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Jul 22, 2018
Residents in the Nkoranza North District of the Brong Ahafo region, has raised a red alert over the poor nature of their roads. According to them all their roads linking to the various villages, are very bad in a poor condition and due to that the people are dying especially pregnant women. The residents revealed that, about seven pregnant women have lost their lives because they could not access health care early due to the poor conditions of the roads. Speaking with residents, our regional correspondent Akwasi Donyina, and the situation is forcing residents to hit the streets any time soon if authorities fail to address their concerns. Some farmers who also spoke to our correspondent expressed their frustration they go through due to the poor nature of the roads, they explained that they are not able to convey their crops and foodstuffs to the market because there are no available vehicles to convey them. The farmers indicated that the situation has affected their sales and income because their foodstuffs and crops go waste if they are not able to convey them to the market.  
Jul 22, 2018
The Eastern regional Communications Director for the NDC, Alhaji Kammal Konneh has revealed that the Eastern regional branch of the party would give President Mahama a 100% endorsement to lead the party in the upcoming presidential elections for his unprecedented achievements in the region. He said ‘’the NDC is blessed to have a leader like President Mahama, who would lead the NDC to victory in 2016.’’ The Communication Officer revealed that President Mahama has been able to unite the front of the party right from the national to the branch levels. He said the Eastern region under the two and half years of President Mahama has witnessed unprecedented development and because of that they would vote a ‘’BIG YES’’ for him. Alhaji Konneh outlining the achievements of President Mahama said the facelifts in the road sector including the Asamankese road project which is under construction, the Nsawam to Adeiso road which is almost completed, Suhum and Asamankese township roads which are all under construction, is a clear indication of the good works of the Mahama led administration. He also expressed their happiness for  the construction of a new University in region in the history of the country since 1957. Alhaji Konneh stated further that the development within the educational sector is unbeatable and unprecedented, some the projects he outlined are the three storey dormitory for Begoro SHS, a community SHS at Kwahu Afram Plains North and South Districts and other projects which has eliminated schools under trees in the region. The Communications Officer said that it would be suicidal to change President Mahama as the candidate for the 2016 presidential elections, because he has been tried, tested and shown clearly that his government is committed to the transformation of the country. He said the NDC government has for the first time, begun the construction of a district hospital in the region at Abetifi, the Jejeti and other communities are benefiting from various facilities in the area of health, he added. Alhaji Konneh stressed that, President Mahama has also constructed some water projects within the region including the Kporne Water project which is distributing water to some areas including Kyebi where the presidential candidate, Nana Addo is coming from. He also congratulated the president for his enormous role in ensuring the peaceful co-existence among residents in the region considering the ethnic nature that the region is known for. He reiterated that the NDC is still confident of their agenda 50/50 campaign, the NDC developmental record in the region is unmatched and unprecedented, he added. President John Mahama is expected to have a two day tour of the Eastern region beginning  tomorrow, this forms part of his ‘Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’ which is aimed at canvassing for votes ahead of the NDC primaries slated for the 7th November, 2015. President Mahama on his previous tours, admonished party supporters to work hard, unite towards 2016 because the NDC stand a better chance of winning 2016 general elections. The president believes that the NDC is on the right with their achievements so far because according to him the NDC is systematically fulfilling their manifesto promises. The NDC has also cleared President Mahama to start his campaign ahead of the NDC primaries, he is expected to pull more than 50% of the votes although he is contesting alone. The party would have to start the process all over again if President fail to pull the percentage required to allow him represent the party.            
