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Traders and shop owners at the Mallam Market who had their wares consumed by fire have appealed to President Akufo-Addo for support. The traders who could not salvage any of their property in the fire that raved their shops yesterday [Tuesday], want the president to support them. It is not clear what caused the fire but an investigation has been launched into the matter. Traders who were affected told Nyankonton Mu Nsem they received information at 2:00am Wednesday and rushed to the scene only to find out their investment has been consumed by the fire. The MCE for the area, Mr Patrick KB Kumor, visited the scene with the assembly member and communications director for the constituency, Prince Agyeman Offei to have first hand information. The MCE assured victims of government support.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to shut one of the country's main missile testing and launch sites, says the South's President Moon Jae-in. After meeting in Pyongyang, the two leaders "agreed on a way to achieve denuclearisation," said Mr Moon. The agreement was described by Mr Kim as a "leap forward" towards military peace on the peninsula. Mr Kim also said he hoped to "visit Seoul in the near future" - he would be the first North Korean leader to do so. Summit results: Denuclearisation The main focus of the summit was the issue of denuclearisation. While the US and North Korea agreed in broad terms earlier this year to work towards that goal, negotiations have stalled. Pyongyang has now sought to reconfirm its commitment. Mr Moon said Mr Kim had "agreed to permanently close the Tongchang-ri missile engine test site and missile launch facility" and, crucially, that this would be done "in the presence of experts from relevant nations". The BBC's Seoul correspondent Laura Bicker said allowing independent inspectors to see the dismantling of the Tongchang-ri site was a major step forward. She added that satellite images had suggested that Tongchang-ri was in the process of being destroyed, but that the declaration would allow inspectors to verify the process. Tongchang-ri has been North Korea's main satellite launch facility since 2012, according to monitoring group 38 North. It has also been used for testing engines for North Korean missiles capable of reaching the US. He said Mr Kim had also agreed to shut down the Yongbyon nuclear facility - where North Korea is believed to have produced the material used in its nuclear tests - but only if the US took some reciprocal action. The details of that were not specified. North Korea blew up its main nuclear testing site at Punggye-ri shortly before Mr Kim's meeting with US President Donald Trump in June. "The outcome is a big win for Moon Jae-in, who has managed to extract a series of positive headlines from Kim Jong-un related to denuclearisation," Ankit Panda, editor of The Diplomat, told the BBC. "None of the concessions are truly costly to Kim and won't help move North Korea toward short-term disarmament, but provide a further basis for confidence building on which US-North Korea talks can move forward." Summit results: North and South relations The two countries also made advances on inter-Korean ties, announcing plans to link up their railways, allow more reunions for families separated by war and co-operate on health care. Mr Moon invited the North Korean leader to Seoul, suggesting the visit should take place before the end of this year. They will also seek to co-host the 2032 Summer Olympics. The South's defence minister and the head of the North Korean army also signed an agreement to reduce military tensions, establishing a buffer zone along the border to prevent accidental clashes. The signing came mid-way through a three-day visit to Pyongyang by Mr Moon. While it is the first trip to the North Korean capital in a decade by a leader from the South, it is Mr Moon's third meeting with Kim Jong-un since their historic summit in April. What does this mean for the US? Efforts towards denuclearisation between the North and the US had recently hit a deadlock and this week's Pyongyang summit will bolster the South's role as a mediator. Mr Trump was quick to tweet his applause for the Moon-Kim summit. The US and North Korea held their own historic meeting in June when Mr Trump and Mr Kim agreed in broad terms to work towards denuclearisation. Since then though, there's been little progress with no clear process nor timeline laid out. Most observers warn that so far the North has taken no meaningful steps to end its controversial nuclear weapons programme and this week's summit might not be enough to convince them otherwise. "For instance, the commitment to shutting down the Yongbyon complex is premised on reciprocal US measures, which raises difficulties," warns Mr Panda. "Washington will have to help move the needle here and it's unclear if the Trump administration can do that." Mr Trump recently said that he and Mr Kim would "prove everyone wrong", after he received an invitation from the North Korean leader for a second summit. Both sides say they are working on making that meeting happen. Source: BBC
Highlife musician, Rex Omar has questioned the God Ghanaians are worshiping. The musician told Kwame Tutu he is worried because although Ghana is tagged as a Christian community, we are behind compared to nations who are known to be associated with other forms of worship. Ghanaians he posited are dishonest peddle lies and yet go to church to sing, pray and praise God. He said, ‘’the Christ you serve spoke the truth and that is why he was killed. As a Ghanaian, when you speak the truth, people will mistake you for an arrogant person. I am not an arrogant person. I speak the truth.’’ He challenged Ghanaians to be radical like Christ who spoke the truth in order to help uproot corruption, evil and thievery in the country. ‘’I don’t hate any Ghanaian but it is so painful that a country blessed by God is lacking behind. We have everything. The human resource, the natural resources [but] because of our mindset and self hatred, we behave like someone who is hungry and has been given food in abundance, knows he/she cannot consume all the food but will waste it. There is so much we can do for ourselves but some few Ghanaians who get the opportunity to be in leadership position steal from the state and transfer the money abroad while Ghanaians are suffering.’’ ‘’I don’t know why we are suffering despite being a godly nation. What kind of God are we worshipping? Do we know the God we are worshipping? Which kind of God are we praying to? Is it the God who lives in us or the God that we created with our own minds? The award-winning musician stressed the need for us to love ourselves, eschew greed, be truthful and honest. ‘’We claim to love God but we hate our fellow man. What God are we worshipping? We go to church, pray and fast and yet we still live in our deplorable situation. In the midst of plenty, we still wallow in poverty; why?
The Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) has kicked against a new agreement between the government and StarTimes dubbed Access to Satellite TV for 300 Villages in Ghana Project’. According to GIBA, the agree will be inconsistent with a roadmap for Ghana’s Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) migration. The projected if rolled out will benefit 6,000 households drawn from 300 villages nationwide. The project is aimed at helping “our citizens to access TV information on national and international events and programmes that would educate and inform them; hence increasing their awareness and knowledge to improve their welfare,” the Ministry of Communications has explained. But GIBA has in a statement said: “The Agenda of StarTimes is not only aimed at profit or the indoctrination of Chinese culture (names, language, food, etc.) and programmes, but a larger mandate to take over the control of the broadcast space in strategic African countries including Ghana, which is crucial for the China game. Whereas today, China does not allow foreign ownership of media and for that matter, will not allow the African broadcast media the space to trade our African channels in their country. Why then should African states give our broadcast space in the fashion as we are experiencing at the moment?” The Association also stated that there has been no stakeholder consultation for the project that, stressing that the project will run counter to the National Digital Migration Policy and the existing Cultural Policy of Ghana if it is allowed to proceed. "GIBA is asking all Ghanaian patriots and rational thinkers, to join hands with the government to fashion out the means, to selectively deal with the Chinese relationship for financing of other projects, separate from the current moves by the Ministry of Communications for the Broadcasting sector. The various sectors of our country needs development and relating with China to achieve this may be in the right direction, but not when it destroys the future and holds back the gains already made by the Ghanaian citizens. "We advise the government to back out of whatever deals it has entered into with StarTimes, which as earlier stated, will negatively impact broadcasting in our nation – Ghana. We sincerely ask that broadcasting should be left out of the Chinese agenda. GIBA will like to emphatically state that, it will resist all attempts by any individual or groups of individuals, who seek to set back the gains that the Ghanaian broadcast media have made over the years," the Association said.
The Government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is committed to the implementation of its industrialisation plan, designed to transform the Ghanaian economy, and will therefore continue to offer similar incentives to local industries as those offered to foreign companies wishing to set up shop in Ghana, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has assured. The Vice President of the Republic reaffirmed government’s commitment to industrial growth when he gave the keynote address at the opening ceremony for the ongoing Ghana Industrial Summit and Exhibition 2018 at the Accra International Conference Centre on Tuesday 18th September, 2018. The Summit, under the theme “International Partnerships for Value-Added Industrial and Local Content Development” has been organised by the Association of Ghana Industries in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and provides an opportunity for stakeholders to deliberate on ways to ensure the growth and sustenance of Ghanaian industry. The Vice President indicated that special, industry-tailored policies and programmes are also being implemented by government, with a view to ensuring that newly revived companies not only find their feet and contribute to national development, but feed into the overall plan for increased value-addition to ensure greater earnings. Dr. Bawumia further stated that “in addition to the One District One Factory initiative, a key strategic focus of President Nana Akufo-Addo in Ghana’s industrialization drive is the establishment of an integrated Bauxite and Aluminium industry across the entire value chain of mining, refining, smelting, and downstream production to ensure value addition so that we earn more from the exploitation of our natural resources. That is a multi-billion value chain, VALCO is a key part of this value chain, and we hope to get them operating at full capacity soon,” Vice President Bawumia stated. It is because of this strategic vision that government has provided funding to restart the operations of VALCO and it is currently operating at 35% capacity after being shut down for several years. However “VALCO is currently importing alumina to smelter. The establishment of a bauxite refinery in Ghana is therefore imperative and the search for partners to build the refinery has begun,” he revealed. The Vice-President said another example of revival is the garment producing Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL). “ATL for example was dead. It was shut down, but Government has revived it and it has started operations. As you all know, we are going to be recruiting 100,000 graduates under the Nation Builders Corp (NABCO), in a few weeks. The 100,000 graduates will have some uniforms, and we are making sure that those uniforms are produced in Ghana, and ATL is producing the cloth for those uniforms. “Once the uniforms are produced, as you know each constituency is going to provide about 