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Jun 23, 2018
1. Understanding – When we were getting married (in the picture) Anni downed the cost of the ceremony by accepting a modest wedding. But the thing that struck me was that she took a red material, tied it around her neck (collar), put a belt on it and that was her dress for the ceremony. Though simple, she looked radiant. So when i was saying I DO, knowing that she would do everything in her power to make life easy for me, i said it before i was even asked to 2. Fighter – Everybody who knows Anni well knows she is a fighter; she fights for her rights, fights for what is hers.. (Agyeiwaa the Eagle) protects her family with all her foresight. Life is war obviously, and when you have a fighter on your team, you are already a winner. She fights everything or everyone that fights against me. And its beautiful how she never fights me. 3. Sacrifices – Annica had always wanted to be a lawyer. After her first degree in law, she met me, put a hold on it, to pursue an MBA with a marketing option so that she could understand and support my music business. Her long essay was in finding alternative avenues to market music. All of this was to improve my work. 4 years ago, i asked her; ‘what do u wish for in life?’ and then she said ‘i wish to be that person who supported Okyeame Kwame to be all that he wished for.’   4. Virtuous – When I met Anni 11 years ago, she was 22 years and still a virgin. For a beautiful, attractive, classy, curvy young woman to stay on this path even when she was young, I am rest assured that infidelity is not part of this argument. (m’ada koraa). If ever i see a text message on her phone that says ‘last night was great’ my reply will be ‘you have the wrong number pls’. 5. Hardworking – Most people who work with my wife always ask me “why does she send her mails at 12 midnight?” She wakes up at 4:30am to ready up the children for school. We work together, and get home averagely at 10pm. And no matter how tired she is, she is always ready to fix me food. I have sworn an oath of monogamy which makes her life peaceful during the day and ‘rigorous’ at night grin emoticon With little resistance, she lights up my soul almost every night. After all, all my energies are concentrated at one place. 6. Optimistic – My first point should tell u that Anni knows how to adjust during hard times but also knows how to ‘chop’ and enjoy during good times. Because she understands that good times with a creative man is only possible when i have a high level of peace, whenever i am troubled or distressed she knows how to calm me down. With just one sentence, she can put a smile on my face. Some of her favorite sayings; “we will get through this koraa”, and “a million years from now who’s gonna care”…..Vim ‘tins’ all the way!! 7. Home Support – She has given me two children who fleece my skin (pun intended). You should visit my home to see Anni and the kids on homework, the perfect balance of not sparing the rod and spoiling the child, literally. When I’m out there working, I know my back is covered. She doesn’t pile up their faults and ask me to come and deliver the whipping. That’s why my children love me more grin emoticon. As the bible says, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor with God. So for the same reason why people are invited to weddings to witness a confession of love, today, on our 7th anniversary, I confess the 7 reasons why i love my wife. May all of you reading this enjoy a great marriage.   Source: Okyeame Kwame    
Jun 23, 2018
Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur has called on member states of the West African Monetary Zone to urgently tackle the economic challenges facing their respective countries. He said the fall in international prices of the region’s major export commodities coupled with low portfolio inflows and the depreciation of local currencies have impacted negatively on the economies. Vice President Amissah-Arthur made the call when he opened the 35th Meeting of the Convergence Council of Ministers and Governors of Central Banks of the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) in Accra. The meeting which is being attended by Finance Ministers from the monetary zone is expected to elect a new chairman and consider the report of the 32nd Meeting of the Committee of Governors of Central Banks of the WAMZ. Vice President Amissah-Arthur said despite the adverse economic difficulties facing member states of the monetary zone, their resolve to pursue a monetary union within ECOWAS remains undaunted. “Indeed, these difficulties should rather spur us on, as a region, to move towards economic and monetary integration, which would make our economies more resilient, especially to the exogenous shocks we experienced,” he said. He said since the April 2000 decision in Accra to converge the monetary zone, substantive milestones have been achieved under the WAMZ programme. He however stated that the realisation of the vision is as remote as fifteen years ago. Vice President Amissah-Arthur further called for innovative approach by member