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Jun 24, 2018
FIFA’s new director of development for Africa and the Caribbean, Veron Mosengo-Omba, has been appointed by the world governing to oversee the crisis that has afflicted the governance of the game in Ghana, Mosengo-Omba, a highly experienced operator of the African terrain, has been chosen by General Secretary Fatma Samoura to mediate in the matters in which the Ghana government is seen to have interfered in the sport. The DR Congo national will meet Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah in Zurich on Tuesday alongside the General Secretary of the Ghana FA over the formation of a five-man committee to run the game in the country. The Sports Minister requested a meeting with FIFA last week, seeking a meeting and an approval over the government's decision to set up its own committee to run football in Ghana. But FIFA responded by saying the Ghana FA cannot be excluded from the meeting insisting the General Secretary of a representative of the federation must be available for a meeting with the minister in Zurich. FIFA is already unhappy over government's decision to dissolve the Ghana Football Association which the world governing body expects must be free from governmental control. The decision to appoint a five-man committee has also widened the rift with FIFA insisting that elected football officials must be made to run the game and not people appointed by government. Mosengo-Omba is a close ally of FIFA chief Gianni Infantino
Jun 24, 2018
Some four Ghanaian citizens have petitioned the Special Prosecutor to investigate former President John Dramani Mahama over an alleged diversion of an amount of $13 million meant for development in the Western region. The petitioners, Emmanuel Owusu, Eric Dumenu Akatsi, Peprah Kyei Baffour and Dawda Eric, said in their petition, dated June 18, 2018, that they wish to "invoke section 3(1)(b) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act,2017(Act 959) to have former President John Dramani investigated for alleged diversion of $13m meant for the development of Western Region from the E.O. group of company as part of their corporate social responsibilities. The petitioners are citizens of the Republic of Ghana with the constitutional right to expose and combat crime in the interest of the good people of Ghana." The basis for the petition, according to the petitioners, is informed by an article published on Ghanaweb.com on December 2, 2016, by Mr Amidu, before he was appointed as Special Prosecutor. “We do consider the allegation against him as criminal and for that matter, we humbly beseech your office to have this matter investigated to get those monies retrieved back to the public purse. It is our conviction that, the issue be considered in the interest of the Republic of Ghana,’’ the petition stated.
Jun 24, 2018
Mr Cudjoe Fianoo has resigned as secretary for the five-member Interim Management Committee (IMC) set up a week ago following plans by government to dissolve the Ghana Football Association (GFA). The interim committee was set up after government was granted a 10-day injunction on all activities at the GFA. Mr Fianoo was slammed by executives of GHALCA and his appointment was described as a betrayal on the part of GHALCA due to their position on the plans to dissolve the GFA. Mr Fianoo’s decision to resign from the team was on the premise that plans to freeze all football activities would hurt the league clubs he represented as GHALCA chairman. Last week, the government announced that Dr. Kofi Amoah, Abedi Pele, Eva Okyere, Rev. Osei Kofi and Cudjoe Fianoo, had been put in a committee to preside over all football-related activities while a roadmap was drawn to reform the Ghana Football Association after revelations of corruption were made in the Anas Aremeyaw Anas exposé. “The highest office of the land gave me an appointment but I need to weigh the pros and cons of the appointment in relation to my position as GHALCA chairman. Just from a cursory look, I could see that there a level of conflict. If the government had come to GHALCA for us pick a member to join the committee or the GHALCA general assembly had asked me to represent them on that committee, I would not have any problem. For now, I have assured my members of good leadership hence my decision not to serve on the committee,’’ he said.
