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Your first date is when you have the opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Of course, you want the other person to feel the real you and not the high-pitched, jittery you. The following are some tips to keep in mind on your first date.   1. Minimize awkward silences   We all fear the daunting awkward silences. Try to minimize them by being prepared beforehand. Come prepared with a list of about 4-5 topics that you both can talk about.   2. Dress for the occasion   Dressing accordingly is very important to make a good impression on your date. If you are going on a high-end gourmet restaurant, dress up. Or if you are going to a local mall, wear something casual.   3. Arrive early rather than late   Do not make the other person wait. Always be on time or a few minutes early.   4. Do not mention your ex   Your date does not want to hear about your ex and how grand and amazing he/she was. Keep your conversation about you and your date.   5. Do not discuss sensitive topics   First date is not the time to ask if your date wants kids and how many. Religious, sensitive political questions should not be brought up on first dates. Rather, keep your conversation casual and humorous.   6. Keep yourself from rambling on family problems   Do not discuss anything negative about your family relationships. There will be time for it later but first date is not the time to ramble on how mean your dad was to you.   7. Do not be pushy   Be polite. Greet him/her with a smile and a strong handshake. Do not force him/her to do anything he/she doesn’t want to do.   8. Do not check your phone every 5 minutes   Keep your attention to your date and the conversation between you two. Apologize and ask for permission politely if you have to use your phone to check up on your kids or for other emergencies.   9. Do not use lame pick up lines   Be original and avoid pick-up lines or cheesy one liners on a first date. They are a big turn-off.   10. Do not get cold feet towards the end   Stay confident and kiss her on the lips softly and compassionately with serious and loving eyes. That is the last nail on the coffin that could make or break the deal.    Credit: approachmag.com
An Air India technician has died after he was sucked into an aircraft engine at Mumbai airport, the airline says. The accident happened as the jet of flight AI 619 from Mumbai to Hyderabad was being pushed back for departure. Air India chairman Ashwani Lohani described the accident as a "mishap", but it is not yet clear what happened. "We are deeply saddened and regret the tragic incident," Mr Lohani said. He added that the incident is being investigated. The Times of India, quoting Air India sources, reported that the accident occurred when the co-pilot started the engine at the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport. The victim was standing nearby. "At the moment, we are absolutely clueless on how this person was near the aircraft. Only an inquiry can establish whose negligence it was and whether the engine should have been switched on at that time," an airline official told the Hindustan Times.   Mr Lohani expressed his condolences to the family.   Source: BBC
An Italian financier who was linked to several of the country's most troubling episodes has died at the age of 96. Licio Gelli was the grandmaster of a notorious masonic group, Propaganda Two (P2), which included prominent Italian politicians and military figures. P2 was exposed in 1981 and accused of conspiring with right-wing extremists and the mafia to undermine governments. Gelli was born in 1919 and first became involved in politics as part of the fascist movement of Benito Mussolini. He later volunteered to fight for Gen Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War, and went on to join neo-fascist parties. He joined the freemasons in the 1960s and founded the P2 lodge in 1970. A list of alleged members was later discovered by Italian police - and included one Silvio Berlusconi, the future prime minister. Gelli was sentenced to 12 years in prison for fraud linked to the collapse of a bank with ties to the Vatican - but never served significant prison time. The bank's boss Roberto Calvi - known as "God's banker" for his ties to the Vatican - was found hanged under a bridge in London in 1982, and prosecutors later said they believed he had been murdered. 'Always a fascist' Gelli was also found guilty of obstructing justice during investigations into the 1980 explosion at the Bologna train station which killed 85 people. He absconded from house arrest in 1998 after he had previously escaped from a prison in Switzerland. He was re-arrested four months later. Attempts to have members of the P2 group jailed for political conspiracy and attempting to destabilise the state finally failed in 1994. At a news conference in 1999, Gelli said: "I am a fascist and will die a fascist."   Italy has yet to discover the truth behind many of the mysteries he left behind, says the BBC's James Reynolds in Rome.   Source: BBC
A 64-year old farmer at a suburb of Domeabra Duayaw Nkwanta within the Tano District in the Brong Ahafo region has hanged himself in a cemetery. The deceased Kwabena Okyere who is married with eleven (11) children was declared missing last week Friday by the family. Narrating the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, Adoma Darkwa our reporter said that the deceased was found hanging in Domeabra the cemetery dead. It remains unclear the reason why the late Kwabena Okyere killed himself. The wife Naana described the incident as shocking and sad because they did not anticipate that their husband and father could do that. The body has since being deposited at the morgue pending further investigations.                                                                                                                                 