states of the monetary zone to arrive at an acceptable convergence process by confronting the dogmatic thinking. She said given the lack of progress and the financial burden the three surveillance institutions- West African Monetary Institute (WAMI), West African Monetary Agency (WAMA) and West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management (WAIFEM), continue to pose on taxpayers, there was the need to introduce an incentive bonus for surveillance institutions that are successful and surcharge those that delay. He called for institutional innovations based on the experience of others such as the Eurozone by designing a stability mechanism, strengthening the fiscal regimes of member countries and improve information sharing and surveillance within the zone. Dr. Toga Gayewea Macintosh, Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission, expressed delight at the resumption of the Regional Integration meetings following the temporary suspension as result of the Ebola epidemic in some member countries. He said despite the difficulties facing member states, the financial systems within the zone remained sound and resilient. He called on countries within the monetary zone to implement prudent fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policies and also adopt measures at enhancing revenue.   Source: GNA    
Jun 23, 2018
Islamic State militants in Syria are said to have abducted 400 civilians during a bloody assault on the eastern city of Deir al-Zour. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition monitoring body, said people were taken from areas in the north-west of the city. The report from the London-based group could not be independently verified. At least 135 people were killed in the attack on Deir al-Zour, the Observatory reported earlier. It said 85 of them were civilians and 50 were pro-government fighters. Syrian state media put the toll even higher, saying about 300 civilians had died. IS launched its attack with suicide bombers, followed by a ground assault. Syrian government forces retaliated with air strikes and heavy artillery. The Russian air force has been dropping humanitarian aid for civilians trapped in the city as well as reportedly carrying out air strikes in the vicinity. The UN recently warned of "sharply deteriorating" conditions in parts of Deir al-Zour, one of a number of towns under siege as a result of Syria's five-year civil war. 'Crucified and beheaded' The civilians were taken from the suburb of Balighia and other areas in the north-west of the city, and moved towards the IS stronghold of Raqqa, the Observatory said. All of those abducted are Sunni Muslims, it added. IS is itself a Sunni Islamist group which persecutes Shia Muslims and non-Muslims in areas under its control. During Saturday's attack, the militants crucified and beheaded some of those they killed, according to Syrian state media. The Observatory estimates that IS now controls around 60% of the city but some 200,000 people are living under siege in government-held areas. Small amounts of basic supplies have been delivered by helicopter or air drops but the UN says there is a dire shortage of food and medicine, and widespread malnutrition. Unverified reports suggest a number of people have starved to death there, the BBC's Middle East correspondent, Jim Muir, reports. What's happening in Syria? More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in almost five years of conflict, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a brutal civil war. More than 11 million others have been forced from their homes as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and rebels opposed to his rule battle each other - as well as jihadist militants from Islamic State. Why are civilians under siege? All parties to the conflict are using siege warfare, encircling populated areas, preventing civilians from leaving and blocking humanitarian access in an attempt to force opponents to surrender. Shortages of food, water, medicine, electricity and fuel have led to malnutrition and deaths among vulnerable groups. Where are the sieges? Government forces are besieging various locations in the eastern Ghouta area, outside Damascus, as well as the capital's western suburb of Darayya and the nearby mountain towns of Zabadani and Madaya. Rebel forces have encircled the villages of Foah and Kefraya in the northern province of Idlib, while IS militants are besieging government-held areas in the eastern city of Deir al-Zour. Source BBC
Jun 23, 2018
