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Jul 20, 2018
The load shedding committee has officially announced an end to the exercise after years of erratic power outages. Briefing the press on Wednesday, the chairman of the committee, Chairman of the Load shedding Management Committee and CEO of the Ghana Grid Network (GRIDCO) William Amuna, said this was due to achievement to the coming on stream of a number of power generation plants. According to him, Ghanaians for over a month now had enjoyed stable power which is due to the achievement chalked. Mr. Amuna said:  “I’d want to confirm here that close to a month now, we have not called for any load to be shed in the country. Normally, GRIDCO would have to make a study, look at the demand and supply situation and inform the load management committee, then ECG will be called upon to execute the load that will be shed. But I’m happy to say that close to a month now the document GRIDCO sends to the load management committee indicates load shedding; zero for ECG, zero for NEDCO and zero for industry which means that we are not shedding load at all.’’ He however said some arears may experience outages due to some few challenges but that should be much of a problem or bother to consumers because we currently have 6% more in supply than what we need. ‘’Once in a while you may have your area going off but that does not mean we don’t have enough supply. Presently, we have close to 6% more than what we need.’’ GRIDCO in a statement last year denied claims by the immediate past Power Minister Kwabena Donkor that load shedding was over. The statement noted, the exercise was not over despite the significant gains made. Mr. William Amuna explained TYCO  – 110MW [commissioned and supplying power into the system],Karpower project – 225 MW, and the TROJAN project –  25MW [At Tema and running on diesel] are the power generation plants helping to achieve this feat. Meanwhile ongoing projects including 220MW Kpone thermal power project, 260MW Sunon Asogli project [Very close to commissioning], 38MW VRA TT2PP expansion project [Close to commissioning] Ameri project [Start injecting first phase of 100MW on Thursday] 20MW Solar plant ‘’will be feeding into the national grid very soon.”      
Jul 20, 2018
Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo has pleaded with residents of the Nsawam community to vote him as president of the Republic of Ghana come November, 7 since he will not let them down. The former justice minister was speaking to constituents after he had donated relief items to those who were affected by the recent blast at Nsawam. Nana Addo said Ghanaians are currently experiencing extreme hardship and difficulties because the current government has failed to manage the economy well. He reiterated his readiness to provide Ghanaians a first class government devoid of corruption. Nana Addo maintained his administration will manage the economy well with realistic policies that will transform the lives of Ghanaians rather than burden them. I plead with you to trust and vote for me as your president and I promise I will not let you down. We are going to the polls on November 7 ensure that we vote out the incorruptible Mahama government and vote in a Nana Addo led administration to lead the transformational agenda of this country, Nana Addo stated. Nana Addo reiterated his pledge to introduce the Zongo Community Fund to provide sustainable livelihoods for the people He charged the constituents to also maintain Hon. Frank Annor Dompreh as the Member of Parliament for the constituency to continue with his good works.   Nana Addo donated 400 roofing sheets and 250 bags of cements to the affected victims.
Jul 20, 2018
The opposition New Patriotic Party has responded to the press conference held at the Flagstaff House yesterday. President Mahama took the opportunity yesterday to answer questions posed to him by journalist on arears including corruption, security, the infamous Guantanamo issue, taxes among others. But the NPP in a statement signed by the Director of Communications, Nana Akomea has described the press conference as ‘’a rehash of old issues and unconvincing new issues’’.   Below are details of the statement     PRESIDENT MAHAMA ENGAGES IN REHASH OF OLD ISSUES AND UNCONVINCING NEW ISSUES   The New Patriotic Party listened with interest to President Mahama's press address on Tuesday, 12th January 2016. The address is a rehash of old issues and unconvincing new issues.   POLICE   He talked about improvements in the Ghana Police Service. We commend our police for the work that they do to provide security for all of us. We also note that the Police service over the years have gone through steady improvements in terms of tooling, equipment, training and numbers, across political administrations.   GUANTANAMO DETAINEES   The President sought to assure Ghanaians that there has been no cash inducement. That, the basis for the decision to accept these former Guantanamo detainees included humanitarian grounds, Ghana’s friendship with the USA, the two former detainees were never tried , never convicted and were set to have been released six years ago, and that Ghana is not the only country to take in the detainees etc.   