   First date is not the time to ask if your date wants kids and how many. Religious, sensitive political questions should not be brought up on first dates. Rather, keep your conversation casual and humorous.   6. Keep yourself from rambling on family problems   Do not discuss anything negative about your family relationships. There will be time for it later but first date is not the time to ramble on how mean your dad was to you.   7. Do not be pushy   Be polite. Greet him/her with a smile and a strong handshake. Do not force him/her to do anything he/she doesn’t want to do.   8. Do not check your phone every 5 minutes   Keep your attention to your date and the conversation between you two. Apologize and ask for permission politely if you have to use your phone to check up on your kids or for other emergencies.   9. Do not use lame pick up lines   Be original and avoid pick-up lines or cheesy one liners on a first date. They are a big turn-off.   10. Do not get cold feet towards the end   Stay confident and kiss her on the lips softly and compassionately with serious and loving eyes. That is the last nail on the coffin that could make or break the deal.    Credit: approachmag.com
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