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May 29, 2017
President Mahama has stressed the need to encourage more children to get into the science, technical and practical courses, because they’ve been too much emphasis on the arts and humanity courses. According to the president, this is not only a problem at the secondary level but also at the tertiary level. ‘’We must encourage more of our children to go into science and technology, mathematics and those areas, it looks like there is an emphasis on the arts and humanities, not only at the secondary level but at the tertiary level,’’ President Mahama said. The President revealed that in other to improve upon the situation and encourage more students to get into the study of science and technology, government is going to expand the scholarship and grant scheme to support more students in the study of science and technology. The Maters Programme has so far supported about 5, 000 recipients. ‘’The Masters Programme gives scholarship and grants to students from the secondary level who offer science courses  and so far we’ve provided scholarship to over  5,000 recipients and we going to expand that programme in order to encourage more people to go into science other practical and technical courses,’’ the president indicated. He stated further that, the job market are currently looking for those who have studied practical and technical courses, and therefore it would be important to ensure that we put more children into the study of science and practical training. President said,  ‘’all of us are doing managements and we are doing the humanities, what happens is, you come out yes but you need to be re-trained to go into any  professional course. It prepares you for the world of work but it doesn’t give you the direct skills, so if you come out with let’s say a BA from Legon or University of Cape Coast or Science and Tech and you applied for a job in the banking sector, they have to re-train you to be able to go into the banking sector. So yes is good to have a degree from the university but we must encourage more people to go into science and theses courses were more jobs are been thrown out as quickly as possible.’’ The President made this statements when he appeared on the twin city radio in the Western region as part of his tour and commissioning of some community day senior schools including one at Bemianko. Already one community day school had been commissioned by President Mahama in Otuam with over 1, 500 applications from qualified students who would be screened and accepted to attend the school. About 123 out of the 200 community day senior high schools have been awarded on contracts and are in different stages of completion with 23 financed by the World Bank. Another 50 would be awarded on contract by next year but would depend on budgetary issues and budgetary constraints.    
May 29, 2017
Information reaching rainbowradioonline indicates that the Western regional press corps has been involved in accident. According to the reports the vehicle carrying the press corps was rammed by two other vehicles in a confused traffic situation at the regional capital, Takoradi. The press corps were returning from the commissioning of a community day senior high school in the region, the Toyota Aise which was not part of the presidential convoy tried joining the presidential convoy later in on the road but unfortunately was crashed by another vehicle. One of journalists Obirempong Yaw Ampofoh is said to have sustained very serious injuries and is currently in the hospital receiving treatment. President Mahama met with parliamentary aspirants last Sunday to encourage to remain faithful to the party even if they lose in the upcoming elections, he explained that as they go out to campaign and convince the people for vote, they should remember that only one candidate would be selected but when that happens, they should not go away from the party but support all the winners for victory 2016.
May 29, 2017
A former presidential aspirant in the NPP Mr. Alan Kyeremanten says after every competition, it would be important to cooperate with those who won. He stated that although he has gone through a competition with Nana Addo in the past, this is the time to support Nana Addo to become the president of the Republic of Ghana because the days when they competed are fast gone.  ‘’Nana and myself have gone through our internal competitive process and after every competition we’ve work together, because we believe in one thing. I have said this before but I need to re-affirm it, in our party we believe in competition because its competition brings out the best in every organisation but after competition we cooperate, and that has been the strength of our party,’’ he said. He added that, ‘’seeing me going round with Nana is part of our tradition, we work together and that’s why you see me around to and that’s why am here to support Nana to become the president of the Republic of Ghana.’’ Alan Kyeremanten has for the past few weeks been part of Nana Addo’s ‘Rise and Build Tour’ across the regions of Ghana, currently Nana Addo is climaxing his tour in the Greater Accra region. Among the keys issues Nana raised on his tour were the need for Ghanaians to trust him as their president because he is incorruptible, courageous and a leader who would in the interest of all Ghanaians but not a selected few. He has also on his tour accused the Mahama led administration of mismanagement, incompetent and corrupt.