350 graduates for NABCO. We are also insisting that the local tailors in these constituencies are the ones that are going to sew the uniforms, so that we can have some economic activities at that level too.” Vice President Bawumia indicated that although a number of companies have already signalled their intent to take advantage of the Akufo-Addo government’s business-friendly policies, including global automotive giant VW and Sinotruk International, China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer, Government will take a holistic, forward-looking stance in the design of policy. “We’re not going to make policy for the benefit of one supplier, like VW or Nissan. We’re looking at a policy that applies to the entire automobile industry. We’ve had discussions for example with our local producers like Kantanka, so that we make sure that whatever incentives we’re providing to all these people who are interested in coming here, like the Nissans and VWs, are also available to the Kantankas of Ghana,” the Vice President emphasised. Similar policies to ensure value addition are also being examined for the petro-chemical industry.
Founder of All People's Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has slammed President Nana Akufo-Addo over the proposal by government to contract a $50 billion Chinese loan. Mr Hassan Ayariga believes the Chinese deals recently signed with Ghana is a form of recolonisation. At a press conference on Tuesday, the politician wondered why Nana Addo is borrowing despite claiming in opposition that, Ghana was sitting on money China is taking over the African countries of which Ghana will be the next country to enter into a reckless agreement with China. Read his comments on the Chinese loan President Nana Addo was recently in China to negotiate a 100 year bond agreement with China worth about $50 billion. The China I know have no free lunch for any country. We have had enough of China already. They have taken over our country’s land and polluting our water bodies with reckless abandon and shooting and maltreating our citizens. If we are so desperate for loans, should it be from China? Did the current regime whilst in opposition not say the money was there and that we were borrowing because of incompetence? Did President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, whilst in opposition not say “Ghana Yay3 morbor dodo. Y3ti sikasu nanso 3kom diy3n.” What has changed? I will like us to take a look at how China's "long term Collateralization " of loans strategy & her disguised Recolonization of African countries economically. After Britain had collateralized Chinese aids and guarantees with Hong Kong for 99 years, China has gained more experience than any country on earth on the intricacies of long term collateralization of assets. Examples are as follows: Philippines this year cancelled all Chinese aids. Their president was in Isreal last week for new partnership in arms. Malaysia cancelled Chinese speed train loan contract this year and opted for a costlier Japanese electromagnetic rail. Because all Chinese grants requires collateral with state critical assets. Singapore bluntly told China we don't need your 25 years tenure loan at 0.5%. Greece handed China a national asset last year on default, and European Union took measures to stop any further member country from taking Chinese loans. Sri Lanka had to cough out a port to China in similar circumstances. Zimbabwe is the second African country to default and will soon hand over a national asset. Lamu port in Kenya, which was constructed by China on a Chinese loan of $16 billion, will see Kenya default in 3 years time and the biggest port in east Africa and adjoining towns will be handed over to China for 99 years. Kindly note that in all these loans, no single dollar cash was handed over to the countries involved. In all cases, China will execute & build the projects (as is being done in the Abuja metro line project), using Chinese materials, equipments, technicians, etc that are all imported from China. But you owe and they patiently work underground for your default to pay back the loan, through their crafty manipulation and sabotage of your economy. After 15-25 years, they repossess your assets and now determine for the next 75 years your import rates (in case of Kenya) or rail charges (in case of Abuja, Nigeria) It’s rather pathetic how China is re-colonizing Africa by appealing to the ignorance and selfish interests of our leaders. Today, the Chinese are offering mouthwatering deals to Africa, both in cash transactions and the outmoded or rather defunct barter trade which seem very attractive on the outlook but dangerous in reality. The Zambian government contracted the Chinese, lazy-thought and glossed over detail, thinking they were granting consent to genuine terms but the whole thing just morphed into modern day colonialism. China is now proposing to take over the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport should Zambia Government fail to pay back its huge foreign debt on time. The issue of whether Zambia posses the required economic muscle to repay that debt is in contention considering the amount involved. It’s typical of the Chinese strategy. Ladies and gentlemen of the media, are we safe with these fake Chinese agreements? Let's be guided by the examples of the countries cited above and not fall victims of the situation. Mr. President we don’t need Chinese loan, how do you intend to pay for this loan?. Please stop this agreement with China.
