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Mar 20, 2018
The Ashanti regional chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Antwi Bosiako popularly referred to as chairman Wontumi, has sent a clear message to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), that the NPP is poised for victory come 2016. The fire brand chairman of the NPP stated that although the NDC has delayed the victory of the party, come 2016 the situation would be different because the NPP is firm and poised for victory. “My message to the NDC is that they may have delayed our victory, but they cannot stop us (an NPP victory) in 2016.’’ Chairman Wontumi indicated that the NPP under Nana Addo, would turn the fortunes of Ghana because the NDC government led by President Mahama has destroyed the legacies left by former President Kuffour. He said the corruption and mismanagement and the incompetence exhibited by the NDC, is unprecedented and should Ghanaians keep them in power again, then we would be heading to a difficult time. “If the NDC had not set out, when they won power in 2009, to destroy what President Kufuor had built, there is no way you will find the spectre of hundreds of young men and women walking the streets without jobs.’’ Chairman Wontumi indicated that the  economic mismanagement, enterprise failures, widespread unemployment, high cost of living, unaffordable utility tariffs, rampant corruption, and crises in health and education systems are as a result of the poor management by the NDC government since the assumed the Presidency. He said “If Ghana is to develop, it cannot be under the rule of President Mahama. Ghana is endowed with mineral resources like gold, bauxite, manganese, diamond, cocoa and an abundance of human resources. We now produce oil in commercial quantities, and yet still we are worse off as a nation’’. Chairman Wontumi was hopeful that the fortunes of this country would turn around, if Ghanaians work hard enough to see Nana Addo clinch victory in 2016, “if we are able to work hard and ensure that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo becomes President of Ghana, that will be the only way to bring massive development to Ghana, as well as improve the wellbeing of Ghanaians.” He asked Ghanaians to consider the current situation and kick out the NDC government out of power come 2016, he also called on the NDC to prepare for their defeat come 2016 since the NPP is this time around coming in strong and formidable. He has therefore admonished party executives and supporters to see to it that, victory becomes possible for the party come 2016. Chairman Wontumi was addressing party supporters in Kumasi as part of Nana Addo’s ‘Rise and Build’ tour.
Mar 20, 2018
The deputy regional secretary of the ruling NDC for the Volta region has said that the involvement of Nana Addo in the modern day politics of Ghana is a recipe for disaster. Mustapha Bandi stated that the NPP under the leadership of the NPP has not been the best since his style of leadership has not augur well for the party. He said ‘’Nana Addo in person is a good man as Nana Addo, but I can assure you, as long as Nana Addo is in involve in our political history… Nana Addo’s involvement in the bid for presidential contest is a recipe for disaster, am serious, Nana Addo’s involvement in modern politics is recipe for disaster’’. Mustapha insisted that although Nana Addo is a good and intelligent man, his political nature and being is different from his personal attitude. He stated further that, ‘’when you see a politician, the politician has a his personal in make and has a posture as a politician, the politician Nana Addo is not Nana Addo alone and am saying…as long as Nana continues to involve himself… (In politics) his direction of leadership is weak, indecisive, his members are saying it’’. Mustapha Bandi explained that the NPP currently is destroyed by the actions of its presidential candidate and that alone ‘’affirms the destructive nature of Nana Addo’s political being’’. He alleged that, the people who are following Nana Addo are ill advising him and leading him to a disastrous end and also a threat to National Security. The deputy regional secretary alleged also that the people leading Nana Addo are planning to   plunge the country into a state of anarchy. He said this should not be encouraged and has admonished Ghanaians to resist any attempt by the NPP destabilize the country. Speaking with Kwame Tutu, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Mustapha Bandi emphasized that Nana Addo in politics today would a serious threat to the peace and stability of this country.
