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Jun 19, 2018
The Progressive People's Party (PPP) has called on the presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo to abandon his free Senior High School (SHS) policy because it is not feasible. Kofi Asamoah Siaw, Policy Advisor of the PPP in an interview with Rainbow Radio's Kwabena Agyapong, said, so far Nana Addo has adopted two policies of the awake family namely the election of MMDCEs to bring accountability to the local government; and the separation of of the Attorney General's office from the Ministry of Justice to fight corruption. Nana Akufo Addo addressing a gathering in the UK few days ago said,“The time has come to bring accountability to local government through competitive politics. Election of DCEs at the local level can no longer be delayed. This is going to give a great boost to local initiatives and self-reliance.” Commenting on this, the PPP through its Policy Advisor, Kofi Asamoah said “The PPP welcomes Nana Addo’s late jump on the bandwagon. The PPP has been at the forefront of this national crusade to amend the 1992 Constitution to make it possible for all MMDCEs to be elected by universal adult suffrage to bring accountability and development to the local level,” but ''we will be happy if Nana Addo abandons his free SHS policy and adopt the PPP's free compulsory education.'' ''Nana Addo's free SHS is not feasible. He has so far adopted two of our policies. But our policy on education is extremely important to us as a party. And so, we will be grateful if Nana Addo adopts our policy on education because it is the best.'' He wished Nana Akufo-Addo well in his endeavours and thanked him for his support in this crusade but the PPP declared “we expect that he will continue to support the PPP to bring this change to the people of Ghana when the PPP is given the mandate from January, 2017.” According to him, the PPP is also aware that Nana Akufo-Addo has promised to appoint an Independent State Prosecutor to tackle corruption effectively. “We expect Nana Addo to support the policy of free and compulsory education from kindergarten to senior high school for every Ghanaian child so that we can give real hope and a guaranteed future through a truly comprehensive education policy such as the one being championed by the Progressive People’s Party,” it added.  
Jun 19, 2018
National Secretary of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), Kofi Asamoah Siaw says it is a great honour that the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), for giving an assurance that, District Chief Executives (DCES) will be elected under his government. Nana Addo said it’s about time MMDCEs become accountable to the people hence must be elected by Ghanaians. Addressing a business forum in the UK, Nana Addo said “The time has come to bring accountability to local government through competitive politics. Election of DCEs at the local level can no longer be delayed. This is going to give a great boost to local initiatives and local self-reliance.” Speaking in an interview with Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline he said, Nana Addo has 'jumped into the bang wagon', with his assurance of ensuring that, DCEs are elected. According to him, the PPP as far back as 2012, called for this and therefore for Nana Addo to assure Ghanaians that, DCEs, will be elected, under his government, it shows clearly that, he has bought into the ideas of the PPP. He called on President Mahama to use his powers to allow for the election of DCES to ensure, accountability, equity and development at the local level. He explained that, DCEs are responsible for development of our various districts hence the need to allow residents to vote DCEs, just as assembly members are voted for. He also described as baseless the argument by some experts that the election of DCEs may lead to sabotage. He described it as a political propaganda by some 'selfish' individuals who are fighting against such a valuable proposal. Kofi Asamoah Siaw took a swipe at local governance expert Mr. Kwabena Ahwoi who argues that, although about 80 per cent of stakeholders in the district assembly concept favour the election of district chief executives (DCEs), he was of the strong conviction that any move towards that would bring anarchy, inefficiency and marginalisation of women. He explained that quite a number of districts in the country were made up of majority and minority ethnic groups and with such local elections, there was the likelihood that those from the majority ethnic groups would always be elected and this would make the minority ethnic group feel marginalised.  
Jun 19, 2018
General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has ruled out any possibility of the umbrella family going into opposition. The chief scribe of the NDC said, the party has chalked remarkable achievements hence they will win the elections hands down without stress. According to him, the record of the NDC will speak for them when Ghanaians goes to the polls to cast their vote. He said,  his party will win the upcoming general election based on his party’s record in the last four years.  Speaking to Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah said,  the infrastructural projects embarked upon by his administration has been unprecedented despite the challenges, adding that ''the electorate will retain his government in power based on the achievements.'' He explained, the NPP are only making baseless political accusations that government has failed to improve upon the lives of Ghanaians just to win sympathy votes, however, the will continue to stay in opposition because they lack any message to woe the electorates on their side. He condemned NPP and said the presidential candidate is lacking the ingredients to be elected as president. Commenting on their achievements as a party over the last 24 years, Johnson Nketiah said, they expect to celebrate their Silver Jubilee in grand style next year. The NDC is opined, is the only political party in Ghana, will records unbeaten in the areas of fighting corruption, transforming and putting people first, ensuring rule of law and building a resilient and strong economy. When asked if the party will be able to celebrate its Silver Jubilee when in opposition, he replied saying, GOD FORBID! The NDC is not ready for opposition. We will win the elections based on our achievements. We have done so well for this country. So Ghanaians will retain us in power.''