The Deputy Education Minister in charge of Tertiary Education, Hon. Okudjeto Ablakwa says that President Mahama needs to be commended for his achievements so far. Speaking in an interview with our reporter, Daniel Asuku the minister indicated that the achievements chalked under President Mahama in the education sector is unprecedented and unmatched. He said that the ‘’Accounting to the People’’ which the president did yesterday was a victory for transparency, accountability and good governance. According to him this is the first time a sitting president had taken such an imitative to account to Ghanaians on his stewardship. Hon. Okudjeto Ablakwa explained that the priority areas in the education sector including the community day senior schools which 123 are currently under construction, the two universities in the Brong Ahafo and Volta regions respectively. He also said the NDC’s performance is a good sign which they will continue to build on in the coming years. He noted that government is working head on to resolve all the challenges confronting it to ensure the access to quality of education. Accessing the initiative by the president on the ‘’Accounting to the People’’ held yesterday, Hon Okudjeto said ‘’this is a victory for good governance, a victory for democracy, for transparency and the president needs to be commended for a spectacular job done.’’ However the minister said ‘’there have being a number challenges which has to do first of all with the fact that, we didn’t have universities in every region so the NDC’s agenda is that we should have public university in all regions. We have done UHAT in the Volta region, we are now in the Brong Ahafo region. We are left with the University of Environment and Sustainable Development for the Eastern region…Parliament have approved the bill and actual construction is expected to commence in 2016. ‘’We also have had issues to do with the focus on humanities instead of science, so we are working on that challenge. There is another challenge of ensuring that we are able to expand access, we currently have about 15% of COHOT between of ages of 19-23 who are in higher education. But I must say that despite all these challenges, we addressing them head on and many assessment that have gone on around the world, rate our education highly. We currently 7, 000 international students from 60 different countries who are schooling in our universities, polytechnics and colleges of education and that is a good sign of performance and we are happy to improve on our delivery as a people.’’                                                                                                                                    
Former G.O.C boss and Member of Parliament for Talensi Constituency, Honourable Benz Tongo Baba (BT Baba) has sent his condolences to the family of the C.K Gyamfi’s for their great loss. As a young man at the Police Barracks here in Accra,  I [Hon BT Baba] was trained by the late Charles Kumi Gyamfi when he came back from Germany as a coach. According to him CK Gyamfi deserves to be celebrated after winning the African Cup of nations for three consecutive times for Ghana because his achievement is unprecedented. Hon. BT Baba said the naming of the Sports College of Excellence after CK Gyamfi, is not enough but rather a monument must be constructed to celebrate the late coach/ player. He commended government for organizing a state burial for CK Gyamfi but the burial must be  “high profile State Burial” he noted. According to him, CK Gyamfi contributed to his person as the president of the Ghana Olympic Committee and his current position as the MP for Talensi Constituency. The former G.O.C boss mentioned that the late C.K Gyamfi’s career as a coach and a footballer has affected Ghana in a positive way and each and every Ghanaian must emulate his attitude towards the development of sports.   The experienced sportsman added that as to whether someone of C.K Gyamfi’s caliber will be born again in Ghana depends on how Ghanaians handled the late C.K Gyamfi.   By: Ako Michael
Popular musician and movie producer Kaakyire Kwame Appiah has said that politicians are into businessmen and women who are only in to make profit. Speaking in an interview with Sookoohemaa host of the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio, the 24th popular hit maker stated that politics in Ghana has now turned into a profit making venture with people who are only concerned of making money entering into it. The musician when asked if he will sell his latest hit ‘’dumsor’’ song to any political party, he said he is a businessman and he will be willing to sell it out to the highest bidder. ‘’I am a businessman and I invested a lot into my music so if any political party approach me to buy the song I will sell out but the money will have to be good,’’ he noted. According to him the energy crisis is frustrating a lot of Ghanaians with many businesses collapsing and others losing their jobs. He said the song is only meant to give his funs a song to celebrate this Christmas and not an attempt to create any political mischief. Kaakyire Kwame Appiah described Akua Donkor as a comical personality who creates a lot humour in our political scene with her utterance and comments on political issues. When asked if his song maybe irrelevant when the dumsor is resolved, he said he is aware of that hence his decision to make it a Christmas song so it could played every year but he was hopeful that the song will last long since it will tell the history of dumsor to the unborn.    