Mar 20, 2018
The much awaited prestigious Radio and Television Personality Award (RTP) comes off today at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), with over 40 Radio and TV personalities expected to pick various awards for their outstanding performance over the last year. The RTP which is organized by Big Events Ghana has for the past five years honoured some outstanding Radio and TV Personalities for their outstanding performances on Radio and TV. The awards ceremony has grown to become the most prestigious platform for both TV and Radio presenters to be recognize for their contribution to the industry. The RTP platform also encourages practitioners in the industry to aim for gold and achieve greater heights in their work. This year’s event has been tipped to be exciting and glamorous with bigger expectation from the previous years. Organizers of the event have indicated that the overall winner would benefit from an all-expense paid trip to any country of his or her choice. As usual Rainbow Radio’s Aygemang Prempeh got nominations for the Radio Entertainment Show Host and Radio Gospel Show Host of the year respectively, Quophi Okyeame has been nominated for the Late Afternoon Show Host of the year whiles Professor Collins has also been nominated for the Radio DJ of the year category. To make sure Rainbow Radio wins more awards, text RTP Aygemang Prempeh to 1446 to win the Entertainment Show Host of the year, for him to win the Gospel Show Host of the year, text RTP Aygemang GS to 1446. To make sure that Quophi Okyeame win the Late Afternoon Show Host of the year, text RTP Okyeame top 1446 and ensure that Professor Collins wins the Radio DJ of the year award, text RTP Prof. Collins to 1446.                                         
Mar 20, 2018
General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has indicated that the party (NDC) is prepared to face any of the disqualified candidate in court if the need arises most especially those who were disqualified based on some alleged corruption scandal. Addressing the media after the two day vetting exercise within the Greater Accra region, the chief scribe for the NDC said ‘’we are a party that is fighting corruption, we have also adopted a position, that even though the 1992 constitution indicates that, you must be convicted before they is a case against you for disqualification, we think that in some of the cases we are the sitting government, so if the state is pursuing you for any corrupt act, the managers of the affairs of the state that is the NDC government cannot from another angle be sponsoring   you to become clean in that party’’. The General Secretary explained further that, the party advised all aspirants ‘’who is on interdiction has been asked to withdraw in his own interest or face our disqualification’’. ‘’We are prepared to face such people in court, if they come and they want to tell us that the court says conviction and they have not been convicted so why have we disqualified them, we are prepared to argue our cases in court, because we are a political organization as well as a bigger organization and we believe in principles’’ he added.      
Mar 20, 2018
The General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), has indicated that President Mahama may to have to gain over 50%  votes, to lead the party as the Presidential Candidate in the 2016 Presidential Elections. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah explained that the members of the party would have to still endorse the candidature of John Mahama, as the Presidential Candidate although we know he may be going unopposed. “We all know that President Mahama may go unopposed. I am saying may go unopposed because we have not finished the procedures and even if he does, the presidential primaries will still take place in which case we will open the polling stations and then the ballot paper will be made like a referendum paper, yes and no.”     Johnson Asiedu Nketiah explained further that “those who want him [President Mahama] to go will vote yes, the party members who don’t want him to go will vote no. At the end of the day if we are able to get more than 50 percent of NDC members endorsing the president to proceed then he will be declared the NDC [Presidential] candidate.” “In the event that we are unable to get more than 50 percent endorsing the president’s candidature, then we are back to square one where we will announce the opening of nominations and then new candidates will file and then we will continue,” he added. In the last few weeks, the party’s branch youth organizer in Oyarifa, Mr. George Boateng expressed interest in contesting President Mahama, but he could not make his way through after he failed to meet the party’s requirements. Sources within the party have revealed that, the President may get over 50% of the vote required to affirm his candidature. Some party executives have also declared their unflinching support for the President ahead of the primaries.  