Ahead of Manchester United's Super Sunday clash with Liverpool, David de Gea gives a rare interview in English to Sky Sports' Patrick Davison, declaring his desire to stay with the 20-time top flight champions and become a club icon...   It felt like a massive moment, the Theatre of Dreams coming alive as Anthony Martial burst past Martin Skrtel and then, after a split-second of calm, erupting as the 19-year-old slotted the ball past Simon Mignolet with all the coolness you'd expect from the 'new Thierry Henry'.   By the time he was done, Liverpool were beaten, the Premier League had a new star and Old Trafford had a new hero, but there was another huge story that day. In fact, there was another huge story in the warm-up.   That story was the return of David de Gea and the ear-splitting reception he received from the home fans as his name was announced before kick-off.   "I cannot describe how I felt in that moment," said the Spain international, who had been ready to return to his hometown and play for Real Madrid.   "In another country, at another club, the fans would not be the same as at Manchester United. They are some of the best in the world, it was unbelievable." De Gea's move to Madrid collapsed amid administrative chaos and finger-pointing between two of the world's great clubs on deadline day - four days before the Liverpool match and at around the same time as the club were making Martial the world's most expensive teenager.   It looked, initially, like a temporary reprieve, like De Gea would be lost to Madrid on a free transfer the following summer.   But a lot has changed since then. Firstly, De Gea signed a new contract and now, even if, as many suspect, that contract contains some sort of release clause, Madrid have been banned from transfer activity for the next two windows, anyway.   They could yet make a move in the last couple of weeks of January but a transfer seems unlikely. The very fact he was happy to do a rare interview in English with us for this week's Super Sunday indicates that he's settled and the club are relaxed. They and he could easily have dodged it.   "I'm happy, I'm enjoying it and I believe in the team," said De Gea, not sounding like a man on his way. In fact, when asked about the feats of Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar, he sounded like a man ready to dedicate at least the next few seasons of his career to the club.   "They were the greatest goalkeepers in the Premier League, they are legends for this club and that is what I want."   I train every day to be the best goalkeeper in the world, that is my aim.   In keeping De Gea, United clung on to a man close being the best in the world in his position and a man with the hunger to get even better.   "I train every day to be the best goalkeeper in the world, that is my aim," said the stopper who this week finished behind only Manuel Neuer in the voting for the FIFPro World XI.   "I'm not sure who the best is now, but it's what I want. Also, to win trophies for Manchester United."   It's easy to forget now that De Gea's early days at United were dogged by high-profile errors and criticism. He thought about leaving back then, at a time when there wouldn't have been anything like the same clamour for him to stay.   "The early days were difficult, there were some moments when I thought, 'This is not the place for me, I need to go back to Spain'," said De Gea, talking of a time when a mistake against Blackburn back in 2011 cost his team the game and him his place in the side.   "But I worked hard, in the gym and on the pitch. And I fight, I fight a lot."   Quique Sanchez Flores made David de Gea his No 1 goalkeeper at Atletico Madrid The hard work and the fight paid off. De Gea has been United's Player of the Year in each of the last two seasons. He's excelled at a time when the club have been in transition and the team underperforming.   That's why last time against Liverpool was so huge. United hadn't just gained a new hero, they'd kept an old one.   It looked like he'd gone but David de Gea stayed. On Super Sunday, Liverpool will have to find a way past him. Source Skysports
Jun 23, 2018
Students of the Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) in Takoradi, will now have the freedom to study as measures have been taken to rid the school of bed bugs that recently invaded the school. The presence of bed-bugs is reported to have forced authorities of Mawuli and Keta Senior High Schools in Volta Region to postpone re-opening after the Christmas holiday. The Senior House Master of Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) expressed gratitude to the Old Giants Association of the academic facility for ridding the environment of bed bugs. Mr Mensah said the fumigation exercise has brought relief to students and the school authorities, thereby facilitating teaching and learning. The Senior House Master lauded the engineering mechanism used by Jem Intercontinental Services Ghana, the contractors, to rid the school of the blood sucking insects. Mr Mensah attributed the bugs infestation to lack of discipline on the part of students and congestion. The Old Giants Association initiated a massive fumigation exercise led by Mr. John Tsimese, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jem Intercontinental Services Ghana Limited. The estimated GH₵66, 000.00 fumigation exercise was sponsored by the old Giants with the school contributing GH₵ 9,000.00. Mr Tsimese, the CEO of the Fumigation Company said unsanitary conditions was mainly the cause of the problem. He could not fathom why heaps of rubbish were left in the dormitories. The CEO of Jem Intercontinental Services Ghana therefore prayed the school authorities to step up discipline and institute regular cleaning of the environment to avoid a reoccurrence of the phenomenon. Master Kariya Sharif, a General Arts student of House Five  told the GNA: “We can now have a good night sleep and wake up with fresh energy to learn.” He said students would have to step up discipline and institute regular cleaning of the environment to avoid the incident from happening again.   Source: GNA  
