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Jun 23, 2018
Two persons, a mother and her child are feared dead in another boat disaster on the Volta Lake in the Brong Ahafo Region. The deceased persons were part of six passengers on board the boat which was on its way to Akuvi when the unfortunate incident occurred. According to an eyewitness, the traders were returning to Akuvi from Kakaji when the boat they were traveling on encountered a heavy storm. Four of the passengers were rescued by residents around the Volta Lake but unfortunately the woman and her daughter drowned. Body of the deceased child  has been retrieved but residents are still searching for the remains of the mother, according to Ocansey.  
Jun 23, 2018
The Progressive People's Party (PPP) have called on President Mahama to apologise to Ghanaians and resign as President of the Republic of Ghana over the controversial ford expedition gift presented to him the Burkinabe contractor. According to the party President Mahama has brought shame and embarrassment to Ghana. Their call follows the revelation that he [President Mahama] accepted a car gift worth over $100, 000 from a Burkinabe contractor, allegedly to influence him.  Djibril Kanazoe, the Burkinabe contractor, has admitted giving President Mahama a Ford Expedition vehicle, for which the President called to thank him.  At a press conference held at the party's headquarters today, the National Chairman, Nii Ayittey Brew Hammond said ''The President must take immediate steps to redeem his image and that of the country.'' The party further started, ''We, therefore demand the following from the President: 1. An immediate apology to the good people of Ghana for bringing shame and embarrassment to our dear country. 2. The publication of his assets declaration forms completed before and after he became a Member of Parliament, Minister of State, Vice President and as President of the Republic.  3. Submit himself to a public enquiry to allow for a full public disclosure on the circumstances that led to the award of the two contracts and the giving of the gift therefrom.  4. The President should admit his inability to lead the anti-corruption crusade and therefore refuse to contest for re-election on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress. 5. The President must put a freeze on the award of contracts in this election year until a new administration takes over in January 2017. The PPP is giving notice that an administration that justifies such "gift" taking cannot be trusted to give clean contracts during an election year so it will not accept any new contracts given by this administration when it assumes power in 2017. ''We believe these and many others will help redeem the massively dented image of the Presidency which has been infected in the many cases of bribery and corruption,'' it concluded.
Jun 23, 2018
Afro pop music act born Gideon Adu-Gyamfi known in showbiz as NY,  has in an interview with Sokoohemaa revealed why he parted ways with his former music star, Paa Kwasi Aryeh a.ka. Peekay. The break up is  shocking as the music duo on April 13th 2016, vowed to stick together as they said nothing could stand in between them as a music group. ''We have crossed through the turbulence as a group for many years. We are now set to thrill the music loving people of Ghana and the world at large with the very best of Ghanaian music so our fans should expect nothing but the best from us,'' Peekay told host on the show on April in an interview. But speaking in an exclusive interview with Sokoohemaa almost three months after they promised to stay together, the group is no more. NY said. According to NY, a lot of indifference's was going on between the two but efforts to resolve the differences, proved futile. Currently i am re-branding myself as an artiste, he told Sokoohemaa Friday on Rainbow Radio. ''We had a lot of issues going on between us but we decided not talk about it in the media. For the past three years,  we've been trying to resolve our differences; I personally complained about it for so long but all to all no avail. So i decided to go solo,'' he stated failing to give exact reasons for their separation. NY told Sokoohemaa that as part of his re-branding, he shaved his locks which he had kept for almost nine years. He added, keeping the locks will not make him look original, hence the reason to shave it off. ''I wanted to look original as a solo artiste. The locks was a brand for Double but because am no more with the group, i have to be myself.'' As a solo artiste, NY has released three hit tracks which are both enjoying massive airplay. The tracks are 'Maye Yawa', 'Give Thanks' and 'Ob3 Taazin' which is the latest. The artiste is currently working on his 'Ob3 Taazin's' video. NY is a graduate of NIIT and until double went their separate ways, they had worked together as a duo over 15 years with hit tracks like 'WALAI TALAI' , and 'Good Mood'. 