Jul 22, 2018
A political scientist and lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Dr. Richard Amoako has stated that any parliamentarian who would demand for an evidence from Pro. Stephen Adei over his alleged corruption allegation would be dishonest. Prof. Stephen Adei last weekend alleged that eight out every ten politicians are corrupt including MP's, the former rector accused the legislators of taking bribes before approving bills and laws and further go to the extent of taking some for their girlfriends. Meanwhile speaking with Kwame Tutu host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio, the political science lecturer indicated that, parliamentarians cannot in any way ‘gag’ Ghanaians for speaking their minds on issues because they do not have the sole power to be dragging Ghanaians before them. According to Dr. Amoako Baah, the only people parliamentarians can is to drag only government appointees before them if they made those allegations. He explained that the ternate of our democracy would be defeated, if parliamentarians keep intimidating Ghanaians over opinions they make. Dr. Amoako Baah opined that, the focus of the parliamentarians should rather be on the measures they would apply in dealing with the issue of corruption to save their dented image. He stressed that the legislators should rather be the sole protector of democracy by providing support to Ghanaians,  who show interest in fighting corruption rather than putting fear in them. It is  unnecessary for the parliamentarians to drag the former rector before them, but am sure when they call him he would shame them, he posited. Dr. Amoako Baah said the constitution of the Republic allows Ghanaians the opportunity to express their opinion on issues without fear or favour, in his opinion the issue if intimidation when people speak their mind must stop because it is unfair, unfortunate and an infringement on the right of Ghanaians. Dr. Amoako Baah said that if an allegation is made against you and you know you are not corrupt, then under no circumstance should you even respond to the issue. He advised that if parliamentarians insist of inviting Prof. Stephen Adei, then they should first invite Majority Leader Alban Bagbin, PC Appiah Ofori and other MPs who made similar allegations.      
Jul 22, 2018
Former First Lady Nana Konadu Aygemang Rawlings, says the Electoral Commissioner cannot decide for Ghanaians on whether we should have  a new voter register or not. According to her the Electoral Commissioner in consultation with all stakeholders involved, including all the political parties must dialogue on the call for a credible register. The former First Lady said: ‘’It is not up to the Electoral Commissioner to decide that she will or she will not do what the people of Ghana want. She is there to do what the people of Ghana want, in consultation with the people that she is working with, and the parties around. Not in consultation with me, myself and I, that’s not it. So why don’t you have a new register that would be more credible,’’ she quizzed. Nana Konadu Aygemang Rawlings stressed that,  there was a clear evidence that the voter register is totally flawed and if a voter register is flawed, we cannot pretend that all is well. ‘’We cannot say that we are going to have credible elections when it is clear that the electoral process is flawed, whiles it has been discovered that some pictures were actually scanned and poached into the register, it already flaws the register, totally flawed. And once it is flawed, that alone without talking about all the other issues, shows that something has to be done,’’ she posited. She made this comments after pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance paid a courtesy call on the former President Jerry John Rawlings to comment on the call for a new voter register.    
Jul 22, 2018
Former Director General of the Ghana Health Service and a member of the National Development Planning Commission, Prof. Badu Akosa has alleged that there was serious corruption at the Ghana Medical Stores which got burnt recently. He explained that some staff at the stores stole and used the facility for unauthorized trading activities to their benefit. Prof, Akosa revealed that he tried every means possible to stop the corrupt activities within the stores but he was not supported by government. He stressed that, he was not surprised that the Medical Stores got burnt because it was orchestrated by people who had corrupt themselves with illegal activities at the stores and therefore in order to save their image they masterminded the fire. Prof. Akosa indicated that he has not been consulted on any issue relating to the Medical Stores because there are some scandals that has not been dealt with. He expressed his disappointed at the failure of the former Health minister during his tenure as Director General, who he said failed to act upon his call for action to be taken against the scandals that was ongoing at the Medical Stores. The former Director General posited that, by the constitution (Act 525) the Minister of Health should not be the manager of the stores but rather the Director General to ensure there was comprehensive health care but that proposal was shot down by government. According to him, if that was done it would have brought stable pricing across board so that private hospitals could even buy from the stores.  