Ghanaian legendary highlife musician, Rex Omar, has slammed the Ghanaian society for neglecting the creative economy. Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm today (Tuesday), the multiple award winning musician and President for the Ghana Music Rights Owners Association (GHAMRO) said, the only thing we cannot loose, as a country is the creative economy but unfortunately we have neglected it. Creativity he posited is not limited to music but everything that is associated with our lives. ‘’That is why we have allowed our Adinkra Symbols to be stolen by other countries and they are making money out it.’’ The musician who was speaking on how we can create job opportunities in the creative sector added, I wouldn’t be surprised if Koreans claim ownership of our Kente and its authentic designs. ‘’We are not setting our priorities right. That is why we have neglected our film industry. We have allowed our media to propagate other people’s culture. All TV stations are showing soap operas from India in Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.’’ He quizzed, ‘’don’t we have actors in Ghana? Don’t we have filmmakers in Ghana? We have the human resource,’’ but we lack the will and have neglected the creative sector. The late Nkrumah he said had a vision for the future hence the setting up of the Ghana Film Institute (NAFTI), Ghana Film Company and other creative bodies but our current breed of leaders lack vision, frustrate people we have used state resources to train and so they leave the country and go elsewhere to serve. ‘’We claim to have a film industry; the very school that will train the industry people, is in a deplorable state. What informed Ghana to sell Ghana Film Industry to the Malaysians? What informed us? We have opened the airwaves with no restrictions and so everyone is bringing in anything. This will not happen in a civilized country. Who controls our culture? Who controls this country in terms of culture? We have politicized everything in Ghana. We have reduced our discussions to NPP and NDC and neglected Ghana. We have become people who love their political parties than their country.’’ Rex Omar said, greed, selfishness and partisan politics has worsened our plight as Ghanaians.
The Executive Director of Centre for Transformational Leadership, Mr Samuel Ayim, has challenged President Akufo-Addo, to walk the talk on the assurance that, all persons who contributed to the collapse of some seven local banks would be punished. The private legal practitioner, corporate governance professional and former Group General Counsel and Company Secretary of the Ecobank Transnational Incorporated wondered why some professionals failed in their duties and allowed these banks to collapse. He attributed the collapse of the banks to negligence on the part of the Central Bank and the various professionals of the affected banks. Falsification of documents, lack of values and indiscipline he suggested also caused the collapse of the banks. He quizzed, ‘’ How do we explain the inaction and seeming complicity of state institutions and regulations while so-called professional bankers and their patrons and cronies drive our whole financial system into a ditch necessitating a near 12 billion Ghana cedis bailout by the sweat of our poor farmers and kayayei? The assurance given by the president he noted was good but admonished Ghanaians to impress upon the appropriate authorities to crack the whip where necessary. ‘’As a lawyer, I understand that you cannot pronounce anyone guilty until they have gone through the process. But the question we need to ask ourselves is, does the process even work? Does our law evenly apply to everybody? If you and I steal ‘agbilikaakro’ (cassava cake) on the street, you would have been beaten to death and the police will lock you up for years without trail. But what happens to so-called big men when they are involved? Very little is done…why should we even come this far? We have regulators who have the responsibility to monitor the banks. Did they go to sleep? The law has to work and it is important the law works so that people's hard won reputation can also be exonerated.’’ He went ahead to call for a new Ghana, a new Ghanaian leader who is ready to stand for the truth, honesty, hard work, humility, wise planning, common sense, self-discipline and generosity rather than the selfish pursuit of personal, family and friends gains at the expense of the corporate or national interest. We need leaders who value the people enough to work to add value to them not to take advantage of them of everything God has given to them, including their dignity. We need a shift from the poverty mentality which for me is the cause of the greed and corruption that has characterize all levels of leadership, even our churches.’’ The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has assured the Ghanaian people that “those responsible for the sequence of activities that led to the ‘banking crisis’ will face the full brunt of the law if they are found to have broken the law”. According to President Akufo-Addo, “It is not right that the overwhelming majority of ordinary Ghanaians should pay for the actions of a greedy few, without sanction.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Saturday, 15th September, 2018, when he delivered a speech at the 80th Anniversary of the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Legon. The President stated that “the so-called ‘banking crisis’”, and the collapse and subsequent consolidation of some indigenous banks have been caused by the cutting of corners, circumvention of the laws, flouting and non-adherence to regulations, apparently with the complicity of senior officials of the Bank of Ghana. The inefficient and poorly managed banks, as a result, required the robust intervention of the regulatory bodies to prevent the infection of the banking sector with these acts. Mr Samuel Ayim was speaking at the launch of the 2018 Live2Lead event slated for October 11-12, 2018 in Accra. The event will be held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Live2Lead 2018 will be addressed by world renowned and distinguished personalities including Carly Fiorina (Former CEO of Helwett-Packard and 2016 U.S presidential candidate), James Ebo Whyte (CEO/Artistic Director, Roverman Productions), Tyler Perry (World Renowned Filmmaker, Actor, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist), Debra Searle, MBE (Professional Adventurer and Serial Entrepreneur), Daniel Pink (Best Selling Author, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Drive and A Whole New Mind) and John C. Maxwell (Leadership Expect, Best and Coach-New York Best Selling Author and Speaker).