Jun 23, 2018
Calls for a legal instrument to regulate activities of the mobile money industry is intensifying as more Parliamentarians have added their voice to the advocacy. Member of Parliament for Suhum Constituency, Hon. Opare Addo in an exclusive interview with our parliamentary correspondent, Naa Darkuah Dodoo said, despite the advantages the sector brings, there should be a law to regulate it. He said mobile money is a spine of technological advancement with enormous benefits including job creation, widening of financial inclusion, developing the culture of deposits, and moping up of excess liquidity for the financial sector. But there are several issues based on which some of us have called for legal framework to regulate activities of the sector. According to him, the law guiding the mobile money operations currently is an administrative guidelines which he added, makes enforcement difficult. He opined that, the major setback that hit the micro finance sector was as a result of the lack of enforcement of the administrative guidelines, ''therefore there is the need for us to adopt a better regulatory framework where we will bring all these entities under that law.'' He added, some of them have called for Parliament to consider adopting activities of the mobile money sector into the current banking and depositors bill before them to help regulate their operations. Hon. Opare Addo indicated, the operations can be used to fund terrorism and other criminal activities, as well as money laundering, thus Parliament should consider the legal framework before the worst happens. The 1 percent levy on the mobile money transfer he stressed is expensive hence the reason why they have proposed for a legal framework to regularize operations of the mobile money sector. Hon. Afenyo Markin, Member of Parliament (MP), for Effutu Constituency in an interview with Rainbow Radio on Thursday raised the same concerns. According to him, despite the benefits Ghanaians are gaining from the service, it will be important to regulate them. He told Kwabena Agyapong that, if we fail to do that, the operations could be used to organize high rated crimes. He urged the Bank of Ghana to bring to Parliament a legal framework, so Parliamentarians support them in approving of it. 
Jun 23, 2018
The Presidential candidate of the Convention People's Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet according to John Osei, Head of Finance and Administration of the Youth League of the party, expressed his personal opinion on the Burkinabe ford expedition vehicle presented to President John Dramani Mahama, by Djibril Kanazoe. The Youth League of the Nkrumahist party have joined the league of critics calling on President Mahama to resign from office for breaching his own code of ethics and the constitution of the Republic of Ghana by accepting the controversial gift. But the flagbearer of the CPP in an interview with the media said, he sees nothing wrong with President Mahama receiving a gift from a Burkinabe contractor after he had been awarded two contracts from government. “I don’t have a feeling that there is a breach of protocol or conflict of interest” ,he explained. He dismissed talks about impeaching president John Mahama as ridiculous after two lawyers argued that the president has breached Article 284 of the Constitution. However, the Youth League of the party said, the position taken by the presidential candidate does not represent the position of the CPP. ''Mr Ivor Greenstreet is only expressing his personal opinion on the issue and no one begrudge him  for doing that. He is absolutely at liberty to do that. But we the youth consider it as a gift and a bribe and that is why we are saying, President Mahama should resign honourably. This is not a mere joke. If the President does not resign, we will hit the streets with a mammoth demonstration against him.'' Speaking in an interview with Kwabena Agyapong on the morning show on Rainbow Radio, John Osei said ''We can not allow this level of corruption to go on in this country. We call on all well meaning Ghanaians to join us to 'force' the President to resign.'' He explained that the President has breached his own code of ethics and the 1992 constitution by accepting the gift. He said, the President has brought his office into public ridicule and embarrassed the entire state. ''This is not something we should allow...He has breached his own code of ethics. He has not upheld the Constitution of Ghana. He has involved himself in bribery and he is not fit for the Presidency. He should honourably resign, that's all we are saying.'' He added, ''The President was in the position of awarding a contract to that same man in the same year. This is a conflict of interest. President Mahama has escape a lot  scandals and this time around, we will not allow the President to continue to be on the state. After you have accepted this bribe, you called the man and thanked him- This is not something we should allow.''                                     
Jun 23, 2018
The entire nation has been mourning with President John Dramani Mahama over the passing of his 85 year old mother, Abiba Nnaba. Presidential candidates from the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Nana Akufo Addo and Dr. Henry Lartey among other dignitaries have extend their condolences to the first family. Former President Jerry John Rawlings and the Rawlings have also paid a call on the President following the demise of his mother. Amidst the condolences to the first family, eight year old (8) daughter of President Mahama has asked President Mahama to smile although he's lost the mother because ''you have me'', she told President Mahama. In a tweet, President recounted how the 8 year old daughter consoled him with the soothing words. “Smile! You lost your mother, but you have me” Farida told her daddy.  