Jul 22, 2018
A member of the finance committee in parliament and minority MP for New Juabeng South, Hon. Mark Asibey says the current economic situation within the country is sinking because, the government has been hiding information on the true nature of Ghana’s debt stock. The Honourable Member of Parliament indicated that, the 10.75% interest on the $1 billion Eurobond was ‘’embarrassing,’’ because Ghana would be paying a total of $2.5 billion in the next 15 years on the loan that we’ve gone for. According to Hon. Asibey Ghana could not go to the Eurobond with our Sovereign guarantee because it has crippled, therefore we had to go to the World Bank for  $400 million policy based guarantee which allows the World Bank to pay off Ghana debt when we are not able to do so. Hon. Asibey explained that our credit rating which is now at B1 is an indication of how bad the government has managed our economy. He said that the Eurobond we have issued and the interest at which we are paying it could have built about 10 more NI highways, because the cost of the NI highway was costed at $150 million. He explained that, our economic fundamentals were not the best including our macro-economic conditions, inflation, GDP growth are all not the best and therefore government failed to analyze all these factors before issuing the Eurobond. He described Ghana’s bond as a junk bond and so no one is interested in it, in his opinion Ghana should have reached the rating of A2 like Poland after Kuffuor’s government reached B3.   The minority  in a statement indicated that government had “securitised” its arrears to SSNIT without recourse to Parliament. “It also emerged from the review that the government at the end of December 2014, securitised its arrears to SSNIT in the tune of 914 million cedis. Parliament was not informed and has not been up to date. As a result of the behind the curtain securitisation of the arrears, the fiscal deficit for 2014 has been revised upwards from 9.4% to 10.3% of GDP. “There have been double digits fiscal deficits for 3 back to back years which have never been seen before in this country. For the avoidance of doubt, the non recourse of Parliament in securitising its debt to SSNIT is unacceptable. Parliament must probe into the securitisation of government’s debt to SSNIT, ” the statement indicated.   Ghana’s total debt stock increased by GHc5 billion more, between May and June 2015.   According to figures from the Bank of Ghana, the country’s total debt stock now stands at GHc94.5 billion, representing 70.9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  
Jul 22, 2018
The Porcupine Warriors Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Samuel Opoku Nti has been handed another fresh mandate to continue leading the club after a short but detailed meeting with the owner Otumfour Osei Tutu II on Wednesday according to a report by the clubs website. Opoku Nti who took over the mantle from Dr. Kwaku Koduah Sarpong two seasons ago has come under several public backlash for his sluggish administrative style by a section of the club’s supporters. However the owner, Otumfour Osei Tutu II has restored faith in him to manage the Porcupine Warriors again. It was wildly speculated that Bayern Munich star, Samuel Osei Kuffour has been handed over the club’s presidential role to appoint his own management but it seems his ambition has hit the rock after the declaration. This development means coach David Duncan will stay on as the head coach despite claims by Danish manager Tommy Moller Nielson that he has signed a pre-contract with the club. Communications director of the club, Kwaku Ahenkorah confirmed the news top the clubs website noting that, they have been advised to open up any challenges they face in their duties. ‘’Nana has asked management to continue working. He also instructed that we open up on any challenge we will come across,’’ Kweku Nti said. General Manager, Opoku Nti aaded to what Ahenkorahj has revealed insisting that his management has been mandated to stay on and work. ‘’Yes Nana asked us to continue working,’’ said Kweku Nti who assured that,. With the renewal of his mandate, proper administrative structures would be laid for the club’s development.
Jul 22, 2018
The Managing Director of the West African Gas Pipeline, Walter Peris has said that they expect the Volta River Authority (VRA) to pay them their debt in full, although the President had step in to ask WAPCO to resend their decision to cut gas supply to Ghana. He explained that, WAPCO would curtail the supply of gas to Ghana by Friday if we do not pay off our debt. Mr. Walter Peris revealed that the debt Ghana owes WAPCO has deteriorated to the extent that, it is affecting the financial obligations of the company. He said ‘’we are very certain that those in position of authority in Ghana are fully aware of this information and we are hopeful that they are taking appropriate measures to prevent curtailment’’. Mr. Peris explained although they are fully aware of the implication of their action, they had no other option to cut supply to VRA because the debt is too huge to consider. He indicated that, the debt has not only jeopardize their services but has also affected the delivery of sufficient and on time on time supply, He emphasized although WAPCO is aware of the significant importance of their services to Ghana especially with the current power crisis, the VRA must pay its debt. If WAPCO should curtail gas supply to Ghana on Friday, we would experience the worse dumsor because seven more thermal plants including Sunon Asogli, TAPCO, TICO, T3, TT1PP, TT2PP and MRP would be forced to shut down. Meanwhile President Mahama through cabinet has directed the Public Utility Regulatory Commission to sanction an increase in utility tariffs to pay off the debt. The VRA is owing  WAPCO to the tune of $181 million  and by Friday if they don’t pay in full WAPCO would cut a total of 75% of gas supply to Ghana.
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