But there is still major worry about this decision of President Mahama. The President himself alluded to the hysteria and phobia in the Ghanaian public. Ghana takes in foreigners all the time we have established a whole community for Liberian refugees, Fulani herdsmen roam our countryside with abandon, Nigerien/Chadian refugees still beg on our streets corners and road intersections unmolested. So the widespread " hysteria and phobia"( the words of the president) over the former Guantanamo detainees must be founded on genuine apprehension, especially since it does not seem their own country, Yemen, was prepared to take them in.   We note that the President said after two (2) years, the former detainees will be free to go settle wherever they liked. So what informs their being "quarantined" in Ghana in these two (2) years? Miriam Makeba and Fela Anikulapo Kuti would be turning in their graves at the attempt by President John Mahama to equate them with these ex-Guantanamo detainees.   YOUTH EMPLOYMENT   The President mentioned that Ghana does not have the capacity to generate statistics on youth unemployment. The collaboration with the World Bank that the president is relying on for this capacity started way back in 2007. It is a shame that in 2015, that collaboration has not been finished for the system and capacity to be in place for Ghana to be able to generate labour statistics.   More importantly, the Mahama government’s attitude to youth employment is extremely disappointing. It is only in 2015, six years into this NDC administration that President Mahama launched a National Employment Policy, and even that with no implementation/ action plan. Youth employment has been left to chance. No wonder the greatest danger facing this country is the ever worsening youth unemployment situation   TEACHER/NURSING TRAINEES   The President wants us to believe that the regular enrolment of nurses trained in public institutions have suffered because of a mix up with privately trained nurses.   Question is how this mix-up has persisted for two years, leading up to nurses picketing at the Office of the President just two days ago?   Nana Akufo-Addo’s pledge to restore training allowance was described by the President as mere political talk.   President Mahama has cancelled a policy. Another politician says he will restore the policy and the President says that is a "political talk"? If that is so, President Mahama is most guilty of political talk. We remember his pooh-poohing of Nana Addo’s idea of Northern Development Fund, only to set up the corruption riddled SADA.   He also pooh-poohed the LEAP programme, describing it as just a political gimmick to win votes, now he touts it everywhere as a major government intervention.   Ghanaians all too well will remember his pooh-poohing of the free SHS and his turn around on this matter.   Nana Akufo-Addo has promised to restore teacher allowances. It can easily be done when leakages of the public purse, such as branding of public buses with the president’s picture is stopped.     MICROFINANCE The President seems to believe that the anguish over the micro finance issue particularly in the Brong Ahafo is as a result of opposition propaganda and incitement.   The President is burying his head in the sand. The anguish and deep sorrow of the thousands of Ghanaians whose monies have been endangered by these micro finance institutions is real. The people genuinely believe that public institutions under the Executive authority of the president, particularly the Bank of Ghana, have failed them.   There is no opposition incitement of the people in this matter. It is an unnecessary insult for the President to imply that the pain and anguish of Ghanaians who are in danger of losing their saving is a manipulation and incitement by some political party.   DUMSOR   What does the President mean by his predecessors didn’t "fix it”? It is an insult for the President to imply that his predecessors didn’t provide permanent additions to generation capacity of the country. The Aboadze Plant facilitated by former President Rawlings is a permanent addition to national generation capacity. Former President Kufuor’s retrofit of Akosombo added at least 100MW to Akosombo’s capacity permanently.   The West Africa Gas pipeline project, Sunon Asogli, Bui dam, etc all added hundreds of megawatts permanently to Ghana’s generation capacity.   The issue with DUMSOR is not whether a solution was permanent or not permanent. The real issue is that DUMSOR has persisted throughout John Mahama’s presidency, and that despite his numerous promises, he has failed to resolve it up to date.   UNBEARABLE TARIFFS OF PETROL The average Ghanaian consumer pays for his electricity on a prepaid basis. Tariff increases of up to 80% in 2013 were all borne stoically by the Ghanaian consumer. It is the government of Ghana, as the president admitted, that does not pay its bills.   But the real truth of the matter is that whatever Bills that we pay, the value is quickly eroded by the ever eroding value of the Cedi, (gross failure of macro-economic policy of the John Mahama government.)   President Mahama seems to be proud of his record on corruption. There is no bigger instance of him burying his head in the sand than this.   Ghana has been tagged on the cover page of an international magazine as “The Republic of Corruption”. Surveys by Afrobarometer, IEA, etc, consistently posit the office of the president as highly corrupt. This perception cannot be due merely to increased media coverage as the president seems to imply. The issues of mind boggling corruption that made possible the WOYOME affair, the Waterville affair, GYEEDA, SADA, SUBAH, Bus Branding, etc, are real.   