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A member of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, has indicated that, the appointment of Martin Amidu, as Special Prosecutor appears to be a trick. Speaaking on Nyankonton mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he added, the change Ghanaians called for has not been seen after the New Patriotic Party (NPP), took over office. This is because government is still planning to sell the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), government is bent on introducing Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). In terms of the policy direction, nothing has changed. What the NDC did and was voted out of office is the same thing the NPP is doing after winning power,’’ he said. ‘’Nothing has changed in terms of policy. The NPP is running a social media government and the major reason NPP was voted for has not been met.’’ In his view, if the police administration, EOCO and other such bodies should do their constitutional duties, the Office of the Special Prosecutor would not be necessary. ‘’We are only hoping the appointment of Martin Amidu, would help reduce corruption in the country,’’ he stated. He also disputed claims by some individuals that, Amidu was arrogant adding, ‘’if Amidu is arrogant; his arrogance is justified. He demonstrated knowledge, confidence and demonstrated that he is a competent individual. We wish him well and hope his appointment would not be a superfluous one.’’ On his part, Mr. Bismark Tawiah Boateng, the NDC Chairman for Eastern Region, said Martin Amidu was bitter in his responses. According to him, Amidu should not be over-hyped despite his competence. He also advised Amidu to desist from embarking on a witch-hunting spree but deliver his duties in an unbiased, professional and diligent manner. He challenged Martin Amidu to investigate every single corrupt act stating from the era of former President Kufour till date. He asked the president to swear him in so he would start work as soon as practicable.
Communications Director of the Sports Ministry, Mr. Elvis Adjei Baah, has disclosed that an amount of GHS 5 million has been allocated to the University of Ghana for the completion of the University of Ghana Sports Stadium. Mr. Elvis in an interview with Rainbow Sports noted that, it is true that the said amount of money has been given to the Authorities of the University to complete the project by October ending this year. “We will be very glad if the up-coming African Women’s Championship which is to be hosted in Ghana would be played at the stadium” he added. The Ministry has plans of making sure that the project is completed by the end of the year. He however urged workers on the project to ensure that they are able to meet the completion date of the facility before the African Women’s Championship. The Legon Sports Stadium has long been ear-marked as a National Stadium and was allotted some money for a re-construction but has long been abandon. Construction of the multi-million dollar stadium was started in 2004 by CONSAR Limited under the administration of former President John Agyekum Kuffuor. But, in the last four years, work has stalled after the Ghana Education Trust Fund GETFund decided not to finance the project. The stadium if completed will be one of the venues for 2018 African Women’s Championship to be hosted by Ghana. Meanwhile, the contractors have been ta By: Adnan Osman (Intern Rainbow Radio)
General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, says the Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu,has tainted his own image after he failed to provide evidence in support of his corruption tag against former President John Dramani Mahama. Martin Amidu prior to the 2016 elections, staged a campaign against former President John Dramani Mahama. He described Mahama as a looter and called on Ghanaians to vote him out because a vote for him, would have led to the state going bankrupt. But appearing before the Appointments Committee in parliament yesterday [Tuesday], Martin Amidu, said describing Mahama as a looter, and corrupt was premised on perception. He gave the answer after Samson Ahi asked him to justify why he made the allegations against Mahama. He also told the committee that, if the attributions the legislator referred to him were true, then it would be defamatory for him to have made the allegations. ''If the statement he made is true, it can be said to be defamatory and the ex-president could have dealt with me but he didn’t and I don’t want to go into that now when he is out of office. But reacting to the answers given by the nominee, Asiedu Nketia said, the nominee has tainted his own image because he would be the one to be affected. In a way, he has agreed that, whatever he said about Mr. Mahama and others were untrue and based on perception.’’ He also cautioned Mr. Amidu not go to court based on perception when approved because he would be embarrassed in court.
A 35-year-old resident of Kasoa whose name was only given as Jay-Jay, has allegedly defiled a 9-year-old girl. Narrating the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, our correspondent, Nana Yaw Asare, said mother of victim realized something usual about the daughter and when she confronted her, the victim confirmed to her mother that, the suspect allegedly abused her sexually. The incident occurred on Tuesday February 13, 2018 at Kasoa. According to Nana Yaw Asare, the suspect lured the victim into his room and took advantage of her. The incident yesterday according to the victim, was the third time the suspect abused her. The suspect is currently in police custody and would soon be processed for court.