Mar 20, 2018
Private legal practitioner and law lecturer at the Central University College (CUC), Yaw Oppong has disagreed with suggestions that the latest Anas investigative piece has dented the image of Ghana’s judiciary. He said that the video is an allegation and until proven otherwise, the implicated judges remain innocent. He explained that it would be improper for anyone to suggest that, the alleged corruption scandal captured on tape by the Tiger Eye Team makes the judiciary corrupt. Lawyer Oppong argued that, the constitution of Ghana allows the implicated judges the opportunity to go through due process, to determine whether the so-called allegation leveled against them can indeed implicate them. He said, Ghanaians cannot condemn the judges for any wrong doing until they have been taking through all the available processes provided for in the constitution of Ghana. He indicated that the video should rather encourage us to do better, because the judiciary as an institution is doing well in the discharge of its duties and therefore an alleged corrupt or scandal captured on tape should not be used to measure the judiciary as a bad institution. The law lecturer said that if they is anybody who needs to be laughed at, it should be the politician who is stealing our resources to benefit their interest rather than laughing at the judges who have been captured on camera for allegedly taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases they were presiding over. Lawyer Yaw Oppong insisted that the 34 judges who have been implicated, remains innocent until it is proven otherwise beyond all reasonable doubt.
Mar 20, 2018
The leadership of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has called on their members to exercise further restraints till the leadership meets with government over their unpaid arrears and other issues affecting their members. In a statement signed by their vice-president Mr. Eric Agbe- Carbonu, the association were to meet government today to finalize negotiations over a ten day moratorium agreed upon by both parties relating to the outstanding grievances of teachers. The statement said, ‘’following the ten-day moratorium agreed upon by the parties to the negotiations relating to the outstanding grievances of teachers′ it is expected that the outcome of the ten days of discussion should be made known to Ghanaians by close of day tomorrow 10th October, 2015.’’ ‘’Admittedly, various steps have been taken by various stakeholders to get the issues resolved within the time. Some meetings have also taken place at various leveIs to get the matter resolved within the given time, unfortunately, it appears the efforts made so far have not been able to provide the parties with adequate assurances to seeing an end to the issues’’ the statement added. According to the leadership of NAGRAT, the delay in the arrears and other related issues is as a result of poor data collection and entry at the Ghana Education Service. NAGRAT has therefore requested that their members  remain calm and exercise further restraints until the meeting scheduled for Tuesday the 13th October, 2015 is held to determine the final outcome and way forward. ‘’This meeting will determine whether a solution will be found or deadlock will be declared, NAGRAT therefore call on all teachers to exercise further restraints as we await the outcome of the scheduled meeting. As teachers we are all committed to seeing an end to the issues on Arrears non-Payment, Incremental credits arrears, transfer grant and other allowances as well as issues on our conditions of service"        
Mar 20, 2018
His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has said that, the latest judicial scandal has not only affected them but all segments of our society. He said the Anas’s video has indeed affected all the various arms of government including the media. ‘’This menace affects all segments of our society. The Executive, the legislature, the media, the judiciary, traditional rulers, health facilities and indeed the list is endless’’. President Mahama indicated that the judges since the video was released, have provoked a lot of debate among the public with the judges been ridiculed even in chop bars, restaurants and food joints.  “The Anas video has provoked all kinds of salacious conversations and discussions both in private and in the media, and our judges regrettably have become the butt of jokes in chop bars and restaurants.” According to the President, although some judges were captured on camera taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases there were presiding over, there are equally good ones who were outstanding and refused to be compromised, therefore it gives us hope as a country that there are still good judges within the judiciary.  He said ''two things in the present judicial affair give me cause for hope. First, I am positive and I believe that there are many judges with a high sense of integrity and this is borne out again in the same Anas investigation. Anas revealed that in the case of ten justices, he was chased out and threatened with Police arrest”. The President has also assured the CJ of his support in dealing with the matter. About 24 of the judges are been investigated for their involvement in an alleged bribery scandal which was captured on camera by the Tiger P.I Team led by ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The painstaking investigative piece took the team two years to gather. The video, Ghana in the Eyes of God; An Epic of Injustice was first premiered on the 22nd  and 23rd September, 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre, the premiere brought together members of the clergy, academia, members of the diplomatic corps and international media.    
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