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Ghanaians have been advised to embrace themselves for an eminent water crises due to the changing patterns in weather conditions and land use. The situation if not curtailed may worsen the water crisis's nationwide. Some parts of the country have for some times now been encountering water crisis. Communities like Nsawam Adoagyiri, Dungu, Winneba among communities are facing acute water shortage for a close to a month now. However, the situation may rather get worse if precautionary measures are not taken to manage the current situation. In an interview with Mr. Ben Ampomah, from the Ghana Water Commission, he said Rivers, lakes and aquifers are drying up or becoming too polluted to use due activities of illegal mining among other things. Acute water shortage exposes people to diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever, and other water-borne illnesses. Two million people, mostly children, die each year from diarrheal diseases alone. This Mr. Ben Ampomah noted, calls for concerns and strict measures to reverse the negative impact of an impending danger. More than half the world’s wetlands have disappeared. Agriculture consumes more water than any other source and wastes much of that through inefficiencies.  Climate change is altering patterns of weather and water around the world, causing shortages and droughts in some areas and floods in others.  
The Parliamentary Select Committee on Water Resources, Works and Housing  were at Nsawam Adoagyiri to assess the water situation today. Residents in the area for almost a month now had not water to either drink or cook as their main source of drinking water, the Densu river has dried up due to activities of farmers along the bank of the river. Their visit was to give them first hand information on the situation. Residents are still calling on authorities to with immediate effect adopt measures to provide them with portable water before any unforeseen incident occurs.
Sorewura Alhaji S.S Gbankulso, a sub-chief in the Mankpan Traditional area and his family from Buipe in the Central Gonja district of the Northern region who were banished by BuipeWura Abdulai Jinapor has hinted of petitioning President John Dramani Mahama since his life is currently under serious threat. The sub-chief was banished a fortnight ago for allegedly disrespecting BuipeWura Jinapor. John Jinapor is said to have  exacted the punishment after the sub-chief challenged his authority on a boundary dispute in the Mankpan Traditional area. The Chief directed that, nobody should anything to do with the sub-chief either to trade or engage him in any activity because he had been excommunicated from the town. His business including a mobile phone shop and other property were ransacked by some persons at the order of the Chief. Seaking in an exclusive interview with Kwame on frontline Tuesday morning at Kabripe a bush known to be dangerous for wild animals said the entire family numbering about 35 are struggling to survive because nobody seems to be showing concern over the matter. He indicated the matter which the Chief excommunicated him was before a competent court of jurisdiction hence the action by BuipeWura John Jinapor violates his human rights therefore he calls for the support of human rights lawyers to quickly intervened before he is killed. Registrar at Traditional Council denies knowledge of the BuipeWura's action The registrar to the Traditional Council, Kapori Abudu Gonja  denied knowledge of the banishment of the sub-chief. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kwame Tutu in an exclusive interview, the registrar said they had not had not received an official document saying that Sorewura Alhaji S.S Gbankulso has been banished from the town. He explained, the Yaa Gbon Wura was also not aware of the banishment and therefore it would be very difficult for them to comment, however he indicated they will take steps to resolve the matter but attempts to reach him today at the time of filing this report p[roved futile. Police Command not ready to comment on the matter The Northern regional police commander when contacted if he had had information on the matter, declined to comment on it on public radio.        
The Minority has described the process involving the resettlement of the two Guantanamo Bay Prisoners as opaque and a process shrouded in secrecy which is unacceptable in a democratic state like Ghana.   “If it is legitimate agreement, you would not ratify an agreement in secrecy, that agreement should be in the public domain so that everybody will understand that we have not bargained off our security”.   They have vowed to impeach President Mahama if he fails to make public the agreement between it the United States.   According to them, the interest of the state was disregarded and by the decision of government to accept these men, without proper checks and security assessment, raises many more questions than answers given by president.   The two ex-detainees of the Guantanamo Bay Prisons, Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby, arrived in Ghana on Thursday January 7, 2016 for a two-year stay as part of a deal reached between the United States of America and the Government of Ghana.    Government had argued, it conducted all the necessary security assessment before agreeing to resettle the Guantanamo detainees.   However, the Minority has raised red flag on the so-called security assessment.   They could not understand why the Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo was not briefed as the constitution mandate.   Addressing the press on the matter, Hon Isaac Osei said Article 84(a) of the 1992 constitution mandates the National Security Council (NSC) to safeguard the internal and external security of Ghana while Article 83(1) (c) of the same constitution makes the Foreign and Interior Ministers members of the NSC, ''yet these Ministers were excluded from the some meetings. It obvious that on a matter considered as as a national security issue both by the President and the Foreign Minister, a National Council meeting was not convened .   ''if such a meeting was was convened why was the Minister of Interior who is charge of National Security not invited? The opaque negotiations exposes the mala fides of the President. We are yet to come to terms with the extra legal considerations,''the Minority stated.   Hon. Isaac Osei added, although some may argue that, Article 58(1) gives the president executive powers,, yet that powers can only be exercised in accordance with with provisions of the constitutions.   He indicated, although the powers of President Mahama is enjoined in the constitution, it must be concerned about the interest of Ghanaians in doing certain things.   The Minority also chided President Mahama for lying to Ghanaians over the risk of the detainees after enough literature were available for government to consider before agreeing to take the men.   They also stressed that, the fact that Ghana and United States are good friends, that should allow them to dump the highly risked detainees.   The Minority however mentioned, since the detainees are already here, it will be prudent for President Mahama to come clean clean with the truth surrounding the whole deal.   They have therefore demanded for the following questions to be answered by President Mahama.   1. Are the Guantanamo Detainees here in Ghana as free Individuals or still in detention?   2. Do they have access to computers and the internet?   3. Will their families be permitted to come and visit?   4. Are they permitted to go and worship in the mosque?   5. Are they permitted to go shopping in the Central business district and the various malls?   6. The President says they is no cost to Government for keeping these detainees? (The Us embassy says it is a shared cost) Who should we believe?   7. Who is paying for for their maintenance?   8. Who is paying for their surveillance?   The Minority concluded, ''We understand that the goal of GTMO resettlement is that the detainees are afforded an opportunity to reintegrate into society. Yet they are in Ghana for only two  years and then they are expected to move on; what is the exit strategy; Where do they go and with what travel documents? There is too much confusion surrounding answers to some of these questions.''        