The Executive Director of the National Population Council Dr. Leticia Appiah, has said, if Ghana wants to eradicate poverty and empower citizens to have a stable life, then population growth must be checked. According to her, if those below 15 years which constitute the dependency rate are more, it makes it difficult for the country to develop. She was speaking at a day's workshop for media practitioners on the theme "Role of the media in promoting effective population management as key development agendas" She emphasized the need for people to appreciate population control. One of the major development challenges developing nations are faced with is population. Dr. Appiah went on to state that, ‘’ excessive population has various adverse effects including undue pressure on natural resources.’’ The public should be told and made to understand the consequences of having too many children, she added. Unplanned pregnancies she stressed affect population and in most cases, these children are deprived of education and when that occurs, illiteracy, diseases and other negative effects increases. We need to communicate to the general public to expand their reasoning and understanding on the need for population control, she concluded. The current population of Ghana is 29,222,946 as of Wednesday, February 14, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Ghana population is equivalent to 0.39% of the total world population. Ghana ranks number 49 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in Ghana is 129 per Km2 (335 people per mi2). The total land area is 227,540 Km2 (87,854 sq. miles) 54.4 % of the population is urban (16,018,511 people in 2018) The median age in Ghana is 20.5 years. (statistics from http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ghana-population/)
The DCE for Zabzugu Hon Ahmed Idrissu Abubakar, together with World Vision inaugurated a three-unit classroom block with a staff common room and headmaster's office at Kalegu Junior High School in the Zabzugu district. The building was constructed by World Vision- a nongovernmental organization however with an agreement that it be furnished by the Zabzugu District Assembly. Speaking to the media during the inauguration of the building, the DCE, Hon. Ahmed Abubakar, explained that, the project was a fulfillment of the Nana Addo led administration and the Zabuzugu District Assembly's commitment to complement NGOs' efforts in the area of education. He said, as part of efforts in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4, his assembly is poised to working with its development partners in the field of Education and its allied agents. The project is expected to ease congestion and facilitate serene teaching and learning ambiance in the school. The DCE mentioned that, the teachers now have a rest room in the school, stocked with comfortable sofa, creating a cozy environment to mark students' exercises. In a related development, the DCE equally inaugurated mechanized boreholes in some communities with the district namely Tasundo, Sabare No.1, Moncheni and Zakurli A and B providing technical support, and also pledged to take control of their maintenance and sustainability. “I challenged these beneficiary communities to observe Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) so as to increase Open Defecation Free (ODF) communities in the District. The share of social amenities will now be tied to strict adherence to Sanitation". Hon Ahmed counseled. By: Prince Kwame Tamakloe
Veteran actress, Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dokono, says the late actor, Asonaba Kwaku Darko, popularly known as Super OD deserves a state burial. The actor passed away on Tuesday, February 13 at the Swedru Government Hospital in the Central Region. The 84-year-old veteran actor had been out of the public’s eye for some time due to his illness and had been living in Agona Swedru. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Maame Dokono, described the death as sorrowful although he was over 80 years. Recounting how she met the late Super OD, the actress said she met the actor in the 80s and described him as a ’’super actor’’ with extraordinary talent. ‘’Super OD left behind a legacy. He was hardworking and his works helped to transform and shape lives,’’ she noted. When asked if they made enough money in the 80s, she said, actors and actresses in those days worked with passion and the desire to inspire and transform lives was the major factor that influenced their works. Super OD, who started acting in the 1970s, gained national prominence in the 1990s for roles in popular series, Akan Drama on Ghana Television. He was part of the Oppong Drama Group which later became known as Osofo Dadzie Group.
The establishment of the Special Prosecutor Officer and nomination of Martin Amidu, to hold the office has been seen as a measure to help eradicate corruption. President Nana Akufo-Addo has consistently posited that the Special Prosecutor will help fight corruption efficiently. The president has said he has confidence in the Office of the Special Prosecutor to deal with corrupt government officials, adding that, “the Office is expected to get rid of the fear of partisan prosecution among Ghanaians”. “Let me state again that, current office holders are as likely to be investigated and prosecuted by the Special Prosecutor if a case is made out against them, as past office holders,” President Akufo-Addo said. At his vetting yesterday [Tuesday], Martin Amidu described himself as the best candidate to hold that office. However, the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-Ghana)-a policy think tank, has cautioned Ghanaians not be so excited about the Special Prosecutor. The think tank believes the fight against corruption would be fruitless without proper ‘’forensic research investigations’’. He admonished government to consider ‘’…restructuring the structures of the economic, social and security institutions, to suppress the seepages than to Waite till it occurs because there's a Special Prosecutor.’’ The statement signed by Executive-Director, Peter Bismark, underscored the need for the Right to Information Bill to be passed because ‘’ The Bill would check everyone to enhance transparency and accountability including the State Attorneys.’’ Read Below the Full statement A Cup of Coffee to The President Peter Bismark To many, the hope of fighting corruption is the Office of the Special Prosecutor. Corruption is just like the Tongue of the human's oral cavity that cannot be easily tamed. It won't be an easy task for the Special Prosecutor to even reduce this organized crime by 30% without proper forensic research investigations. However, it's my fervent prayer that he succeeds to recoup a substantial amount for the State. In my candid opinion, the best solution is to prevent the corruption from happening than to allow it to occur before sending it to the prosecutorial pharmacist to look for drugs to dehydrate the perpetrators. There's is a maxim that states:"prevention is better than cure". If this statement is not a fallacy of hasty generalization, then this self explanatory adage must be upheld. My worries are that, I have not seen any measurable outputs of the government to close the porosity of the public institutions that baths under corruption shower and smears its lotion. The undermonitored supply chain management of government's expenditure and distribution of resources with related leakages from the central government through to the decentralized system have had little or no attention. Government's hope of fighting corruption must first be to restructuring the structures of the economic, social and security institutions, to suppress the seepages than to Waite till it occurs because there's a Special Prosecutor. These institutions do not need to be empowered any more. For how long do we need to empower the same people who steal with impunity? Overhaul and hunt for means of patching those created holes that steals from the State coffers.The systems in place to mobilize and distribute resources are weak like a day old chick. I feel what's stolen from State is more than what's given to the State. The Right to Information Bill is needed at this time. Verified Information and documentary evidences would be needed to cure and prevent corruption from laying its dirty hands on Law abiding taxpayers monies. The Bill would check everyone to enhance transparency and accountability including the State Attorneys. I remembered last year, when I decided to help community in the Western Region to fight for their rights because a State Institution is fighting for a foreign company against its own people due to the "bribery incentives" the State institution receives. My Institute (#ILAPI) decided to investigate this from the Minerals Commission. At the Minerals Commission, we were asked to pay $500 before we could get assess to such information of which the Commission might be sighted in our report. It ended there because I was not ready to pay. RTB will help us cushion the SP to prevent and kick corruption out. Embrace the blockchain to prevent and fight corruption. The immutability of the blockchain can track all government's expenditures, resource mobilization and distribution as well as humans identity. #ILAPI has the innovation. The potentials exhibited by this technology can make Ghana and Africa work again if we are serious to tame corruption. Government resources often ends in the hands of the few selfish individuals, milking and diverting them for special interest projects, and ushering the majority into poverty. The technology has the tendency to make work easier for governments. Pilot it at one sector of the economy to test the validity and reliability of the blockchain. The blockchain technology would help in Land Title Registrations, National Identification Cards issuance, Birth Certificates, fighting crime and especially at the health sector were the technology is much needed. At the Metropolitan Municipal District offices where corruption is a Baobab tree with no hope of withering now, can track Internally Generated Funds, such as Property Rate collection, ticketing, and the common funds and loans. The best coffee for the president to fighting corruption is to prevent than to cure. Peter Bismark ILAPI
Mr. Martin Amidu, the appointee for the Office of Special Prosecutor, has revealed that there was a breach of trust when he served under late Mills hence his resignation from office. He made the remarks after he was asked whether he was sacked for insubordination under the late Mills. Mr. Amidu stated that he offered to resign after a misunderstanding and wasn’t sacked as it has been widely reported in the media. “Mr. Chairman, I can assure you that I was not dismissed for insubordination…there is a court judgement that stated that my dismissal was unlawful.” The citizen vigilante added “so if anybody gives the impression that I was dismissed for insubordination, he should go to the court and read the judgment.” According to him, the previous Atta Mills government was asked by the court to pay him a settlement salary which the previous government continued to drag its feet about paying. He described the late Mills as a ‘’close friend’’ and he [Amidu] was his ‘’close confident and advisor’’. The death of the late Mills he noted pained him and that was why I wrote a tribute in honour of his memory. “Professor Mills was a very close friend and I was a close confidant and adviser and I’m saying that His Excellency Sir Bebako Mensah his secretary will tell you there’s no week he doesn’t send for me specifically until the thirteenth. I don’t know who asked him to call me and my brother’s wife and put those questions to me, that’s when I thought there was breach of trust so I told him I won’t serve you again. I said it that you asked me to come as a friend, if you don’t trust me as a friend I will not serve you again. “…On the nineteenth, they announced that they had terminated my appointment then somebody goes and says my appointment was terminated for misconduct, so I went to court. That’s the situation, Bebako Mensah is alive, he was Ambassador to the Vatican, he was there, Martey Newmann was there, Bettey Mould Iddrisu was there, I was there. Bettey Mould’s husband and I continued talking, I have the emails here, don’t let us go there. That is why I wrote a tribute when Prof. died, it pained me that he died, Naadu (late President Mills wife) will tell you that we were very close even after the event. Prof. told people what he thought about being pressured to let me go.”
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