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Jun 24, 2018
The Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah has said, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) have enough measures in place to manage the perennial flooding in the capital especially the Odawna area. According to him, the perennial flooding has minimized due to the measures adopted by the assembly. He was reacting to the flooding in some parts of Accra including Taifa, Kaneshie, Adenta, Amasaman, and Adabraka Sahara after few hours of a heavy downpour Monday evening. He told the media after touring some affected areas that, ‘’the water was filled to the brim and there was a spill over. It is also because the sea level has also risen so the water could not also get into the sea. And for that matter, there was a gush back of the water into the city centre. That caused the flooding around the Adabraka Sahara.’’ The AMA boss had told the media Adabraka Sahara was not going to flood again due to the dredging done. However, the downpour on Monday flooded the area. Commenting on it, the AMA boss said, we put in all the measures that we could possibly do. But the panacea to the problem is to dredge the Korle lagoon because that is the main canal that carries the water into the sea. At the moment, it is filled with debris and silt. And so, its capacity to absorb water has been reduced drastically, and that is the main problem. We have done our part. His Excellency the president is also quite committed; we’ve managed to secure a world bank funding under the Greater Accra Resilient Integrated Project to deal with that matter.’’ Practically, the initiative is ongoing to guarantee Accra becomes more resilient to shocks and stresses such as fires, earthquakes, floods, disease outbreaks and infrastructure and building collapse that weaken the fabric of a city.
Jun 24, 2018
The Municipal Chief Executive of Adenta in the Greater Accra Region, Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, says he will soon seek a court order to demolish buildings on waterways to prevent the perennial flooding in his jurisdiction. The MCE in an interview with Accra based Citi FM said the demolishing exercise will prevent the flooding which has been a challenge for residents. “We will seek legal help and remove those buildings because all these buildings do not have any permit because nobody will allow them to build in such areas. So why are people building without permits, we need to bring a bit of discipline into our system if the whole society is supposed to benefit,” he said. He also stated that there will be drenching of key waterlogged areas to give water passage to prevent flooding with the onset of the rains. Parts of the capital including Kaneshie, Odwna, Adenta, Amasaman and others got flooded after few hours of thw downpour.
Jun 24, 2018
AirtelTigo announced Tuesday that its CEO Roshi Motman has decided to leave the company to pursue new opportunities. She will be replaced by Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi. Ms Motman has enjoyed considerable successes during her time with first Tigo Ghana and subsequently AirtelTigo. Having joined Tigo Ghana in 2014, she steered the company to significant achievements, including the successful completion of the merger between Airtel and Tigo last year. During her time at Tigo Ghana she revived the company and gained recognition for the financial and operational turnaround of the business and her strong record of developing and nurturing talent. Her transformational leadership won her the Africa Telecommunications CEO of the Year award at the 2015 AfricaCom. She was appointed CEO of AirtelTigo in October 2017 upon the completion of the merger of Airtel and Tigo and has been instrumental in ensuring the successful start of the integrated business. Roshi will be succeeded by Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi who was the CEO of Tigo Senegal until its recent sale. Prior to her role as CEO, she was the Chief Commercial Officer at Tigo Senegal. Before that she spent two years with MTN in Benin as the Chief Marketing Officer and she also worked for Airtel in Zambia. Roshi Motman said: “It has been a fantastic journey and I feel privileged to have led a great group of people to the creation of AirtelTigo, one of the leading mobile operators in Ghana. The newly merged business is in great shape and I’m excited to hand the reins to Mitwa, who has been an outstanding colleague at Tigo, to take it to the next level. I am confident that AirtelTigo will progress rapidly under her leadership.” Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi said: “It is a real honour to have been chosen to lead AirtelTigo to the next phase of its development. It is an exciting time to be joining the business and I really look forward to getting to know our colleagues, partners and customers.” Tim Pennington, a member of the Board Directors of AirtelTigo said: “The board would like to thank Roshi for her tireless leadership and in bringing Airtel and Tigo together. She is now handing over the reins to Mitwa whose leadership skills will be able to grow AirtelTigo further, and we wish both Roshi and Mitwa success for the future.” Ms Motman will remain in an advisory position to Ms Kaemba Ng’ambi during the CEO transition period. Credit: AirtelTigo
Jun 24, 2018
The Executive Director for Social Impact Studies, Richard Kojo Elimah, says he does not fathom the reason why President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has hinted of plans to lift the ban on small scale mining. In the view of the development planner, the purpose for which the ban was placed has not been achieved and so it makes it difficult for him to point out why the announcement for the ban to be lifted. Mr. Elimah in an interview with Kwame Tutu, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, the major factor that led to the ban on small scale mining was on environment effects. The ban he noted was enforced to allow our polluted water bodies to take shape but as we speak, when you travel across these affected areas, the water bodies have not taken shape as expected. ‘’People were complaining about how polluted our major water bodies were due to galamsey. And so the ban was placed to allow the water bodies to take shape. But when you travel to these areas, you will realize that, we have not had any major change in the water quality. It hasn’t happen and so I don’t know why the ministry is satisfied and the plan to lift the ban,’’ he noted. Mr. Kojo Elimah stressed, ‘’per my view, the major reason for the ban; which is for the water quality to be restored-I don’t think we have been able to achieve that. This is because I have travelled over the past two weeks across the country; River Prah has not changed, River Ankobrah and the rest have all not changed, and so, if that is the major indicator of success, then I can safely say that the ban has not achieved any purpose.’’ He was however quick to add that, if the purpose was to sanitize the system and prevent illegal mining, then I can say some level of success has been achieved due to the use of the Operation Vanguard. He called on government to provide the details on the indicators informing the decision by authorities to lift the ban. Meanwhile, he says the lifting of the ban is long overdue, adding, it was an unfair practice because there were some individuals who were licensed and genuine to operate. The ban he added affected such persons due to the illegal activities of unlicensed miners. ‘’We should lift the ban so those who are licensed to operate,’’ he posited. Delivering the keynote address at the sensitisation workshop for traditional and religious leaders and stakeholders on the elimination of illegal mining in Ghana, held at the Accra International Conference Centre yesterday [Monday] President Akufo-Addo assured that, shortly, Government will put out a statement setting out a comprehensive roadmap, including the lifting of the ban on small-scale mining, to deal with, on a permanent basis, the grave threat of galamsey to the present and future health of Ghana. The comprehensive roadmap, according to the President, will involve the reclaiming and re-afforestation of mined-out areas; the restoration of impacted water bodies; and strict supervision of the processes of awarding mining licenses and associated permits. Additionally, the road map will incorporate the establishment of a mercury pollution abatement project; the implementation of alternative livelihood projects; systematic control of the engagement of excavators and changfans in mining areas; and continued formalisation and regulation of the small-scale mining sector.