Jun 23, 2018
A corridor of snow has swept across parts of the UK, with many people in south-east England seeing their first fall of the season. The band of snow moved through western Scotland, north-west England, the Midlands, and south-east England. Parts of rural Scotland dropped to -10C (14F) for a second night. A Met Office yellow warning to "be aware" of snow and ice remains in place, with drivers being warned to take care on the roads. BBC Weather's Ben Rich said the snow was not expected to stay around at low levels for too long, as milder air from the west pushed in. He said overnight temperatures in Kinbrace in the Scottish Highlands fell to -11.8C (10.8F). In Scotland, all five snow sports centres have been able to open their slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Climbers and hill walkers, however, were warned that the risk of avalanches in Scotland's highest hills and mountains was "considerable". A 24-year-old man was injured in a snowboarding accident in England's Lake District on Saturday. Seventeen rescuers were called out to the Keppel Cove area near Helvellyn mountain, and had to wade through snow drifts above waist height to get to the man. A coastguard helicopter had to turn back because of bad weather, and the man was pulled off the fells on a sledge before being taken to hospital. All areas of the UK are affected by the Met Office's yellow "be aware" warnings for either ice or snow or both, except Wales, Northern Ireland, the Grampian region , and the islands of Orkney and Shetland. The warnings are currently in place until mid-morning on Sunday. There are three categories for warnings - red, amber and yellow - with red the most severe. The Met Office said clear skies allowed temperatures to fall widely to below freezing making untreated footpaths and cycle paths turn icy. Source BBC
Jun 23, 2018
Head Porters in Kumasi have donated GHC 5, 000 at the fund raising ceremony held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium by the opposition New Patriotic Party on Saturday. According to the Association of Head Porters, the donation was to ensure that the presidential candidate, Nana Addo raises enough funds towards his campaign. Several members of the group who live within the Dagomba line slums in Afful Nkwanta exactly a week ago Saturday had their shacks razed down by fire rendering them homeless. The Association led by their leader popularly known as Hajia Adiza Zongo Pioneer alleged on radio that the fire was a plan arson perpetuated by some members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) as revenge for the head porters who had announced their intension of joining the fund raising ceremony. Presenting the cash to the party, Hajia Adiza indicated that head porters of the region do not want the Flag bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to go begging for money. "We don’t want Nana Addo to go for any money to end up in the Woyome Saga,” she announced in the local dialect. Minority MPs from the constituency donated GHC 50, 000 at the ceremony. However, the regional secretary of the elephant family in the region, in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem have requested for the accounts number of the party to donate into it whenever they want to. He emphasized the party has achieved its aim for organising the fundraising ceremony. Mr. Sam Pyne indicated that it takes the contributions of every party member to sustain the NPP hence the decision of the party to occasionally hold such fundraising activities. He said it is their expectation that other regions will emulate their example.      
Jun 23, 2018
 The international nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, says Iran has put in place all the measures necessary to start implementing the nuclear deal, paving the way for the lifting of sanctions. Director General Yukiya Amano said it was "an important day for the international community". The agency's inspectors on the ground had verified that Iran had carried out the measures required, he said. A deal between Iran and world powers was agreed in July last year. Lifting the international sanctions on Iran would unfreeze billions of dollars of assets and allow Iranian oil to be sold internationally. As part of the deal, Iran had to drastically reduce its number of centrifuges and dismantle a heavy-water reactor near the town of Arak, both of which could be used in creating nuclear weapons.   Iran has always maintained its programme is peaceful, but opponents of the deal - such as some US Republicans - say it does not do enough to ensure the country cannot develop a nuclear bomb. Source: BBC
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