Jun 24, 2018
Mr Tuffic Abdul Karim Sienu an authorized speaker of Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, has cleared the airwaves with statements claimed to be released by their camp. He confirmed in an interview that the first statement received was a leaked version of the original statement and was a draft copy. According to him the leaked version was a draft copy because it did not entail the signature of Mr. Nyantakyi; therefore the second statement released was the original version from their camp because it entailed the signature of Mr. Nyantakyi. Mr. Tuffic Abdul said there was a little delay in reacting to the number 12 video by the ace journalist Anas because they had to set certain records straight. He said, it’s been just two weeks after the expose and they think it is in the right sense to set records straight in the same month of June which the video was released. Mr. Nyantakyi has watched the video on BBC he said after being asked. He also confirmed Anas through a third party demanded $400,000 to cover up part of the video involving Mr. Nyantakyi but they could not afford. It was bargained to $150,000 but Mr. Nyantakyi could only afford $100,000. “The name of the third party has been held due to personal security reasons and legal issues but the demand was made, an attempt was also made” he said. He stated the $100,000 was given to the middle man whom he suspects gave the money to Anas. He also established, saying the middle man is well known and confirmed he is from the camp of Anas due to evidences of conversations and phone calls made when asked if the middle man is genuine and known. He was speaking Kwabena Agyapong on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5. By: Nicholas Nii Nai Afful (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
Jun 24, 2018
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has assured that, shortly, Government will put out a statement setting out a comprehensive roadmap, including the lifting of the ban on small-scale mining, to deal with, on a permanent basis, the grave threat of galamsey to the present and future health of Ghana. The comprehensive roadmap, according to the President, will involve the reclaiming and re-afforestation of mined-out areas; the restoration of impacted water bodies; and strict supervision of the processes of awarding mining licenses and associated permits. Additionally, the road map will incorporate the establishment of a mercury pollution abatement project; the implementation of alternative livelihood projects; systematic control of the engagement of excavators and changfans in mining areas; and continued formalisation and regulation of the small-scale mining sector. “When the ban is lifted, you will have a responsibility, as was successfully discharged in the days of our forefathers, to continue to help preserve our lands, water bodies and environment,” the President said. He continued, “We all have a duty to say no to galamsey for our own common survival and the survival of those who are to come. If we allow it, we are jeopardising both our present and our future. This cannot be over-emphasised.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Monday, 18th June, 2018, when he delivered the keynote address at the sensitisation workshop for traditional and religious leaders and stakeholders on the elimination of illegal mining in Ghana, held at the Accra International Conference Centre. Recalling his remarks to the same gathering a year ago, the President acknowledged that because of the difficulties the nation had gone through in recent years, some personshad decided to find unorthodox means, including galamsey, of keeping body and soul together. In dealing with galamsey, the Akufo-Addo government set up, at the level of the Cabinet, an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining, with the world-renowned scientist, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, in the chair. The Committee, at the commencement of its work, recommended an initial 6-month ban on small scale mining activities, a request which was assented to by the President. The ban has, since then, been extended. Government, the President said, gave directives to the Committee to carry out certain activities to bring sanity into the artisanal gold mining sector, including the launching of Operation Vanguard; the training of small-scale miners in sustainable mining methods at the George Grant University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa; and regular interactions between the Inter-Ministerial Committee and the Small-Scale Miners Association to craft a Code of Practice for small scale mining operations. President Akufo-Addo added that the formation of District Mining Committees against illegal mining with clearly defined terms of reference; and the deployment of satellite imagery and drone technology to monitor the mining activities of illegal miners, have been undertaken by the Committee. “Government also ratified the Minamata Convention on Mercury, as the 40th State Party. The objective of the Minamata Convention is to protect human health and the environment from anthropogenic emissions, and releases of mercury and mercury compounds into the environment,” he added. President Akufo-Addo expressed his and the appreciation of the nation to the country’s revered religious leaders, and eminent Chiefs and Queenmothers, for the support they have offered, and continue to offer in the fight against galamsey. “I was in the Western Region for a 3-day tour a little over a week ago, and I was comforted by the strong remarks of support by the Chiefs I encountered, who attested to the marked improvement in the vegetation and the quality of the water bodies, in comparison to the situation a year ago,” he added.
