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Sep 22, 2018
A 28 year old chainsaw operator is currently on the run after allegedly raping a 60 year old woman (name withheld) at Asawinso in Bibiani Anwiaso Bekwai District of the Western region.   The chainsaw operator whose name was given as Kofi Kyere is said to have pounced on the aged woman, raped her and later took to his heels to resist arrest some youth who had wanted to arrest him .   Residents in the area who spoke to Nyankonton Mu Nsem believed that the chainsaw operator did s for ritual purposes.   An eyewitness who spoke to Nyankonton Mu Nsem revealed that the 60 year old woman was already sick as the time Kofi Kyere raped her.   She is currently receiving medical treatment at the hospital.   According to Odeshieba Kwadwo Wusu, our regional correspondent, some youth within the area have mounted a search to arrest Kofi Kyere and hand him over to the police.
Sep 22, 2018
A total of 5 Ghanaians are reported to have died through a natural cause whiles 9 others died as a result of the stampede. Six others are said be receiving emergency treatment at the hospital in Mecca. Speaking with Frontline on rainbow radio, the deputy communications officer of the Hajj office, a total of 29 pilgrims from Ghana were reported missing. He went on further to state that 2 out of the missing pilgrims were found dead and that 2 are among the 9 pilgrims who died as a result of the stampede. Mr. Amin Lamptey revealed the search team is still at post searching for the other missing pilgrims from Ghana. Over 700 pilgrims lost their lives in what has been described as the worst stampede in the last 25 years. Over 5, 000 Ghanaian pilgrims were flown out of the country to Mecca this year.  
Sep 22, 2018
Ghana’s President, John Mahama has said that Ghana needs strong institutions to deal with the issue of corruption and not aggressive leaders. The president as part of his three visit to France granted an interview with France24, a television station based in France. The television station host international personalities across the world in areas of culture, economics, and democracy among others. The president in the interview stated that Ghana was in the process of strengthening our public institutions to help address the issue corruption. The president indicated that when you strengthen your institutions, it helps you to tackle corruption and deal with it in a better way. President Mahama said every strong institution helps to improve democracy and the quality of life of every citizen. According to the president, it is important for citizens to sometimes focus on the positive ways in dealing with issues corruption and not only focus on the negatives. ‘’Ghana needs strong institutions not aggressive leaders. We are in the process of strengthening our public institutions, not only to tackle corruption, but also to improve our democracy and the quality of life for every Ghanaian’’. He continued that every institution in Ghana including the executive, the judiciary, the media and other institutions needs strengthening and as the president of Ghana, he is committed to ensuring that the country achieves that. He further indicated that the entire African sub-region needs strong institutions and not aggressive leaders. ‘’ It is not only the judiciary that needs strengthening, the executive needs strengthening, the parliament needs strengthening, the media needs strengthening, and so these are things that would develop over time and I am committed in doing that’’.   Burkina Faso President Mahama welcomed the recent return to civilian rule in Burkina Faso, which was encouraged by the West African bloc ECOWAS. Mahama was chair of ECOWAS before handing over to Senegal's Macky Sall. "What happened in Burkina Faso is a sign of hope that Africa has changed," Mahama said. "It’s a success of democracy in West Africa". The president is on a three official visit to France, he is expected to be back on Friday 9th October, 2015.            