May 29, 2017
Members of parliament have charged former rector of GIMPA Prof. Stephen Adei to provide evidence over the allegation of parliamentarians taking bribe for their girlfriends. The former rector of GIMPA Prof. Adei accused parliamentary select committee in parliament of taking bribes before approving a program or policies and even to extent of taking some for their girlfriends.      Speaking in an interview with Member of Parliament for Nkwanta South Hon Gershon Gbediame told Nyankonton Mu Nsem, if Prof. Adei has any evidence he should back them with his claims.                                                                     He explained that, there are allowances giving them in terms of workshops, so if that is what Prof. Adei is accusing them of, then he should come out and explain to them well. He said, if that is the case then the ‘’Giver and Taker’’ are all guilty therefore Prof. Adei should provide evidence to back his comment since he has not seen any committee taking bribe for their girlfriends. Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for Nkawkaw Hon. Eric Kwakye Darfour has also denied the allegations stating that, they are not jokers that Prof. Adei will accuse them of bribery, he has therefore charged him to provide evidence to support his allegations. ‘’Are we joking, we are not jokers in Ghana, ‘’ where did he Prof. Adei saw that an MP is taking bribe for his girlfriend, he should provide evidence, he fumed. He critised Prof. Adei for making such outrageous allegations.    
May 29, 2017
The deputy general secretary of the National Democratic Congress has described the presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo -Addo as the fundamental problem behind the internal wrangling within the party. Koku Anyidoho said, ‘’the fundamental problem of the party is the leader, Nana Akufo-Addo. He is a bad choice, a wrong choice, a very divisive, disorganised, petty, vindictive person and he cannot lead the NPP’’. According to him this was something that S.K Boafoh a founding father of the party, wanted to put across but declined just to save the party from public ridicule. In an interview with the host of rainbow radio’s morning show Kwame Tutu, the deputy general secretary opined that the statement by the former Ashanti Regional minister S.K Boafoh, should not be swept under the carpet because he has confirmed that Nana Addo is a bad leader. Koku Anyidoho advised Nana Addo and the NPP to sort out their issues of disunity and misunderstanding before Ghanaians will give them the attention they are craving for. ‘’Rise and Beans Tour’’ creating more confusion than unity The deputy general secretary labelled the ‘’Rise and Build Tour’’ as ‘’Rice and Beans,’’ unnecessary and uncalled for because it is creating more confusion in the NPP than unity. Koku Anyidoho stated that the so-called ‘’Rice and Beans Tour’’ is an activity which they (NPP) are using to solve the deep cracks within the party. According to him Nana Addo is wasting his time with the tour, a tour which has failed to pull some of the elders in the in party including former president John Kuffuor and Kwadwo Mpianim. One thing that Koku described as a shocker was the failure on the part of Nana Addo to pay homage to the Paramount Chief of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfour Osei Tutu II. He said ‘’you are showing disrespect to the King of Asante, you are pursuing your own agenda, very myopic agenda, and you claim you are rising and building, what are you arising and building?’’ Koku Anyidoho mocked the NPP saying, ‘’there are bad roads in the NPP, the NPP is depreciating and the ’dumsor’ in the NPP is worse than the ’dumsor’ in Ghana.’’ He accused Nana Addo and the NPP of been desperate for power and therefore using unauthorized means to achieve their aim, He also called on Nana Addo to stop giving the impression that he is the solution that Ghana needs to solve its problems.  
May 29, 2017
President Mahama has disclosed that 0ver 9, 000 new teachers would be employed for the community day schools because as government continues to open and construct more of the schools. In an interview on twin city radio in the Western Region, President indicated that finance clearance has been given to employ the new teachers. The President stated that the teachers are going to have a very good working environment in the schools because the schools are state of the art with all the needed facilities to enhance teaching and learning. “Finance has given clearance to employ over 9,000 new teachers for the community day schools because as we open them we must equip them with teachers, and so that is being done. I think that the working environment in the community day schools is very good. The teachers have very nice rest rooms where they can relax; there are good facilities such as computer laboratories. And so they will have a lot of things that will facilitate their work. There are about sixteen washrooms in each of those buildings and classrooms are very well-fitted so I think that will be a motivation to improve teaching and learning in these schools” the President noted. President Mahama added, we’ve awarded another 23 financed by the World Bank and they have also started off very well and so they are under construction. For this financial year 2015, we’ve awarded another 50 and the sites have been handed over to the contractors and they are supposed to start work.” About one hundred and twenty-three schools are at various stages of completion out of the two hundred promised by government, President Mahama revealed that another fifty schools would be awarded on contract but that would depend on the availability of funds. According to him”…123 of those schools have been awarded on contract and are at different stages of completion and so that’s 123 out of 200; the intention is to award another 50 next year but they will depend on budgetary issues or constraints, so we will see how things go. So the programme is on course and the schools are coming up nicely I commissioned the one at Otuam and it was a very colourful ceremony; and the Head teacher told us that he has already received 1,500 applications.”    
