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May 28, 2018
The presidential candidate for opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo- Addo has called on the Electoral Commissioner to hasten the process on voter register because the issue is a very important one. The flagbearer indicated that he was impressed with the road set up by the EC but he admonished her to hasten up the process. He added that the EC has been described by many as an open minded person but he (Nana Addo would be happy that she (Electoral Commissioner) is indeed open minded. ‘’I am hoping that what I have heard that she has an open mind on the issues that are before her table are true and that at the end of the day she is going to make up her mind based on the evidence that has been assembled to her about the register and other reforms in the system,’’ he said. Nana Addo continued, ‘’I will like to encourage her to maintain that open mind and at the same time find a way of hastening the process of making her decision, because if you decide that you are going to have a new register, it carries with it several, several steps before you get a new register, and the sooner that decision is made so that the country can be properly prepared for the 2016 elections, the better.’’ The presidential candidate also admonished Ghanaians to give the EC boss the opportunity to lead us down the right path because we all know how important the issues she has to deal with are. ‘’She’s set out a road map, I will hope is possible that road map can be quickened but for the time been I think it is right for all of us to give the opportunity to lead us hopefully the right path, because we all know how important the issues she has to deal with are, and for myself am prepared to give her the benefit.’’    
May 28, 2018
A leading member of the ruling NDC government and former MCE for Esufi Juabeng Municipality, Hon. Yaw Amoah Afrifa –Ponkoh has mocked claims by Nana Addo to gain 80% of the popular votes in Kumasi. He said that Nana Addo failed to pull even party supporters on his ‘Rise and Build’ tour, when he came to Kumasi which to him shows clearly that Nana has lost the trust of Ghanaians including his own party. The former DC indicated that Nana would be dreaming of getting 80% of the popularly vote in Kumasi. Hon. Ponkoh opined that the NDC has been able to break through the world bank of the NPP and come 2016 they would give the NPP a tough competition. He stated further that the NDC is still working very hard to gain the 1 million votes in the region and so if they (NDC) is sure of a million vote, how then can Nana Addo and the NPP gain 80% of the vote, that is a joke, he added. Hon. Ponkoh said that Nana himself is ware that he has already lost the elections and so he should just bow out from the race because if he fails to so, he would be embarrassed in 2016. According to him the NDC has done its homework in Kumasi now and in 2016 their work would be evident for everyone to see.      
May 28, 2018
President Mahama has admonished all the parliamentary aspirants who are contesting in the upcoming NDC primaries to show good faith and remain with the NDC even if they lose the primaries. President Mahama indicated that if the aspirants show good faith and rally behind all winners to campaign for the victory of the NDC, they would get an opportunity to be supported the next to the party goes to the polls. The President explained that it is God who chooses a leader and therefore if they lose, they should accept it in good faith. “…if you show faith and you come around and support the winner, the next time if you also win, everybody will come around and support you, its God who chooses leaders.” The President who was addressing parliamentary aspirants in the Western Region on Sunday, indicated that the NDC stands a better chance of winning the 2016 elections if the party is able to unite their front. He appealed to the aspirants to consider victory 2016 as their ultimate aim for the NDC.  President Mahama encouraged the aspirants to remain firm and faithful to the party, he explained that as they go out to campaign and convince the people for vote, they should remember that only one candidate would be selected but when that happens, they should not go away from the party but support all the winners for victory 2016. ‘’Everybody who is vetted and accepted will have the opportunity to campaign and you will go round and convince the people to vote for you. At the end of the process, only one person can emerge. The Constitution of Ghana says there shall be one parliamentarian for each constituency. If it said, two or three we will push all of you through but it said one. So when they vote, they will select only one and when they had selected that one, please for heaven’s sake, those who are contesting, if you lose, please come round and support the one who won,” President Mahama said. The President is in the Western Region on a two day visit ahead of the Presidential and Parliamentary Primaries slated for 7th November. 2016.
May 28, 2018
The Northern Regional Director of the Legal Aid Scheme has warned that they would lay down their tools if their condition of service is not reviewed by the end of October. According to Issah Mahmoud the regional director, government has for the past three years ignored their petitions over their conditions of service. He said they have on several occasions called for the rationalization of their salaries to be at par with their colleagues in other departments, but all efforts seems to fall on the rocks. According to him they have not benefited from the introduction of the single spine pay policy and prior to the introduction he was paid GHC 1,500 but he currently receives only GHC 1,200 a situation he described as unfair. Mr. Issah Mahmoud stated that they would not serve any notice of their intention to lay off their tools, if their concerns are not addressed. He insisted that they have been patient for well over three years and therefore if they take this action Ghanaians should not blame them.  
May 28, 2018
National Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Mr. Kofi Adams is hopeful that come 2016, the people in the Western Region would massively vote for the NDC because President Mahama has been faithful to the region. He said the major development projects in the region is evident for all to see, and by far the people are grateful and satisfied with what they have received from the Mahama led administration. Mr. Adams indicated that one of the most transforming project within the region, is the Atuabo Gas Project which the President inaugurated recently. According to the National Organizer, the government has also been able to provide good drinking water for majority of communities within the region, although more works are currently been done. He said so far the performance of the NDC is very good and because of that, the residents has  promised a 55% votes for President Mahama and 50% votes for the parliamentary elections. Kofi Adams explained that the residents see Mahama as a listening government whose style of leadership is unprecedented. When it comes to development in the Western Region, ‘’government has been very faithful,’’ and because of that Mahama would win massively.  