The alleged killer of Hon. Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu, MP for Abuakwa North, Daniel Asiedu aka sexy has been remanded in police custody by the Accra Magistrate Court on Tuesday February 16, 2016. This is enable investigators to conduct further investigations into the matter. Daniel Asiedu is to re-appear before the court presided over by Mr Stephen Owusu on March 1, 2016. He was formally charged with murder. However, the accused in a brief fact presented to the court said he went to the MP's house to steal and not to kill.   The man arrested for allegedly killing the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North constituency, His Lordship Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, has told investigators that he went to the MP’s house to steal, not to kill. Daniel Asiedu would be trailed at the High Court, if the Magistrate Court commit him of murder.   Details of the charge sheet presented to court by the police The deceased, Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, was the MP for the Abuakwa North constituency in the Eastern Region and lived with his family in a one-storey building at Shiashie, East Legon, whilst suspect Daniel Asiedu, aged 19 is a school dropout who lives with his girlfriend at Agbogbloshie. On the 8th of January, 2016 at about 11:40pm, the deceased came home in his private vehicle driven by his driver Samuel Berko Sarkodie. The driver, having brought his master home, handed over the ignition keys to him and left for his house at Kasoa. The deceased retired to bed in his room located upstairs. At about 1:00am same night, suspect Daniel Asiedu who was armed with catapult, a cutter and a sharp knife, entered the house of the deceased through the iron fence at the blind side of the security man who was fast asleep. Suspect picked a ladder in the house and climbed to the porch of the top floor and entered the bedroom through the window whilst the deceased was sleeping. Suspect began to search the room but deceased woke up and held him. He stabbed deceased on the right chest above the breast. Deceased held the knife and shouted for help but no one came. The suspect pulled the knife through the hands of the deceased creating a deep cut in his palm. Deceased who was bleeding profusely fell by his bed helpless, and the suspect stabbed him again on the right chest below the breast. Suspect realizing that the deceased was almost dead left him and took away his two iPhones and a tablet. Suspect managed to descend from the top to the back of the house and climbed one of the polytanks in the house and jumped over the electric fence into the adjoining house and escaped. The security man who was awoken by noise of the shout for help, called fellow security men from the neighborhood but none of them got closer out of fear. They however called the Police emergency line to inform them. The Police arrived and went into the bedroom of the deceased but he was already dead. The body was conveyed to the Police hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy. Investigations led to the arrest of the suspect who confessed to the crime and stated that he went there to steal but in the process, the deceased woke up and held him. The deceased struggled with him so he pulled out his knife and stabbed him several times ahead and ransacked the room but had only the items mentioned above.  