May 29, 2017
Flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo has said that the importance of this year’s election is for Ghanaians to make sure that we do not allow one party to have 12 straight years in government because it is dangerous, unprecedented in our democratic process. Speaking on citifm, Nana stated that Ghanaians must come together and make sure the NDC is not given the opportunity to rule the nation for 12 straight years, considering the level of incompetence, mismanagement, corruption and poor conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian. ‘’The importance of this election is that, we have a party that has been in power for what  7 years, 8 years, seeking 12 straight years in office. It is unprecedented in the life of the fourth republic, that one party would go for 12 straight years. I believe that the circumstances of Ghana today, attest that all well -meaning Ghanaians should come together to defeat that purpose, to make sure that it doesn’t happen.’’ Nana Addo admonished Ghanaians to vote out the NDC come 2016, because the Mahama led administration has shot Ghana into an ‘’unprecedented expansion of our national debt’’ a situation he said is dangerous for our economy. The presidential candidate was disappointed at the systematic decline that has taken place in our economy after former president Kuffour left office. ‘’We are looking at a picture that is extremely dangerous for the future of our nation, and therefore it is incumbent on all of us’’ to make the right decision come 2016. ‘’We have chosen (NPP) and have promoted the idea of democratic accountability, we going to have an opportunity next year for Ghana to express themselves,’’ he added.
May 29, 2017
The Tamale Circuit Court presided over by Justice Twumesi Appiah, has remanded into police custody one Asuma Adamu for allegedly abducting a member of the Tiger P.I Team over the weekend. Asuma Adamu was formerly charged with assault and kidnapping of Ishmael Hussein, the court granted that the suspect be remanded to help the police conduct further investigations into the matter. The suspect is currently in the custody of the Tamale police command, he is to re-appear in court on the 19th October, 2015. It could recalled that one Ishmael Hussein, a member of the investigative team of the Tiger P.I Team was abducted last Saturday morning but was rescued after the news got the IGP, Mohammed Alhassan. Meanwhile a member of the Tiger Eye P.I Team has stated that this would not in any way scare them rather they see as an occupational hazard which forms part of their work as investigative journalists. He said currently all members of the team are secured, safe and sound, he also indicated that they have beefed up their security but has assured the public that their members across the country are in good condition. He insisted that this would not distract their efforts in exposing corruption in the country and as far as the law is concerned, they would follow every legal means available to deal with the matter. According to him their main focus now is the issues they have with the judges and therefore they would follow through means and the constitution to get the matter resolved.     The Tiger P.I Team led by ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, in the last two years conducted investigations into an alleged corruption and bribery scandal in the judiciary. The judges were captured on camera taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases they were presiding over. The team after their investigations captured some 34 judges and 180 other judicial staff members on camera allegedly taking bribe to influence their decision on some cases there were presiding over.   About 22 lower court judges have been suspended after the video was made public, the judges in question are currently been probed. Seven out of the 12 high court judges who were also implicated in the video, have been suspended by President Mahama after the CJ established a prima facie case against them. Some 80 other staff of the judicial service, police and the Attorney General’s Department are been investigated after they were also captured on camera for allegedly taking bribes. President Mahama has expressed his support to the CJ in dealing with the matter and has giving the assurance that anyone found culpable, would be removed from the bench. Meanwhile fifteen Appeal court judges have been tasked by the Chief Justice and the Judicial Council to sit additionally, as High court judges, in order to make up for the shortfall in the system due to the judicial corruption scandal which implicated some High court judges.      
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