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Oct 20, 2018
The president of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association, Kwaku Asante Krobea has hinted that, the association would support a full scale resumption of another strike action by the association of unpaid nurses, if the disparity in the payment of deferred and withheld salaries of affected members are not addressed with the required attention. He said that, the mother association advised the unpaid nurses to suspend their strike action because of the appeal made by government and efforts that were been put in place to manage the situation. Mr. Krobea indicated that, the delays in payment of salaries of affected nurses, were as a result of ‘’poor management of salary administration in the health sector’’. He has therefore called on the employer, ‘’to attend to all outstanding issues of salary withholding and unemployment among nurses and mid-wives without delay to boost the confidence of the practitioners’’. He said it would be more prudent for the employer to improve upon the ‘’current unacceptable nurse/patients ratio’’.    
Oct 20, 2018
Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has charged his colleague journalist in Ghana to remain firm, courageous and confident and most importantly not to be intimidated but take advantage of the growing ‘’media freedom’’ to expose corruption and correct the rot in our society. The investigative journalist is currently in Norway together with over 800 international journalist at the world Global Journalism Conference. Anas and his Tiger Eye P.I team in a painstaking explosive investigative video, captured some 34 judges and 180 other judicial staff members for allegedly taking bribes to influence their decision on some cases there were presiding over. Addressing the gathering of journalist from over 121 countries, Anas stated that his latest work has led to the suspension of some judges in the judiciary.  “34 Judges are being investigated, they have been suspended by the President of Ghana because of the investigation I have done. I cannot go further to say because the case is in court. We are talking about 34 Judges and 146 judicial staff. That is all I can say.” The gathering of journalist from the information we have gathered, were expecting to see Anas’ lastest 3 hour long video but to their utmost surprise, he showed them another video on alleged theft in the Ghana Health Service. He also declined to comment on the video about the judiciary, citing suits brought against him by some of the implicated judges. He has therefore charged Ghanaian journalist back home to continue to hold up firm in their duty by helping to expose corruption in society.          
Oct 20, 2018
The British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), as part of its Girls Participatory Approaches to Students Success (G-PASS) Programme, T-TEL (Transforming Teacher Education and Learning) is supporting the government of Ghana with amount of over 700 million Ghana cedis to help improve upon Teacher Training in all the 38 colleges of education in the country and all other institutions that support them. The funded programme is expected to last for the next four years in the West African sub-region.   Why T-TEL Ghana’s transition to middle income status over the last ten years is due in no small part to dramatic improvements in the education system, primary school enrolment has recently reached 82% and gender parity stands at 0.97. However, learning outcomes have not kept with the expansion of primary and secondary school places and many students lack basic skills which affects their future education prospects. Recent data shows that only 24.2% of P3 students and 35.3% of P6 students achieved proficiency-level scores in English. In mathematics, just 16.1% of P3 students and 18.2% of P6 students are seen as proficient. Government has shown commitment to address poor learning outcomes and recognizes that teaching is both a barrier and a solution to progress. Evidence has shown that teacher training in Ghana has not kept pace with the demands of a changing nation. The standing of the teaching profession has slipped over the years. Ghana’s 38 Colleges of Education lack materials and resources, and curricula and training methods are not compatible to international standards. Whiles in theory they (Teacher Training Colleges) compete for the students, demand outstrips supply so incentives for Colleges of Education to improve are weak. Among the national institutions with responsibilities for teacher training, there is the need to align policy effectively and support their vital role in creating the conditions for Colleges of Education to achieve the highest standards.   7 core programme elements T.TEL have a 7 programme elements which they would be working with, these elements are; 1. Providing core training and coaching for CoE tutors in Mathematics, English and Science, and eventually generic materials for all for all tutors. 2. Leadership development through support to the management of CoEs and training of their management teams 3. Institutional reform to CoEs through supporting and clarifying functional responsibilities guidance and policy. 4. Creating better school partnership and more effective student practicums 5. Strengthening and teaching assessment through support for DBE curriculum reform and cooperation with partners to implement policies for teacher education 6. Addressing the gender imbalance through supporting more well trained female teachers and prioritizing girls education 7. Supporting innovation, management, and training delivery through a Challenge Fund to which organizations in their network and partner districts and schools will be able to apple and a Payment by Results Fund for Colleges.   Aims of T-TEL T-TEL’s key aims is to improve governance, management and pedagogical direction in all 38 public Colleges of Education, with 929 tutors effectively using T-TEL teaching and learning materials for lessons and tutorials. Over 35, 000 better-trained teachers, prepared and motivated for a career dedicated to improving young minds, an investment of 2 million pounds target towards encouraging innovation across the education sector, out of a total investment of 17 million pounds in the programme over 4 years. T-TEL (Transforming Teacher Education and Learning) is ensuring that Ghana’s schools have high quality, well trained and motivated teachers for the country’s continued growth. Their programme seeks to support the implementation of a new policy framework for Pre-Tertiary Teacher Professional Development and Management. T-TEL is working closely with trhe Ministry of Education (MoE), and the Ghana Education Service (GES) in consultation with level such as as the National Teaching Council (NTC), the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), the National Accreditation Board (NAB),the National Inspectorate Board (NIB), the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and Winneba (UEW) and all 38 Colleges of Education (CoEs). A steering committee and a technical advisory committee have been constituted to provide overall strategic and technical oversight respectively.