Sep 22, 2018
The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Mahama has commended organizers of the first ECOWAS Mining and Petroleum Forum and Exhibition for scouting a good platform to address the issues of natural resources within the sub-region. In a speech read on his behalf by the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Nii Osah Mills the president indicated that such resources are gifts from nature but must be well managed to help transform the economy within the sub-region. President Mahama stated that the African sub-region is blessed with mineral commodities such as gold, platinum, bauxite, iron ore and others natural resources.    The resources ‘’should therefore be the bedrock, for propelling mineral producing countries into accelerating well based development to span the micro to the macro levels’’. The president said the West African sub-region is also well endowed with mining oil and gas extractives and other natural resources but the recent global economy has slowed down support recently with a resultant dumping effects of commodity demand in prices and the outlook of the commodity pricing looks bearish. President Mahama stated that, although the sub-region faced these challenges there was still hope for the African region. The UN estimates that, the global population would hit about 9 billion in 2050 which means that there would an ultimate resurgence of infrastructure development in the areas of housing, transportation, energy, health, agriculture, communication, manufacturing and others would be in high demand to meet the needs of the global community. This according to him would mean that the sub-region would benefit from the demand of metals that these manufactures would need for their work. President Mahama said cooperation and collaborative partnership among the sub-region is required to successfully optimize all synergies in managing our resources within the region. He commended the organizers for choosing the theme ‘Valorising West Africa’s Mineral & Petroleum Resources through Regional Cooperation’ and admonished them to take the opportunity to engage and interact among each other for a fruitful deliberation. The first ECOWAS Mining and Petroleum Forum and Exhibition is running for the next three days at the Accra International Conference Centre.
Sep 22, 2018
President Mahama has said that Ghana’s economy is now robust and more resilient than it was in the last two years and this is as a result of reforms and re-structuring down by government. In an interview with France24, President Mahama indicated that Ghana is currently on the right path for recovery and growth. President revealed that because of the bold steps taking by government of Ghana, the fall in the prices of raw materials at the international markets was not going to affect the country anyone. He further stated that Ghana for the past two years implemented these reforms which has championed the country to what he described as a more ‘’robust and resilient’’ economy. We're in the process of restructuring our economy, so that a fall in the prices of raw materials on the international market won't be able to affect us anymore. Reforms already implemented made Ghana's economy more robust and resilient than it was only a few years ago. We're on the right path for recovery and growth’’. President Mahama explained that the country in the last few years used about 72% of tax revenue to pay workers but because of reforms undertaken by government, a total of 42% of tax revenue is going into the payment of government workers. President Mahama responding to the issues of the labour unrest revealed that government was in talk with the labour front to resolve the various impasse going on especially at the health sector. He said government was also concerned about fiscal discipline and a balance of the economy. He continued that the issue of strike is not peculiar to Ghana but across other countries, ‘’labour would always demand its pound of flesh, what you need to do is to balance it out in terms of economic management’’ He continued that government was in continuous talks with labour and have assured labour of government commitment in ensuring that a 100% increase in included in the budget but he was quick to add that when that is achieved we must as a country discipline ourselves financially. According Mahama government was considering re-structuring the human resource system and also improve the salary system to prevent the delays in payment of salaries.   Elections 2016 President Mahama responding to a question as to whether Ghana would find any difficulty in ensuring fiscal discipline in the election year, he stated that Ghana has already implemented the most difficult decisions and therefore the upcoming year would not be so difficult but one critical thing that the country needs to look at is keeping a 0% of Central Bank Financing. He said the country through the IMF deal must ensure the integrity of the economy and that is something his government would not relent his effort in doing. He pointed out that Ghana has gone through France24 is a TV station that host international personalities from the world of economics, politics, culture or diplomacy.  
Sep 22, 2018
The General Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), Mr. Solomon Kotei has argued that the minimum wage which was recently increased from 7 cedis to 8 cedis still remains woefully inadequate. Government about four days ago together with its other social partners agreed on an increase in the daily minimum wage from 7 cedis to 8 cedis but the general secretary of the ICU says that government could do better. According to him, government must show commitment in giving Ghanaians a better standard of living. He admonished government to regularly review the minimum wage instead of waiting until the annual budget is been drafted, he opined that, if government  sees the need for a total review of the minimum wage, nothing should stop it from doing so. The ICU as part of our mandate, is to ensure that the Ghanaian worker is treated fairly at all times, Mr. Kotei said. Ghanaian workers according to him must never work like slaves in their own country or be cheated by their employers. He has therefore admonished Ghanaian workers to join worker unions if they do not belong to one because the union would represent them if any issue of labour comes up or their employers violates their rights. He revealed that the ICU has on several occasion petitioned government through their research findings for actions to be taken.