Jun 24, 2018
The traditional method of pounding fufu has suffered a drastic decline since the introduction of the fufu pounding machine and fufu powder, some market women have complained. A number of Ghanaians now prefer to send their cassava and plantain to the machine to grind or either buys fufu powder to prepare their meal. Rainbow Radio went in an interview with some market women who sell these mortar and pestle to ask them how sales have been affected by the introduction of the fufu pounding machines. According to them, sales have dropped drastically as a result of the introduction of the fufu machine and fufu powder. The team also spoke to some manufacturers of these mortar and pestle and they also said, sales of their products have been bad due to the introduction of the modernized way of preparing fufu, they also said they are not allowed to cut down trees which serve as their raw materials for the molding of the mortar and pestle. By: Leticia Sarpomaah Derchie (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
Jun 24, 2018
Veteran actor, Prince Yawson popularly known as Waakye, has disclosed that he is not active as an actor like he used to be in the past. The actor cum-director told Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr Handsome that, ‘’I am still working as an actor. But, I do not stand in front of the camera like I did in the past.’’ Giving the reason for this decision, the actor said, ‘’my strength is as compared to the past,’’ he said in a proverbial manner. When he was asked to explain his proverbial statement he said, ‘’I a m saying, the bible has directed us to be guarded in our utterances and I do not want to say anything that will affect me negatively. I will like to repeat that, my strength today is more than it was in the past so I am no longer in front of the camera like before.’’ Mr Yawson stressed he only works actively when ‘’my strength is more, but when my strength is less, I do not act’’. He took a swipe at the media for not exhibiting circumspection when discussing stories about celebrities and only engage in sensationalism even when these stories affect the person involved negatively. He said, ’I sometimes wonder why the media tries to dig into people. When people give answers in a proverbial way, they refuse to decode the information and go ahead to dig more so the person will say the things in the way they want. That is not a good practice. Sometimes you have to accept answers in the way they are given.’’ When asked about his health, the actor said he is well by the grace of God and on the claims that he was unwell and needed financial assistance; the actor expressed worry and declined to comment on the story. According to him, he does not want to discuss any issues bothering on his health because that is a matter between him and God. ‘’I usually do not respond to certain issues. I am not used to responding to every issue I am confronted with. This is because; God loves me more than any other individual. He loves me because what happened to me was between me and my God. What happened to me; it was only God who I have to be grateful to,’’ he concluded.
Jun 24, 2018
Tiger Eye PI has issued a counter statement to rubbish claims raised in the statement issued and signed by Kwesi Nyantakyi, the former Ghana Football Association (GFA) over alleged corruption leveled against him in the Number 12 video. Nyantakyi among other responses refuted being bribed with an amount of $65,000 by the Anas’s team. He further claimed that he only received $40, 000 out of a total amount of $61, 000 which supposed to be reimbursement for his travel expenses. Kwesi Nyantakyi further alleged that Anas through a third party demanded $150, 000 as bribe so he will drop the case. But Anas in his statement refuted it saying: ''The claim that a third party made a demand of $150k for Anas is a complete fabrication, a figment of Mr. Nyantakyi’s imagination and has no merit. We dare Mr Nyantakyi to name this third party. In fact, Tiger Eye is willing to provide undercover support to assist him find this third party should he extend an invitation to us again. Regarding the purported hacking of Mr Nyantakyi’s email, this is also manufactured to make him appear like a victim. Again, we dare him to substantiate who hacked his email and how the person did. In this day of advanced technology, these events are traceable.'' Read the full statement below; PRESS RELEASE Our attention has been drawn to a statement making the rounds in the media attributed to the suspended FIFA Council member Kwesi Nyantakyi over our latest deception reporting on Ghana football. The statement in part states that “….there was a demand on me through a third party to part with $150k for Anas to drop the videos on me. I didn’t have the said amount of money to meet his demand”. We understand that, under the circumstances Mr Nyantakyi finds himself, he would want to clutch unto any straw to become credible. Anyone who knows Nyantakyi well, knows that he does not give up easily. And as a lawyer he knows that the rule of the game is evidence. The claim that a third party made a demand of $150k for Anas is a complete fabrication, a figment of Mr. Nyantakyi’s imagination and has no merit. We dare Mr Nyantakyi to name this third party. In fact, Tiger Eye is willing to provide undercover support to assist him find this third party should he extend an invitation to us again. Regarding the purported hacking of Mr Nyantakyi’s email, this is also manufactured to make him appear like a victim. Again, we dare him to substantiate who hacked his email and how the person did. In this day of advanced technology, these events are traceable. We wish to advise Mr Nyantakyi to address the issues uncovered by Tiger Eye investigations without seeking to pull others into his behaviour. The meeting was between the Tiger Eye team on the one part and Nyantakyi and Alhassan Abdulaih (Abu), former Northern regional GFA president, on the other part. Under no circumstances was there a meeting with a third party. We are not aware/privy to any meeting with former footballers and two others. This is also another lie. We are not surprised at his rate of manufacturing stories without any proof. He is good at it. From his own admissions, Mr Nyantakyi did not have the consent of the political authorities to negotiate on their behalf, yet he made a fantastic presentation on their behalf. In conclusion, we would like to re-emphasize that Mr. Nyantakyi was given $65k as a gift. All hotel and accommodation expenses were borne by the Tiger Eye team although this was an official meeting. The raw tape together with all documentary evidence have been submitted to the security agencies to investigate.
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