Jun 24, 2018
Director of National Health Insurance Scheme, Dr Samuel Annor, has announced the introduction of a new app which would aid Ghanaians to be able to renew their NHIS cards with ease devoid of stress. Adding, he said this app can be easily accessible on mobile phones. This he said can assist all to know more about the scheme. “The grievances of patients and people who said they must go through stress to our district offices to renew their cards have been heard. We also went round our district offices to put together some challenges which have made it expedient for such an app to come on board. Therefore, management has put a lot of measures in place to put NHIS services on easy reach through our phones to Ghanaians”, he explained. Speaking to the media at an event organised yesterday [Monday], he said, all these innovations has been done ahead of the coming of the Ghana card. NHIS card after 5 years would be invalid. The new Ghana card would now be used for health care and other services, he stressed. He further said that they have already started their piloting in some constituencies. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
Jun 24, 2018
The Deputy National Chairman of NADMO Mr Abu Ramadan has confirmed on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, his team have rescued quite a number of people who were affected by yesterday’s heavy downpour. He said his team were available to rescue citizens who were affected by the rains yesterday and assured citizens that they are still available doing their job to keep them safe. He indicated that NADMO have set up emergency respond teams and phone lines to ensure that their operations will limit the impact of the flood. He also encouraged citizens to stay safe because more rains are going to come to worsen the situations. He further cautioned citizens to stop littering around and desilt gutters because that is one of the main causes of the floods. The public can call this number in case of an emergency: 0202014040/0299350244 By: Nicholas Nii Nai Afful (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
Jun 24, 2018
Private legal practitioner, lawyer David Annan, has made a passionate appeal to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to restore power in East Legon and all other areas in around the area. According to the lawyer, the area has experienced a power outage since Monday evening at around 10pm and he is therefore appealing to the ECG to restore the power because residents are eager to watch the ongoing world cup. Lawyer Annan said, ‘’I have a generator to use but there maybe other residents who do not have access to a generator and so I am appealing to the ECG to restore our power.’’ ‘’We want to watch the ongoing world cup and so I am appealing to the ECG to restore our power,’’ he stressed.
Jun 24, 2018
Special aide to former President John Dramani Mahama, Joyce Bawa Mogtari has described as false the allegation of diversion of $13 million meant for development project in the Western region. Four Ghanaian citizens have petitioned the Special Prosecutor to investigate the former president. The petitioners, Emmanuel Owusu, Eric Dumenu Akatsi, Peprah Kyei Baffour and Dawda Eric, said in their petition, dated June 18, 2018, that they wish to "invoke section 3(1)(b) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act,2017(Act 959) to have former President John Dramani investigated for alleged diversion of $13m meant for the development of Western Region from the E.O. group of company as part of their corporate social responsibilities. The petitioners are citizens of the Republic of Ghana with the constitutional right to expose and combat crime in the interest of the good people of Ghana." The basis for the petition, according to the petitioners, is informed by an article published on Ghanaweb.com on December 2, 2016, by Mr Amidu, before he was appointed as Special Prosecutor. “We do consider the allegation against him as criminal and for that matter, we humbly beseech your office to have this matter investigated to get those monies retrieved back to the public purse. It is our conviction that, the issue be considered in the interest of the Republic of Ghana,’’ the petition stated. But Joyce Bawa Mogtari has slammed the allegation stressing it is an attempt to divert attention. According to her, Mahama is an incorruptible individual. “The above is obviously another false and dubious claim. Furthermore, the said petition is another orchestrated but failed attempt by the NPP Government to divert attention from the numerous corruption scandals suffocating it.” Making reference to the allegation as captured in the article written by Martin Amidu, Mogtari said: “It actually makes a mockery of the Special Prosecutor that the surrogates of the NPP will cite as their evidence, an article they say was written by him. This is a man who during his public vetting before parliament said the allegations he made against various people over the years, were based on perception.”
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