Jun 19, 2018
The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) is bemoaning of low business due to economic hardship in the country. Speaking in an interview with the Executive Secretary of GREDA Mr. Samuel Amegayibor, told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that, increasing cost of houses is one of the major factor that causes the fall of business now. According to him, the economic hardship has affected materials used in building the houses hence slows down business. He added that, exchange rate is another cause which is hampering the business leading real estate slumps. ''We import almost everything for business, and when the exchange rate is not favourable, then automatically the cost of doing business increases. In 2014, a house which was sold for 100, 000 dollars with its cedi equivalent in GHC250, 000 cedis has increased to almost GHC 450, 000 cedis. Aside that we also pay for a flat rate of 5 percent of VAT, which eventually increases the prices our our houses.'' The general economic hardship he stressed, has affected the basic worker in Ghana to invest in home buying. He called for prudent measures to help put the economy on the path of recovery, so business thrive. ''Ghana's general economy needs to be fixed, to ensure that the exchange, interest rates and infatuations are reduced.'' 
Jun 19, 2018
There is the looming threat of another cholera outbreak in Accra following the large amounts of waste that have engulfed Agbogbloshie market, here in Accra. Most traders at these markets display their wares on pavements, gutters, around trash cans and other unhygienic places. Staple foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh or dried fish as well poultry among others are commonly displayed near refuse dumps sites at these major markets patronized by thousands of people daily. A visit by Nyankonton Mu Nsem's Nhyiraba Kwabena Essilfie, said the unsanitary conditions in the market, is alarming. Staple foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh or dried fish as well poultry among others are commonly displayed near refuse dumps sites at the market. Meanwhile traders are also calling on authorities to repair the road at Agbogbloshie as drivers finds it extremely difficult to ply the road. The situation becomes extremely worse when it rains heavily. 
Jun 19, 2018
Communication Officer for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Solomon Nkansah has described the donate for change by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), as a 'fraud'. The tour, which will begin from the Greater Accra region, will see the "Donate for Change" train move through some markets and principal streets, a statement from the party said. According to the NPP, its scratch cards will be on sale during the tour. But Solomon Nkansah commenting on the donate for change said, elections is not about money, but it is the issue of your message, credibility and background. Speaking on Rainbow Radio's morning show, Frontline, the outspoken member of the NDC said, the presidential candidate of the elephant family, cannot be trusted, neither will he be accountable to donors who may donate their resources towards their campaign. He said, the NPP's Donate for change is a recipe for political chaos with very negative effects. Solomon Nkansah opined, the NPP have run out of resources due to mismanagement of party resources, hence their donate for change. He further alleged that, Nana Addo only launched the donation so he will incite the donors against the state when he loses the elections to candidate Mahama. He called on Ghanaians not donate towards the campaign of a presidential candidate who, travels outside the country to seek medical care and also have failed to account for some GHC 7.5 million. The communication officer advised the NPP to rescind their decision on the Donate for Change, since it will bring bad omen on Ghanaians, however, God will not not allow that to happen to us. He lambasted the NPP and Nana Addo for showing gross disrespect to the President, who is currently on tour in the Greater Accra Region with his Accounting to the People Tour. Solomon Nkansah stressed, there are more than a million financiers within the NPP who sponsor the campaign of Nana Addo, but because they do not trust him, they have failed to sponsor his ambition.  ''If people don't trust you, you can go to their house and pound fufu for them, they will eat it and stab you in the back when the day of reckoning comes.
Jun 19, 2018
  President John Dramani Mahama has presented 300 buses and 200 double cabin pickups to some selected Senior High Schools (SHSs), Technical/Vocational Schools, Special Schools, Polytechnics, Private Universities, Colleges of Education and District Education Offices across the country. Beneficiaries from the new Community Day Schools, Student Unions, Student Loan Trust Secretariat, National Teaching Council and the Inspectorate Division of the Ghana Education Service (GES), also benefited. The beneficiary institutions are drawn from all 10 regions of Ghana as part of the vision of the president to invest massively in Education, the Ministry of Communications said. In his address, President Mahama urged the beneficiary institutions to take good care of the buses. The presentation was held at the  the Independence Square in Accra as part of his Accounting to the People tour in the Greater Accra region, President Mahama  The president added that the buses and pickups are meant to help in the effective management of the beneficiary institutions. The buses were financed by the Fidelity Bank Ghana limited. Drivers of the various vehicles will also be taken through special driving lessons
Jun 19, 2018
Two police officers and three civilians are in the grips of the Brong Ahafo Regional Command for aiding a robbery attack that led to the death of a police constable on the Kwame Atebubu Danso road, at dawn on June 07, 2016. The deceased, constable Frank Klu in the Brong Ahafo regional police command was shot dead by armed robbers while on duty. The officer was killed instantly by robbers when he was escorting passengers who were travelling from the region to Kumasi. The arrest brings to six, the number of suspects arrested in connection with the attack. Confirming to the arrest to rainbowradioonline.com, the Brong Ahafo PRO ASP Christopher Tawiah said ''the suspect made mention of some five (5) names that accompanied him to rob the market women...The police went ahead and arrested them and these people are including, two police men. One is, Lance Corporal Asiedu Mensah and Corporal Solomon Amu.'' He added, one of the officers sold the ammunition to the suspect while  the other officer and one was said to have partake in the physical aattack. According to him, the police officers are in police detention. the two police officers are from the Gorsu Division and one from Atebubu.  
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