Oct 20, 2018
The Greater Accra regional chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Ade Coker has described day one of the vetting within the region as successful. According to the chairman, they expect that day two would be equally better. Over 70 aspirants were vetted across all the constituencies within the Greater Accra region. Mr. Ade Coker revealed that so far 5 candidates have been disqualified from contesting in the primaries. The reason for their disqualification were because, they went as independent candidate in the last elections, an action the party frowns upon by their constitutional rules. The chairman of the party revealed that any candidate who went as independent in the last election forfeits his or her membership as a card bearing member and before you are able to stand for any elections, you are required to register as a member of the party again. He indicated that all parliamentary aspirants must meet the requirements in the 1992 constitution, then after they must  meet the requirements of the party which are, a member in good standing in the last four years, a registered member and whether you have never been a member of another party. Leeford Nii Kpako Quarshie (Klottey Korle Constituency) Tony Afenyo (Ashaiman Constituency), Michael Kwetey Tetteh (Ningo Prampra), Isaac Awuku (Dome Abra Obom) and Opolu William Kwesi Ahamadzi (Amasama) are the candidates disqualified so far. Mr. Ade Coker stated further that, the disqualified candidates have the opportunity in running in the next elections after they have gone through due process of re-admission. The chairman of the party mentioned that disqualification meant that you failed to meet the clause or rule in the constitution but that should not allow the affected candidates to think that all hope was lost. He said the Greater Accra region were excited and happy about proceeding so far because the candidates have disciplined themselves throughout the exercise, which he said is an indication of how peaceful and democratic the NDC party is. The party according to him have admonished the candidates to engage in a healthy campaign, because the party would be monitoring the activities of all the aspirants. Mr. Coker was sure that the party would come out successful after the primaries in November.    
Oct 20, 2018
The Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has said, come 2016 he would be declared as the next President of the Republic of Ghana. Speaking with party supporters on his ‘Rise and Build’ tour in Kumasi, the Presidential hopeful admonished party supporters to make sure that he is able to become the next President of Ghana, with an 80% of the popular vote just like they did for former President Kuffour, in the year 2000 who scored a 72% and 79.5% of the votes in the first and second round respectively. Nana Addo said that an 80% vote for him, means victory for the party come 2016. He said that when the NPP wins the elections, they would offer Ghanaians a new economy that would enable the private sector to thrive. ‘’We are going to create the conditions for private enterprise to flourish in Ghana and build our nation, we can do it’’. Ghanaians according to him are suffering under the Mahama led administration, with unemployment, bad management of the economy, poor management within the agric sector and poor living conditions in the country. Nana Addo indicated that the NPP would change the prospect of the country to create better opportunities for all. ‘’We are going to build a new economy, the old economy cannot fit us for the 21st century, we are going to build a new economy that would solve our problems’’, to bring stability in our economy. Nana Addo admonished the parliamentary candidates to lead the campaign towards uniting the rank and file of the party towards victory 2016. The NPP party needs cooperation to enable us win the 2016 elections massively, Nana Addo stated.    