Chelsea’s players need to justify their “big wages” and start playing like “big players”, says Cesc Fabregas. The Premier League champions are only one point above the relegation zone after Monday’s defeat at Leicester, their ninth loss of the season. After the game, boss Jose Mourinho said his “work was betrayed” by his players. “If you are a big player and paid like a big player, you must play like a big player and behave like a big player,” said Blues midfielder Fabregas. “I am not saying you can’t have a bad season and bad games but the attitude must be spot on. “We must always be at the top of our games and the behaviour has to be better than what we are seeing right now from every single Chelsea player.” Chelsea are 16th with only 15 points from 16 games following Monday’s defeat by table-topping Leicester. In Premier League history, when teams have had 15 points from 16 games, they have finished, on average, in 17th position – one place above the drop zone.  Mourinho says he does not believe the Stamford Bridge club are in a relegation battle. However, former Blues winger Pat Nevin told BBC Radio 5 live that the Portuguese should not “ignore the concept” of going down. Nevin also said that injuries could make it “even more difficult” to avoid being dragged into a “battle” to avoid the drop. “You have to be realistic about relegation,” he said. “Absolutely do not ignore it. When you lack confidence, that can spread through the team and it all can go against you. I don’t think they’ll go down, but don’t bury your head in the sand. It’s a possibility, so don’t ignore it. I didn’t think they’d be down there after 16 games. What about 20 games? What about 23 or 24? Then you start thinking about it.” Fabregas, speaking at a Facebook question and answer session, added: “Right now is not the time to think of where we might finish.”     Source: BBC
The African and Middle East Resources Investment Company (AMERI) has hinted of suing Verdens Gang (VG) the Norwegian based newspaper that published the story of an alleged fraudulent deal between the government of Ghana and the Dubai based, AMERI Group. The VG, in an article published last week Saturday said that one Farooq as the CEO of the AMERI Group who was wanted for various fraudulent crimes in both Norway and Swiss. The publications also claimed that the $ 501 million deal Ghana signed to purchase the 10 power turbines over a five year pay plan could have been purchased outright at a cost of $ 220 million. However in a statement signed by the Chairman of the AMERI Group, H. H. Ahmed Bin Dalmook Bin Juma Al Maktoum, has described the publication as ‘’false’’ and has stated that "In response to these allegations, Ameri Group has already retained international law firms to review our legal rights and use them against this slanderous act of the newspaper. Based on their legal advice we will reserve all rights to file a defamation case against VG in Norway on the basis of these unfounded false allegations and accusations.’’   Below are details of the statement   AMERI GROUP LLC REJECTS FALSE AND MALICIOUS CLAIM MADE BY VG OF NORWAY AND REMAINS CONFIDENT IN ITS BUSINESS   Ameri Group LLC duly incorporated under the laws of United Arab Emirates with a registration number 1143904 and also registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Dubai UAE under membership number 240056 with office address in Emgate Building Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai UAE signed a BOOT agreement with the Government of Ghana on February 10th 2015 for a 250 MW fast track power project in Takoradi. Ameri Group LLC is soley owned by is His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Juma Al Maktoum, member of the ruling family of Dubai UAE. Ameri Group LLC develops energy projects on the continent of Africa and elsewhere. Recently, Ameri Group contracted to supply emergency power to the Government of Ghana.   An article published by a tabloid newspaper called VG from Norway, made false and slanderous accusations regarding the emergency power project agreement executed between Ameri Group and the Government of Ghana. Ameri Group stands by it’s agreements with the Government of Ghana and believes that we have assembled a world class team of developers to accomplish the job on time and on budget. Joining us on the project is the Greek EPC Contractor, METKA.   The tabloid article targets Mr. Umar Farooq, only wrongly portraying him as the owner of the company, but also tries to malign his character. Moreover, it states that Mr. Farooq attempted to swindle the Government of Ghana Through this transaction by inflating the price of the contract. A ridiculous claim since the contract was agreed upon by the Ministry of Power and thereafter, ratified by the Ghana Parliament with full pricing transparency.   