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Sep 18, 2018
General Secretary of the General Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU),Edward Kareweh  has said that in principle every village or community in Ghana should have an irrigation dam, however, Nana Addo's promise of 1 village, 1 dam in the North is not feasible. According to him before even embarking on such a project, one needs to find out whether the community or area actually needs the dam.  He said the idea is not feasible because they are some communities that may not necessarily need the dam and besides that the soil nature of some places in the North may not allow the project to ensure that the idea  materialise. He said the idea of 1 village 1 dam is something he cannot agree with, nevertheless what he will share with is that every village needs an irrigation system devoid of politics but rather more economical. He indicated that even if some villages are not able to have the dam, others that have may transport theirs to benefit others for agricultural production. The agric expert noted that if we still insist that we want to construct 1 dam in every village, it will not create economic sense looking at cost. He said the presidential candidate should do a feasibility studies and look out the villages that may ensure value for money should the dam be constructed. Mr. added that it would look as if the idea is being imposed on them and to achieve greater results, a broader stakeholder consultation needs to be done to ensure that the people really needs the dam. And  ''Beyond that we don't know the cost of production. We don't know the cost of creating these dams. Where is the money and how long is it going to take us?''  He added, we don't know whether its going to take a decade. We need to know all these things for us to be able to say that it is feasible or not feasible. Building the dams within a span of two years he stressed is not feasible due to resources but if its planned within the next twenty years, then it becomes feasible, he posited. ''We need more information as to know they are going to do it and the number of villages involved, the cost and how it is going to be done.'' He said in the next decade Ghana may experience serious drought hence the need to construct these irrigation dams to prevent negative impact in the sector. On the comparison between Burkina Faso and Ghana where the country has been able to preserve its forest reserves, he said the citizens have a certain mindset and attitude making it difficult for anyone to set fire in the bushes or fell down trees any how but in Ghana here, some farm lands are set on fire especially from the Northern region to the Brong Ahafo and other parts of the country. In Burkina Faso, people have to plant trees before constructing their building while in Ghana it is rather the opposite. A situation he said undermines agriculture, the economy and future in Ghana.
Sep 18, 2018
Ghanaian boxer Isaac Dogbe who made history last Friday by defeating the Filipino boxer has rubbished claims by some critics that he won his because the bout was staged in Ghana. The young Ghanaian boxer maintained his unbeaten record when he defeated the Filipino, as all the three judges scored in his favour last Friday. Some critics have said that, the boxer lost the bout but because the fight was held here in his homeland, he was favoured. The Ghanaian maintained the underhand throughout the fight and was deservedly awarded unanimous victory 120-109, 117-113, 119-110. Some critics who witnessed the bout said the bout was a very close one and that the Filipino based boxer should have won. But speaking in interview with Rainbow Sports, the boxer said, he won the bout on merit hence his critics should hold their gun. When asked if he agrees with his critics, he said, definitely not, i believe that i won the fight and i won the rounds clearly although he [John Neil Tabanao] was throwing  a lot of punches...I believe i won the fight clearly.'' He has therefore asked his critics to re-watch the fight and re-evaluate it before they come to  that conclusion. With the victory, Isaac Dogbe added the vacant WBC World Junior Featherweight and Tebana’s hitherto Asia Oriental title to the WBO Africa Featherweight belt he already held.  
Sep 18, 2018
The Wassa Association of Communities Affected By Mining activities (WACAM) has held an engagement with mining companies to discuss the sample bill before it is laid before parliament. The engagement was also geared towards discussing with key stakeholders and mining communities on the best practice and issues that would benefit both parties. Speaking in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, the Associate Executive Director of Wacam, Mrs. Hannah Owusu-Koranteng said WACAM has been a mining watchdog and has embarked on a bold initiative of developing a sample mining bill to influence legal reforms in Ghana’s mining sector to reflect the guiding principles and policies of the ECOWAS Directives on mining. According to her, Ghana has reached a point where the lives of people are in danger because of the deliberate disregard for human lives by mining companies taking an undue advantage of people due to our outmoded laws. She added that government agencies and multi-national companies must be held accountable to the people by ensuring that mining companies do not take undue advantage of people in mining communities. She said one major issue facing these communities has to do with compensation principles, water, location of mining companies among others which she stressed must be dealt with properly.  
Sep 18, 2018
A communications team member with the second largest opposition party, Progressive People's Party (PPP), Charles Owusu says President 'Pharaoh Mahama will lose the 2016 elections come what may.   The communications team member in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem said President Mahama's attitude, character and stubbornness best suit bible character King Pharaoh, a king who had no respect for God and later perished under the red sea.   Charles Owusu described President Mahama as an insensitive person who do not have the plight of Ghanaians at heart but rather lives an 'I don't care' lifestyle.   The communicator said President Mahama has no plans or policies to alleviate the pain and economic challenges Ghanaians are going through.   ''There is no difference between President Mahama and King Pharaoh because they have the same character and attitude.''   Asked to give more reasons why President Mahama is being compared to Pharaoh, he said, the hikes in electricity tariffs which he said is much more than that of the profit of businesses; the plans to privatize the Electricity of Ghana; a plan he posited would further worsen our crisis, challenges in the health sector, education, the indebtedness forcing a shutdown of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital are but few challenges he added makes the president suit the character Pharaoh.   According to him, it saddens his heart that all these problems are ongoing yet the president is going round sharing land-cruisers and other gifts to buy votes.   ''President Mahama is going round sharing outboard motors, land-cruisers, wellington boots while Ghanaians are suffering. President Mahama is just behaving like King Pharaoh who was punished by God in the bible. He is even worse than him.''   He also lambasted President Mahama for granting remission to the Montie trio despite calls on him not to. The move he said endorses lawlessness, abuse of power, abusive language and violence.   He also sated that President Mahama lacks respect for God and just like Pharaoh's resign came to an end, President Mahama would also be voted out this election year.   ''He [President Mahama] will lose the elections come what may. Come what may, he will lose it... The country is heading to a ditch. The situation is scary. Nothing is working, taxi drivers are complaining, traders, porridge sellers i mean everybody is complaining that things are hard. All these problems are happening not for any reason but corruption, thievery and mismanagement under the Mahama led administration.''  