Oct 20, 2018
Former Executive Director of the Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO) Kweku Mortey Akpadzi is likely to be disqualified from contesting the parliamentary primaries of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) after a petition accused him of economic sabotage.   The Ho West parliamentary aspirant, Kweku Akpadzi is expected to face a vetting panel this Friday after a petition was filed against him.   The former EOCO Boss is being accused for misappropriating state funds and still using state vehicles several months after his retirement.   The petition was filed by anti-corruption crusader and tax expert, Mr. Cudjoe Akpabey who for several occasions have petitioned various state institutions cover alleged financial malpractices by state officials.   In an earlier petition addressed to the Presidency, Mr. Cudjoe Akpabey requested for the disqualification of the Ho West Constituency who have involved himself in an alleged financial malpractice.   Mr. Cudjoe Akpabey was this morning hosted by Kwame Tutu, host of the breakfast show on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm. Speaking with Kwame Tutu, he expressed his worries over the failure on the part of government to address the issue he has constantly petitioned it on.   The Chief of Staff, Hon. Julius Debrah who was listening to the show in his office invited the anti-corruption crusader to his office so he could inform him on his investigations.   After the meeting, the Chief of Staff congratulated Mr. Cudjoe Akpabey for his bold step taking in investigating the malfeasance.     Mr. Akpabey had also petitioned the NDC to disqualify the former EOCO boss, below is the petition addressed to the General Secretary of the NDC                                         I wish to submit a petition for the suspension of Mr. Kweku Mortey Akpadzi, former Executive Director EOCO (Economic and Organised Crime Office) who's vetting is scheduled for Friday, the 9th of October 2015 at Ho. While in office, Mr. Kweku Mortey Akpadzi was involved in the following malpractices; 1.Opened an "illegal"Operations Account with Bank of Ghana 2. Misappropriating GHc 190,000.00 out of the GHc 200,000.00 released to support the office to investigate the Ghana School Feeding Program. 3. Unable to account for GHc 200,000.00 released to finance research and investigations into the activities ofDics(Destination Inspection Companies)Importers and Clearing agents 4. Using official residence and official vehicles illegally whilst on retirement since May 15th, 2015. He has kept the following vehicles in his custody and using them for his private business. The vehicles are 1. Land cruiser#UE 1008-09 II. Toyota Camry#GW 3060-09 III. Toyota HILUX#UE1012-09 He also has in his custody the keys to the official residence of EOCO. Attached is a copy of the petition submitted to the President of the Republic. Thank you for your co-operation Yours faithfully, Gilbert C. Akpabey      
Oct 20, 2018
The spokesperson for the psychiatric nurses who embarked on a strike action to demand for the salaries which were in arrears has said that, the nurses have suspended their strike action but not called it off as its been suggested. Fredrick Asare- Donkor revealed that the decision to call off the strike action was to demonstrate that they cared for their patients. ‘’The main reason why we have suspended our strike is because of our patients’’. He said that nobody imposed it on them to suspend their strike because whiles their other colleagues were on strike, they were still going to the various wards to monitor the situation. Asare –Donkor revealed that the patients to nurse ratio was not encouraging and aside that the nurses are constantly attacked by patients. ‘’We get attacked day in day out, I have been hurt thrice in the line of duty’’ he said. He revealed that currently their salary has hit the hospital’s coffers and any moment from now they could go for it. The spokesperson for the psychiatric nurses indicated that suspending their strike is to also give authorities the ample time to sort things out. He insisted that, ‘’we have only suspended and not call it off’’.          
Oct 20, 2018
The Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) led by its chair, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Doku on behalf of Ghana, has finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Accra. The MOU between NALAG of Ghana and the Municipal League of Arkansas, is aimed at gaining economic benefits from each party. It is also expected to bring about economic development among sister cities in both nations. NALAG chairman, Hon. Doku indicated that the MOU signed between the two countries would allow them to tap into the experience and progress chalked in both countries. He stated that all the district assemblies within the country (Ghana) agreed to sign the MOU with Arkansas so we to enable them partner towards developmental projects and programmes. He explained that the world is now connecting faster than it was in the past and therefore it would be important that countries with similar interest in areas of economy and development join hands and work together. He revealed that the Municipal League in Arkansas consist of District Chief Executives just like in Ghana and therefore working together would be of enormous benefit. On his part, the president of the Municipal League of Arkansas, USA, Hon. Orville Ricky Elumbaugh stated that is a delight for Arkansas to sign this MOU. He stated that they are in Ghana the work with the community, build trust establish a working relationship that would benefit both countries. He said the most important thing is to build trust among the countries ''so that they can be possibilities of money put on the table'' for the intended partnership. According to Hon. Elumbaugh, one of the largest manufacturers of rice based in the USA are in talks with Ghana to see the possibility of a working relationship between the two countries because of the quality of rice we have, this he said would create job opportunities for Ghana and the USA. He encouraged Ghanaians to build the can-do spirit and believe in themselves. He admitted although Ghana may not be at pal with the USA in terms of development, they (USA) started from somewhere and are still having issues of national development.  
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