May 28, 2018
The Police in the Northern Region would today arraign before court one Asuma Adamu for his involvement in an alleged kidnapping of one member of the Tiger Eye P.I Team. The journalist Ishmael Hussein was kidnapped Saturday morning but was rescued after the news got the IGP, Mohammed Alhassan. The Northern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Ebenezer Tetteh, in an interview with rainbowradioonline.com, revealed that the police has formerly charged Asuma Adamu with assault and kidnapping. According to ASP Ebenezer Tetteh anyone who is expressing any doubts the charges against the 35 year old suspect, could come and represent him in court because the law allows for him to have a legal representation. So far Asuma Adamu remains the only suspect in the alleged abduction.   The Tiger P.I Team led by ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, in the last two years conducted investigations into an alleged corruption and bribery scandal in the judiciary. The judges were captured on camera taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases they were presiding over. The team after their investigations captured some 34 judges and 180 other judicial staff members on camera allegedly taking bribe to influence their decision on some cases there were presiding over. About 22 lower court judges have been suspended after the video was made public, the judges in question are currently been probed. Seven out of the 12 high court judges who were also implicated in the video, have been suspended by President Mahama after the CJ established a prima facie case against them. Some 80 other staff of the judicial service, police and the Attorney General’s Department are been investigated after they were also captured on camera for allegedly taking bribes. President Mahama has expressed his support to the CJ in dealing with the matter and has giving the assurance that anyone found culpable, would be removed from the bench.   Meanwhile fifteen Appeal court judges have been tasked by the Chief Justice and the Judicial Council to sit additionally, as High court judges, in order to make up for the shortfall in the system due to the judicial corruption scandal which implicated some High court judges.    
May 28, 2018
Former Rector at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei has criticized parliamentarians for been corrupt and has therefore called on Ghanaians to rise up and stop corruption before it destroys us further. Prof. Adei who was addressing the 40th Anniversary Celebrations of SAP school did not minced words in describing parliamentarians as ‘’glorified thieves’’ who take bribes before discharging their constitutional mandate. As if that was not enough, the fire brand Prof. revealed that the parliamentarians do not request  bribes for themselves alone, but disgracefully and shamefully request for their girlfriends. He said “at least eight in 10 politicians in Ghana are glorified thieves although almost every need of theirs is met by the state. We have to stop it.  “The other day somebody asked me a question and I was so shocked, the person asked whether I gave bribe to Parliament for them to pass GIMPA’s law. Not knowing that now if you want Parliament to pass anything else, not only do you bribe the committee, but after they have gotten their share, they ask you where is our last top? In other words; you haven’t made provision for our girlfriends. It’s time now in Ghana for us to rise; and it for us to lay down the foundations of righteousness in the next generation. Train your children to be servant-leaders wherever they are.” Prof. Adei has therefore admonished parents, teachers and leaders to imbibe into children good morals to help shape their future so they become incorruptible leaders, with outstanding and exceptional character. “Statistics show that 80 percent of all people who will go to heaven make their decision for Jesus Christ before the age of 18. The children should grow up knowing Jesus Christ and if we do so, we will not have judges who collect bribes to prevent justice”.
May 28, 2018
Presidential candidate for opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo has admonished Ghanaians to ensure a peaceful election come 2016. According to Nana Addo, Ghanaians must avoid any form of attitude or character that would lead to tension, violence and bloodshed in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. Addressing a congregation at the Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries here in Accra, Nana Addo said that the campaign leading to the 2016 general elections, must be devoid of insults and personal attacks.  He said, candidates must debate on issues and explain their policies to the electorate to make their decision. The presidential candidate opined that, posterity would not forgive us if the 2016 election is characterized by violence. Nana Addo charged the congregants to remain united no matter their political beliefs, because to him politics should not divide us as a nation, Ghanaians must unite, work hard and above all believe that we can rise again. There is hope for Ghana, all is not lost, we can work again to make Ghana better no matter the challenges we are confronted with, Nana stated. He explained that what the electorate are looking for is some with better policies, programmes that would strengthen the economy and create the enabling environment for industries to thrive. Nana Addo said that with prayers and trust in God, Ghana would be able to overcome its current economic woes. He called on the congregants to intercede for the NPP to overcome their internal troubles and also remember him (Nana Addo) in their prayers. He also appealed to them  to trust him and give him the nod as the president of Ghana, because he is incorruptible, courageous and committed to working for every Ghanaian and not a selected few. Nana Addo was accompanied by former communications minister under former president Kuffour, Hon Sherry Ayorkor Botwe, Madam Tina Mensah a parliamentary candidate for Gbawe constituency, Madam Vivian Nartey and Hon. Alhaji Abudul Saddick and othe rparty big-wigs. Nana Addo was on a three day tour in the Ashanti Region were he admonished party supporters, to work hard to see a massive victory for the party with a whooping 80% of the popular vote. He is expected to begin his 'Rise and Build' tour in Accra this week.  
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