It looks like the President believes that mere retrievals of corruptly paid public monies, without prosecution, is actually an achievement. Even here, the record is hollow. Only a fraction of GYEEDA money, for example, has been retrieved. Nothing has been retrieved from WOYOME nor Waterville nor SUBAH nor SADA etc.   The President admits that Civil/Public Servants are also engaged in corruption. But he seems to forget that the Civil/Public Service is under the executive authority of the president. It is the president who is mandated to ensure the judicious use of public resources.   Is not the President’s worried that there are too many cases of retrievals of corruptly paid out monies?   Despite what President Mahama says, Sole Sourcing is really causing major losses of tax payers’ monies.   In November 2015, a six (6) block was awarded by the Kpone Kantamanso District Assemply at 510,000 cedis (GNA report November 8, 2015). That same November, the MTN Foundation constructed a fully furnished six (6) unit classroom block, office and store in the Upper West Akyem District for 170,000cedis (GNA report November 28th 2015).   TOLERANCE   In his closing remarks, the President called for tolerance for opposing viewpoints, and the need to bring people together, etc as hallmarks of competent leadership. What a joke! Is it not the same President Mahama who recently told Ghanaians that he would not tolerate criticism unless it was from a President, and actually named former Presidents Kufuor and Rawlings as the only two people qualified to criticize him? Is this tolerance?   Did President Mahama not look on while the NDC prevented a party member from contesting him? In conclusion, we reiterate that the address is a rehash of old issues and uninspiring new issues.   We remind Ghanaians that the NDC government's performance, in its eight year, falls short not only of the expectations of Ghanaians, but falls short even by President Mahama’s own expectations as he had outlined in his first address to the nation on 18th August 2012.   …Signed… Nana Akomea   (Director of Communications)
Jul 20, 2018
Chairman for the Select Committee on Defence and MP for Ablekuma South, Hon. Fritz Baffour has chided President Mahama for failing to handle the recent Guantanamo detainees issue ‘’well’’ despite the outcry on the part of Ghanaians. The legislator in a statement posted on his official book page speaking different issues said ‘’this was an unbelievable gesture to many Ghanaians. He quizzed ‘’what in the world, would make our ruling powers take such a decision?’’ ‘’This was the question on the lips of the informed and uninformed in our society. Well, yesterday, our esteemed President in a press conference to mark the third anniversary of his assumption to the Presidency of Ghana, gave his reasons for accepting the two, deemed as terrorists by America, into our fold,’’ he noted. Hon. Fritz Baffour added ‘’President Mahama, cited moral and compassionate grounds, as well as arcane, diplomatic and top secret considerations in granting asylum to the men from the Middle East.’’ Giving his opinion on the matter he said ‘’my take on the matter is, any which way you can, Ghanaians in the main are not happy and my Government did not handle the process well, however good intentioned.’’   Below is his full statement on Facebook:   Good morning folks! We are just under two weeks into the new year and it is as if events in Ghana have shot off the starting blocks faster than Usain Bolt! Firstly, it was revealed, at the end of last week, that our Government had agreed to host for two years, two former detainees from the infamous Guatanamo Bay penitentiary which houses America's most dangerous military prisoners. The second event which also caught the headlines, was the "case of the heroic taxi driver". The media is all agog with the taxi driver who foiled an armed robbery by using his vehicle as a battering ram to push the miscreants off their motorbike as they tried to escape the crime scene. Plaudits to the taxi driver came from far and near, former President Rawlings, Vice President Amissah Arthur and Koala, the company whose employee was attacked all got in on the act in lauding the newly minted hero. I read in the papers that he has been rewarded with a new car from the aforementioned company. Our President has also promised him a house. Great largesse eh! Some amateur comedians in our midst are warning of a possible avalanche of crime fighting by taxi drivers in the hope of reaping such rewards. I join in congratulating the daring driver but believe there is an element of overkill with regards to his compensation.   The third event that comes to mind is the arrest of protesting nurses and teachers in front of Flagstaff house, home of the presidency. Twenty one aggrieved Ghanaians who feel let down by the system, go on a peaceful demonstration in a security zone and are apprehended by the police, I believe they should be cautioned and let go. I say this, because all governments in Ghana brag about their great achievements in the education and health sectors, so why the hell are we not employing qualified teachers and nurses, pronto, to man all the structures we are building!   Folks, Sometimes, one has to put the sweetness and light aside when it concerns this great country of ours. Rose tinted spectacles could lead you into a ditch. On a final note JDM smoked yesterday! Good on you chief! Till next time, be careful out there!