Sep 22, 2018
Private legal practitioner and council for justice Ayisi Addo, one of the implicated justices', has called for the immunity granted Anas to be stripped off because he does deserve to be giving that immunity and be treated as a special witness because he is a lawless individual who invaded the privacy of his client. Lawyer captain retired Nkrabeah Effah Dartey has stated categorically that he was in preparation to appear before the judicial committee so he is able to defend his client. He revealed that he is sure the committee by due process would allow them to cross examine Anas and his team for allegedly accusing his client justice Ayisi Addo for corruption. He said by the evidence they have seen and watched, his client is innocent over the allegations he is been accused of. The lawyer further stated that he is very confident that when he appears before the committee, his client would be cleared. He said, when you watch the video, under no circumstance did his client take any amount of money from those who came to his house to influence him in the latest Anas bribery scandal. He went on to state that his client did not initiate any meeting with anybody rather some people came to him to talk to him about influencing a case he was sitting on which he said the judge turned them away. Lawyer captain retired Nkrabeah Effah Dartey said they are trying as much as possible to follow the law and do what is right for the client and that is why they have not joined any court suit. He opined that if an accuser is accusing them of any wrong doing then that person must face them in an open court, therefore Anas and his Tiger P.I Team must boldly face them in an open court and that they would make sure they pursue. ‘’The law is that, you must face your accusers in open court, that is the law, if you are accusing me that I have stolen something of yours or I have defamed you or I have committed an offence against you, you must be bold enough to face me in an open court’’. He has therefore said that they would object any attempt for Anas to be cross examined behind his mask, ‘’I will still insist that Anas takes off his veil before cross examining him’’. How can I cross examine someone who has accused my client of any wrongdoing behind a mask, Lawyer Effah Dartey quizzed. The counsel for the implicated judge revealed that they would have to go the Supreme Court if the committee refuse to give them the opportunity to cross examine Anas without his mask. He said there is nothing like a court of public opinion in Ghana’s constitution and therefore if any accused person decides to prosecuted in the public domain then that would be unfortunate.  
Sep 22, 2018
The Presidential candidate for the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has admonished residents in the Brong Ahafo region to honour the legacy of the late Danquah Busia by ensuring that the party clinch landslide victory come 2016 in the region. Nana Addo stated that the late Prime Minister of the Republic of Ghana was someone who eschewed corruption, believed in the rule of law and above all was someone who helped the transformation of the country through stable economic policies and programs and therefore in his memory, it would important that the people vote massively for the NPP to honour his memory. He said the vision of the late Busia was to see a ‘’Ghana free, Ghana prosperous, Ghana progressive, that is the vision I Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo am fighting for to be able to come to power in our country’’. The Presidential candidate who is on his ‘Rise and Build’ tour in the region said that, he is not going to engage in any tribal or ethnic politics because his agenda for all Ghanaians and not a selected few. ‘’We have no tribal agenda, we in the NPP have no tribal agenda, we have a Ghanaian agenda’’, Nana Addo said. According to Nana Addo there are other residents within the region and there it would very important for the party to see them as part of them because that would be the only the party could clinch victory from all corners. ‘’We have to have a clean language for the settlers in Brong Ahafo region, togetherness, fraternity, oneness, language of solidarity, language of cooperation, those are the language we have to use to get us there’’ Nana Addo in his address to party supporters and sympathizers, charged leadership of the party in the region and all parliamentary aspirants to put their shoulders to the wheel and ensure that the party  wins the elections. He said unity is key and therefore we must ensure that we unite to clinch victory come 2016. Nana Addo assured Ghanaians of a competent and an incorruptible government under his leadership should he be voted as President of the Republic of Ghana. He re-affirmed his famous comment that, he is not coming into government to enrich himself and therefore he should be ''trusted'' and voted for.  
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