The second edition of Live2Lead has been launched with a call for a Shift to Value Based Transformational Leadership. At the press launch of the Live2Lead 2018, Executive Director for Centre for Transformational Leadership, Sameul K. Ayim, bemoaned the recent developments in Ghana including the collapse of 7 local banks, galamsey, intensity of fifth in our capital, the dehumanizing scenes in our hospitals saying, "these problems point to the need for a paradigm shift in the leadership construct that we have operated in Ghana". According to him, leadership is not just about occupying positions and enjoying huge fringe benefits. Rather, leadership is ‘’about adding value to the people we lead". In his view, if leaders cannot show that ‘’we are improving the lives of the people we are leading then we have no business accepting or contesting for leadership positions.’’ He wondered why endemic poverty was still affecting Ghanaians despite our enormous natural resources. ‘’…With all our natural resources endowments, how do we explain the endemic poverty among the vast majority of our people while few ‘create, loot and share’ the state coffers as if they are without a conscience? How do we explain treating sick and vulnerable on bare concrete floors while our leaders fly abroad for medical treatment? How do we explain pregnant women being carried on chairs to cross flooded rivers to the nearest (or shall I say Farthest) medical centre and thereby loosing their babies, just because we cannot construct simple bridges to facilitate transportation? ‘’Meanwhile, huge sums of money are squandered on ghost and uncompleted projects. How do we explain the inaction and seeming complicity of state institutions and regulations while so-called professional bankers and their patrons and cronies drive our whole financial system into a ditch necessitating a near 12 billion Ghana cedis bailout by the sweat of our poor farmers and kayayei? He further slammed pastors and ‘’so-called men of God giving out lotto numbers and magically conjuring cash while thousands of unsuspecting congregants, in their desperation and ignorance, flock to the so-called prophets as bees to honey, all in the name of God is still in the miracle business? The problems he enumerated he added have forcefully underscored the continuing relevance of Live2Lead which was first hosted in Ghana last year. Live2Lead is designed to deliver the very best leadership content to inspire and motivate leaders and their teams, help them connect with other influencers in the community and expand their business network with relationships that produce tangible results. Live2Lead is being simulcast in more than 300 locations across over 30 countries. The theme for this year’s Live2Lead is the SHIFT-addressing the shifts that leaders need to embrace in order to be successful and make the necessary impact. He called for a new Ghana stressing the need for a new Ghanaian leader who is ready to stand for truth, honesty, hard work, humility, wise planning, common sense, self-discipline (self leadership) and generosity (by which I mean the love and care for the followers rather than the selfish pursuit of personal, family and friends gains at the expense of the corporate or national interest.’’ Live2Lead 2018 will be addressed by world renowned and distinguished personalities including Carly Fiorina (Former CEO of Helwett-Packard and 2016 U.S presidential candidate), James Ebo Whyte (CEO/Artistic Director, Roverman Productions), Tyler Perry (World Renowned Filmmaker, Actor, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist), Debra Searle, MBE (Professional Adventurer and Serial Entrepreneur), Daniel Pink (Best Selling Author, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Drive and A Whole New Mind) and John C. Maxwell (Leadership Expect, Best and Coach-New York Best Selling Author and Speaker). The event is slated for October 11 and 12 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Participants will have a special bonus for the VIP registration including a night with Uncle Ebo Whyte as he talks about his own life and the shifts he has had to be where he is.
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