Jul 20, 2018
For the second consecutive year, Global Shapers Accra Hub has been selected to play a critical role at the World Economic Forum by being selected to host this year’s Shaping Davos in Accra. Accra Hub’s selection is due to its commitment to improving the state of the world over the last half-decade and contributing immensely to the discussions at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos in 2015. Shaping Davos is a concept introduced last year by the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum to connect cities from around the world to discuss topics related to the theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters. In 2015, Accra Hub was selected as one of 40 cities from 454 cities around the world picked to host the event. This year, the exclusive number of cities was reduced to 20 and Accra Hub was still selected: to be a lead city and host the first Shaping Davos event of 2016. The topic to be discussed at the conference in Accra is related to entrepreneurship; a strongsuit of members of the Accra Hub and trending topic at this year’s Annual Meeting in Davos. As a social entrepreneur who serves as digital innovation director at Impact Hub Accra for the BBG’s Office of Digital and Design Innovation; Project Lead for Shaping Davos in Accra, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, believes that this year’s Shaping Davos will be better and more informed than last year’s. “These discussions will be framed around the sustainability development goals and how entrepreneurs navigate the global landscape in achieving profitability, sustainability, public-private partnerships and advocate for enabling government policies on the African continent. We at the Accra Hub are excited to elevate the continuing discourse and convene the relevant players for actionable steps in 2016 and beyond.” The Global Shapers Community is a network of city-based Hubs developed and led by young leaders between 20 and 30 years old who want to develop their leadership potential towards serving society. Through the Global Shapers Community, Shapers are provided with opportunities to connect with the worldwide network of Global Shapers, to network with other World Economic Forum communities, and to represent the voice of youth at World Economic Forum events. The Global Shapers Community is one of several multi-stakeholder communities at the World Economic Forum. Other communities include the Young Global Leaders, the Global Agenda Councils, and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs. This year’s Shaping Davos in Accra, which will be held on Friday, 15 January 2016, will be a roundtable discussion on entrepreneurship in Accra by some of Ghana’s leading entrepreneurs and key players in the for-profit and social entrepreneurship space. In addition to Global Shapers Accra Hub, Kumasi Hub, Ho Hub, Cape Coast Hub and Tamale Hub members will participate in the event. You may follow the discussions online with the hashtags #ShapingDavos #ShapingEntrepreneurship on Facebook and Twitter.     Credit: Global Shapers
Jul 20, 2018
The Citizen Ghana Movement has sued the Attorney General WITH ‘’object of compelling her through the court to retrieve the GHC 51.2 million from Alfred Agbesi Woyome’’. According to the group, the continuous delay by the A-G in retrieving the money is unfortunate and a breach of the constitution. The statement said ‘’ as citizens we are enjoined by Article 41(f) of the Constitution to protect and preserve public property and expose and combat misuse and waste of public funds and property. And it is our belief that the Attorney General carries an equal if not higher, responsibility to protect and preserve public property, which duty involves the enforcement of the judgment of the Supreme Court against Woyome.’’ The suit filed at the Accra High Court by the leading members of CGM is: 1. with the primary object of seeking an order from the court in the nature of a mandamus, to compel the AG to immediately go into execution of the judgment of the Supreme Court. 2. Again, CGM wants the Court to order the AG to take such lawful steps to preserve the assets of Alfred Agbesi Woyome so that the hard won judgment of Hon Martin Amidu is not rendered a pyrrhic victory. Below is the full statement from the group CITIZENGHANA MOVEMENT SUES THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL WITH THE OBJECT OF COMPELLING HER THROUGH THE COURT TO RETRIEVE THE GHC51.2 MILLION FROM ALFRED AGBESI WOYOME On 29th July, 2014, in a case brought by Hon. Martin Amidu, the Supreme Court made an order against Alfred Agbesi Woyome to refund GHC51.2million back to the State. Since that date, the Attorney General (AG), who has the sole and primary responsibility to enforce this order, has failed to do so. On the 30th of March, 2015, counsel for Alfred Woyome, intimated in court that his client shall liquidate the judgment debt by the end of December 2015. On the 29th of October, 2015, CGM wrote to the AG requesting for an update on the status of the cases (both civil and criminal) against Woyome. There was no response from the AG. Consequently, CGM