The opposition New Patriotic Party has demanded from the ruling National Democratic Congress to pay for the entire GHC 3.6 million costed for the 116 Metro Mass Transit buses since the branding is only meant to project their presidential candidate, HE John Dramani Mahama. According to the elephant family, the so-called bus re-branding is nothing but just an advertisement meant to campaign for the NDC and therefore,they should refund the entire money since they have benefited and continue to benefit from the branding. Addressing the press at the party's headquarters Tuesday morning, the National Communications Director said the NDC led by President Mahama used tax payer's money to advertise themselves ahead of the November, 7 polls. He accused government of engaging in an animal farm refund attitude which is only meant to create, loot and share state resources. Nana Akomea noted, President has not shown any commitment in fighting corruption and using the bus re-branding saga, the NPP concludes that, government is only interested in widespread corruption at the expense of the tax payer. He explained, the argument by government that the branding was meant to show appreciation to our former leaders cannot wash because if indeed that was the motive, then the photographs of these former leaders should be in colour and not that of President Mahama. Nana Akomea said the NPP is of the view that, President Mahama's photograph should not even be on the bus. ''So if you are talking about those who have contributed or done their quota and left the scene, it should not be there. It should be the photograph of those like former President Kufour, Rawlings, Mills...But his photograph is rather in colour...And so clearly,'' this is an attempt to project President Mahama ahead of the 2016 elections. As part of their recommendations the to government to show commitment of fighting corruption and specifically on the bus re-branding saga, Nana Akomea said ''this business of using the tax payers money to put President Mahama 's photographs on buses should be stopped. If President Mahama wants to advertise himself, he should pay for the advertisement. Using tax payers money to pay for this naked advertising is wrong, so we demand for that policy to be stopped, and as consequences we demand that the NDC pays the entire amount that advertising cost the tax payer...The GHC 3.6 million should be refunded and not just the GHC 1.9 million because that venture has nothing to do with the tax payer. Is pure advertising by the NDC, an they should pay for it, if that is what they want to do.'' Background The 116 Metro Mass re-branding was awarded to Smartty's Management Limited at the cost of GHC 3.6 million. Ghanaians were angered by the cost prompting the Chief of Staff Julius Debrah to order the A-G to probe and after investigations, it was established that, the cost of re-branding should not have gone above GHC 1.7 million, meaning the company contracted were paid in excess of GHC 1.9 million which they were requested to re-fund. They agreed together with the A-G to refund the money in three trenches of which they have paid the first trench.
The New Patriotic's Party parliamentary candidate for Cape Coast North, Mrs. Barbara Aisha Ayisi has expressed her displeasure at the doctor's report claiming that, her attacker, Bismark Yao is mentally ill and was not stable at the time of committing the crime.   Mrs. Barbara Aisha Ayisi escaped a knife attack last Saturday 13 February, 2016 after Yao scaled her wall in attempt to stab her.   The attacker according to the aspirant tried breaking through her gate and when he failed he scaled the wall, crashed the windscreen of her Kia Rio car with campaign posters.   Bismark Yao was overpowered by the elder brother of the aspiring MP and later arrested by the police who later said, the attacker was a mentally ill person who was declared missing a day before the event.   He was later admitted at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital diagnosed of hallucination and aggression.   A medical report by the Medical; Superintendent of the Ankaful Hospital , Dr. Eugene Dorboye said, the attacker was not sane at the time of effecting the attack.   However, Mrs. Barbara Aisha Ayisi has shot the down report and expressed her displeasure at the turn of event.   Speaking with Kwame Tutu on frontline, she reiterated her belief that the attacker, Yao is sound and sane and has urged the police to investigate the matter thoroughly to establish the issues.   Mrs. Ayisis hinted, she will not hesitate to consider demanding of reexamination of the attacker if the need arises but will first consult her lawyers and decide any further line of action.   She posited, how can a man claimed to be insane forcefully enter my house, crash my windscreen, attempt to stab me, this is not possible and as i already, i don't want this politicize because it involves human life.   The Cape Coast North parliamentary aspirant aspirant added, this should be seen as a ploy to politically make herself popularly but she seeks justice from an attempt that could have ended her life. 
The National Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akomea has admonished supporters and sympathizers of the elephant family to remain calm over the brouhaha surrounding the current voters register because the party will allow for the register to used for the elections but the party will be vigilant during the polls. Nana Akomea answering a question by a caller what the NPP seeks to do following the Electoral Commission's failure to compile a new register, Nana Akomea noted the NPP will allow for the register to used to run the elections but they will not allow any thing fishy to go through the process. The New Patriotic Party, as part of a petition sent to the EC noted among other things that, over 70, 000 names of Togolese were on the register, multiple registration, edited photographs among others. The Electioneering body en-paneled a five member committee to hear stakeholders over the matter and submitted their recommendations to the EC and based on the recommendations, the EC denied the petition by the NPP to compile a new register saying it was not convincing. Electoral Commission will have to audit, De-duplicate and validate the existing the existing the current register. NPP raised a number of concerns over the response from the EC and vowed to push further till their demand was met. However, Nana Akomea says the NPP will go into the elections well prepared, vigilant and put in measures to prevent any form of electoral irregularities.
The University of Development Studies (UDS) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dungu Campas are up in arms as the dusty road to their school is threatening their health. Some students who spoke to Nyankonton Mu Nsem expressed their frustration saying the dusty nature of the road has persisted for years. However it seems, the dusty nature of the road is not the only challenge facing these students as acute water shortage has hit the campus and its environs. The main source of water, the dam is contaminated with both animals and human beings drinking from it. Students had to contribute to hire people to fetch them water at very exorbitant prices. Residents have also complained bitterly over the situation and have warned the Hon. Haruna Iddrisu for the area to immediately put in measures to resolve the problem or risk losing the elections. ''We the students at Dungu Campus; we are suffering...The dusty nature of the road is life threatening...We have no access to water. We have to hire people to fetch us water at very exorbitant prices before we get portable water to either drink or do any other thing,'' one student stated. ''One other resident said the dam is contaminated to the extent that there is no way they can purify it for drinking or cooking...We have dug a temporal well to serve as a source of drinking water...We call on Hon. Haruna Iddrisu to with immediate effect resolve the issue or else we will vote against him come November 7, 2016.''
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