Another falsehood is that Mr. Farooq, on his own caused the transaction to occur. It is a matter of record that the sole owner of the above mentioned company is His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Juma Al Maktoum, member of the ruling family of Dubai UAE.   The VG story also purports that this transaction was done quickly and out of the public view, yet as the record shows the above mentioned agreement was duly signed on 10th of February 2015 between Ameri Group LLC, represented by His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum in his capacity as Chairman and the Minister of Power, the Honorable Dr. Kwabena Donkor for the Government of Ghana. Mr. Farooq simply signed the agreement as a witness.   Tel.: 97143262228, Fax.: 97143262262, Emgate Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.amerigroup.ae Mr. Umar Farooq served as CEO of Ameri Group until August 2015, was never a shareholder nor a partner in the company, Mr. Farooq resigned as CEO in order to pursue other bigger business opportunities. Mr. Ziad Barakat was appointed as CEO of the company and is working in this position to date.   The article in VG shows that allegations against Mr. Farooq were raised in Norway of some fraud which was committed in 2010. This is patently false as, in 2010, Mr. Farooq was residing in Dubai as a legal resident since 2005 and had not been to Norway since. In fact, the person the tabloid interviewed who has accused him has already been convicted of the same fraud by the courts in Norway and is currently in jail. During the tenure of his employment, Mr. Farooq was never wanted or alleged of any crime/fraud in any part of the world.   Moreover, the tabloid alleges that Mr. Umar Farooq, through the above agreement, has managed to siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars by selling the project to the Government of Ghana at a highly inflated price. In fact as the Government of Ghana has already publicly stated: “The Ministry wishes to state that the agreement with AMERI is a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) agreement and not an outright purchase of generating plants” as the article falsely claims. In fact, the Ghana statement goes on to say “The Government of Ghana has not made ANY PAYMENTS to AMERI and will not be making any payments for the cost of the equipment”. Ameri Group has already invested hundreds of millions of dollars as direct foreign investment in Ghana which will be operational before the end of 2015. The Government of Ghana will only pay for the electricity produced and received on the national grid.   In response to these allegations, Ameri Group has already retained international law firms to review our legal rights and use them against this slanderous act of the newspaper. Based on their legal advice we will reserve all rights to file a defamation case against VG in Norway on the basis of these unfounded false allegations and accusations.   The UAE government enjoys a cordial relationship with Ghana and its people, and as evidence to that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars as direct foreign investment in the country. Following the same footsteps, Ameri Group was encouraged to invest in setting up a brand new power plant for the Government of Ghana to overcome the energy crises the country is going through.   This project that we have almost completed will make a difference to the common Ghanaian people, enhancing the life of everyday people who are currently stranded being unable to run their business because of the lack of energy. Having this electric power coming online will also contribute to the economic growth of Ghana and further strengthen the relationship between two countries.   Tel.: 97143262228, Fax.: 97143262262, Emgate Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.amerigroup.ae   The UAE government hosts a number of conferences specifically to promote the African continent to the rest of the world. There has also an increased traffic between UAE and Ghana in the past few years, which is a clear sign of both countries respecting each other’s nationals. We would never enter into a deal if it was not done with full transparently, honesty to ensure our integrity.   I, as member of the Royal Family of Dubai, will continue to follow my Government’s policies looking into opportunities that would help and support the cause and uplift the lot of the common man by creating job opportunities. Moreover, Ameri Group and its subsidiaries, reserve the rights to protect it business through every means available to it including taking any legal action towards anyone who tries to malign its business or its goodwill. Dubai, December 15, 2015.   H. H. Ahmed Bin Dalmook Bin Juma Al Maktoum   Member of the Ruling Family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.   Chairman of Ameri Group LLC.          
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