was compelled to do its own search and investigations to ascertain whether or not the AG had taken steps to enforce the order for refund made by the court against Woyome. The investigations revealed that no such steps had been taken. Hence, on 24th November, 2015, CGM wrote a second letter to the AG demanding that the AG immediately moves to enforce the order and to take such lawful steps to preserve the assets of Woyome. Till date, CGM has not had any response from the AG, not even one to acknowledge receipt of the two letters. It is disturbing to note that between July 2014 and December 2015, the value of the judgment debt of GHC51.2million had depreciated by GHC12.6 million. A continued delay in executing the judgment therefore means a continued depreciation of its value. As citizens we are enjoined by Article 41(f) of the Constitution to protect and preserve public property and expose and combat misuse and waste of public funds and property. And it is our belief that the Attorney General carries an equal if not higher, responsibility to protect and preserve public property, which duty involves the enforcement of the judgment of the Supreme Court against Woyome. Consequently, CGM through two of its leading members, has filed a suit at the High Court, Accra with the primary object of seeking an order from the court in the nature of a mandamus, to compel the AG to immediately go into execution of the judgment of the Supreme Court. Again, CGM wants the Court to order the AG to take such lawful steps to preserve the assets of Alfred Agbesi Woyome so that the hard won judgment of Hon Martin Amidu is not rendered a pyrrhic victory. We therefore call on all well-meaning Ghanaians including civil society organizations to support this court action as it is in the prime interest of the general public.   God bless you and God bless Ghana.
Jul 20, 2018
A 37 year old trader, Abena Konadu has been bathe with acid by her ex-lover, Philip Oppong for breaking up with him. The incident occurred at Bogoso in the Western region. Narrating her ordeal to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, the victim said the two had a little misunderstanding between them which led to their breakup on December, 24 last year. According to Abena Konadu, she decided to end the relationship because her ex-lover was abusive and also attack her at the least provocation. He always abuse me but I never complained to anyone because I taught he would change. That did not happen. The situation was getting worse so I decided to breakup with him. I have gone through an operation on several occasions, so I did not want to risk my life anymore, the victim told Nyankonton Mu Nsem. Philip Oppong according to the victim attacked her at midnight when she was preparing to the market. I woke up to set my fire to cook as I do every dawn but I saw a shadow flashed my wall then suddenly he jumped on me and poured the acid on me then he took to his heels. I had to call my brother to take me to the hospital to seek medical attention. The suspect is currently on the run.    
Jul 20, 2018
The US director of national intelligence has had several of his personal online accounts hacked, his office has confirmed. A spokesman said the matter had been "reported to the appropriate authorities", but declined to say more. As director of national intelligence, James Clapper serves as a key adviser to the US president on security matters including cyberthreats. It follows a similar cyber-attack on the CIA's director in October. The Motherboard news site reported on Tuesday that it had been contacted by a young hacker who had claimed responsibility. Motherboard reported the teenager had said he was part of the same group - Crackas With Attitude (CWA) - behind the earlier breach. Calls rerouted The youth said he had broken into Mr Clapper's personal email, his Verizon phone and internet account settings and a Yahoo email account belonging to Mr Clapper's wife. The BBC understands that Mr Clapper's office has only seen evidence that the hacker actually accessed Sue Clapper's email and the couple's family phone number. It appears that the teenager altered the phone number's settings so that calls were rerouted to a spokesman for the Free Palestine Movement, a cause the CWA says it supports. Motherboard said the hacker had also passed on what he claimed was a log of home calls Mr Clapper had recently made and received. Security blogger Graham Cluley said it was odd that no screenshots of Mr Clapper's emails had been shared if his account had indeed been breached, but added that the other evidence was still concerning. "If the details of the security breach are true then it is obviously a concern that the hacker was not only able to reroute calls made to Clapper's home, but also view the phone numbers of people calling him and access personal email accounts," he wrote.   "For that reason, it's perhaps a relief that those behind the hack were more interested in simply pranking the director of national intelligence rather than having something more menacing in mind." Source: BBC
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