Sep 18, 2018
A young man had his hand chopped off by his brother over bush meat popularly called 'akrantie' in the twi language at Brekwa. Narrating to the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, Kaakyire Kwesi Yeboah said the victim and his brother, went farming where they happened to find the grass cutter which they planned to use to prepare a delicacy after returning home. According to him, the victim who had his hand chopped off attempted to catch the grass cutter  so his brother hacks the animal with his cutlass. However, luck eluded as the cutlass hit the victim in the hand. He is currently on admission at the hospital. Meanwhile, the animal is still in custody of the family with no attempting to eat it due to the unfortunate incident.
Sep 18, 2018
A 15 year old girl Nancy Osei Agyemang has done the unthinkable by poisoning her father in an attempt to kill him for interfering in her relationship. The teenager who is currently in the grips of the police carried out her act in the bid to clear her father out of the way so she could date her fiancee who the father had warned her not to. According to Sir Joe, the incident happened at Bonsu Nkwanta where the teenager and her father resides. The father is said to have warned the daughter's fiancee to stay off her daughter so she could focus on her education but Nancy Agyemang who was incensed with the father's action allegedly poisoned his food. The father after consuming the meal started shouting and complaining of stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital where he was said to have taken in a poison substance. The girl upon interrogation confessed to the crime adding that it was her intention to kill her father so she could have her way to date her fiancee.
Sep 18, 2018
African countries have been admonished to create an enabling environment to guarantee the security of foreign direct investments. The call was made by Ghana's President, John Dramani Mahama when he was addressing the High Level Plenary Session on Private Sector Development at the ongoing Tokyo International Conference on African Development [TICAD] Summit in Nairobi. According to the president,  measures such as the availability of reliable data and the reduction of the cost of doing business are key ingredients to the success of foreign investments on the continent. President Mahama in his address urged African leaders to  to “take measures to reduce the cost of doing business in Africa which will include restructuring the public sector and improving their working methods to ensure greater efficiency.” President Mahama added, “We must ensure the collection and dissemination of accurate and timely statistics and data, accurate information and local laws to investors to expedite investment decisions and processes.”  He further called for the “acquisition of land and other local assets and joint ventures to encourage foreign investors, investing in the training of youth to make them employable by industry, and finally encouraging public private partnerships for capital intensive projects and to share costs and spread risks.” This is the first time the Conference is taking place in Africa, and according to President Mahama, he’s looking forward to both the bilateral discussions at the political level, and discussions on boosting the private sector’s role in the continent’s growth agenda. Heads of State will take part in a special high level engagement with the continent’s private sector and their counterparts from Japan, and also discuss the promotion of structural economic transformation through economic diversification and industrialisation.  
Sep 18, 2018
An estimated 25.3 billion cedis will be issued  by government  between August and December this year, as part of government plans.  Out of the amount, 23.8 billion cedis is expected to be used to rollover forecast maturities with the remaining amount of 1.4 billion cedis being fresh issuance to meet government’s financing requirements.  The Bank of Ghana in a statement said, “In accordance with the Government’s MTDS, the Bank of Ghana, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, announces for the information of Primary Dealers, Banks, prospective investors in the domestic securities market and the general public, the revised Issuance Calendar for Government of Ghana Securities for August to December 2016.”  The statement added that  government would consider accepting a reasonable amount above the target to build buffers which would be used to reduce borrowing. Government explained it aims at continuing the objective of lengthening its debt maturity profile by reducing short-term borrowing, while issuing the 91 and the 182-day bonds weekly.  According to the statement and per the new calendar, 60 million cedis will be issued every 2 weeks for the 1-Year Note, through the primary auction.  The first and third Mondays of each would settlements being made. While the , the 2-Year Note will be issued monthly through the primary auction with settlement occurring on the second Monday of each month.  Meanwhile, the 3, 5 and 10-Year issues will be done through the book-building method, with settlement on the last Monday of each month.  An amount of GH¢400 million for the 5-Year Bond will be raised this month through reopening of the existing 5-year Bond at a coupon rate of 24.75% with maturity at 19th July 2021, and settlement on 29th August, 2016.  The statement  forecasts that the 1 billion cedi 5-Year Bond for scheduled for next month, may be issued partly in a United States Dollar equivalent Bond, with settlement on 12th and 26th September, 2016 for the cedi and US Dollar Bond respectively. 
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