Jun 23, 2018
Two Bulgarians who allegedly cloned ATM cards and succeeded in withdrawing money from the accounts of customers of some banks have been arrested by the police.   The suspects — Nikolay Petev Nedyalkov, 24, and Petar Petrov Yardanov, 33 — are suspected to have been living in Ghana for some years.     They are said to have withdrawn cash from the bank accounts of the victims with the cloned ATM cards using the ‘Gh-link platform’.   Gh-link is a national ATM card that enables users to use the same card at ATM points of different banks. This service, which was launched in November 2012, is to interconnect banks in Ghana by the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems.   Petition   Briefing journalists, the Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, Commissioner of Police Mr Prosper Agblor, said the police started tracking the activities of the suspects following reports from one of the affected banks.   He said the management of Prudential Bank Ghana, on December 7, 2015, petitioned the CID concerning complaints it had received from some of its customers about a series of unauthorised ATM withdrawals from their accounts using the Gh-link platform.    Following the report, he said, preliminary investigations revealed that the data on customers' ATM cards were harvested at an ATM farm at Korle Bu.   A team of police investigators who visited the ATM farm found that the CCTV cameras installed at the ATMs of the various banks had been removed, making it difficult to find out those who had used the machines.   Mr Agblor said while investigations were ongoing, a member of staff of Prudential Bank alerted the bank to an unauthorised withdrawal of GH¢140 from his account through an ATM at the bank’s head office about 4:30 p.m. on June 6, 2016.   Immediately, he said a team of experts was dispatched to examine the CCTV installed close to the ATM.   The CCTV footage, he said, revealed a fair young man on a motorbike suspected to be behind the unauthorised withdrawal, leading to the mounting of a search for him.   About two hours later, he said, Nedyalkov was spotted on his motorbike at the Prudential Bank head office ATM and identified as the man who had been seen in the CCTV footage.    Mr Agblor said the suspect was immediately arrested by the staff of the bank and handed over to the police.   Retrieved items    He said a search on him led to the retrieval of 24 ATM cards suspected to have  been cloned, four pink sticker sheets with numbers written on them suspected to be the corresponding pin codes of the ATM cards and six ATM printout receipts with amounts between GH¢140 and GH¢280.        Some of the suspected cloned ATM cards   Later, he said the police recovered a Honda motorbike, two laptops which had a cloning software installed on them, one hard drive, two routers and 10 dismantled CCTV cameras when a search was conducted in Nedyalkov’s house.   They also found a projector, some electrical tools, a piece of paper with a combination of numbers suspected to be ATM pin codes and a suspected cloned ATM card similar to the ones captured by the bank's ATM.    However, Mr Agblor said Yardanov, who was Nedyalkov’s accomplice, escaped when the police went to his house at East Legon to search it, but was arrested at his hideout at Dzorwulu on June 8, 2016.   He said the two were currently assisting the police with investigations.    Source: Graphiconline
Jun 23, 2018
It was a sight to behold at the burial ceremony of the late Richmond Osei Tawiah, a 23 year old, footwear dealer at Koofrom in Kumasi, Ashanti Region- reported  to have  been beaten to death on suspicion that  he was  a criminal by the police.  The deceased was buried with an axe, a machete, a bullet and sharp knife on Thursday. Other items added to the mortal remains of the deceased included, eggs, sponge, a pair of shoes, a cap, a broom and pepper. Family of the deceased since the death of their son, have accused the three officers who were arrested in connection to the death of the deceased of manhandling  him, a situation they argues caused his death. They have also shot down an autopsy report claiming that the deceased died as a result of heart attack. Speaking with Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio, grandmother of the deceased, Maame Konadu said they have travelled far and near to seek spiritual assistance to establish the true cause of death. According to her, all the items the deceased was buried with, are all directions given them by the priests they consulted. She said, they want the truth to be established as to who killed their son. The spirit of the bereaved she said will avenge his death on behalf of the family. ''One of my children is a traditional priest- and he went on a spiritual search and was told that the deceased did not die a natural death. So we added all these offensive weapons so he [deceased] is able to avenge his painful death. We want his killers to own up so we can forgive them but because they have failed to do so, we want our son to avenge his death.'' When asked why she did not let sleeping dogs lie considering her christian background, she said, ''I left everything to God, but my children and grandchildren went to seek spiritual help and i fully support them. He did not die a natural death and for that reason, we will continue to invoke more curses until the truth is exposed.'' Maame Konadu stressed, the items they buried their loved one with will surely work and has dared anyone who thinks otherwise to wait and see the end results. Meanwhile, Nana Appiah Afriyie, Otumfour's traditional priest explaining the rituals said, the axe, machete and the sharp knife was placed in the coffin so the deceased will use it attack anyone who played a key role in his death. He added, the broom is expected to wipe the entire generation of those who 'killed' the deceased. When asked if the curses will work, he said ''yes if only bereaved family consulted a powerful deity. However, those involved to evoke the curses invoked on them.'' According to him, the battle is now a spiritual one and it will not be surprising if the alleged killers seek spiritual help. Nana Appiah Afriyie said he will reverse the curse if it turns out that the police indeed killed the deceased. He said, the police are to maintain law and order and in their line of duty, such things are bound to happen.  
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