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The Government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has, through innovative ideas and carefully thought-through policies and programmes, achieved more in 16 months than the previous 8 years of the NDC, Vice President Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has declared. Innovative programmes such as ‘Free Senior High School’ to remove the barrier of finance in the acquisition of Secondary education; ‘One Village One Dam’ and ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’ to deal with the challenges in the agricultural sector; ‘One District One Factory’ to promote industrialisation, and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to deal with the canker of corruption are just a few examples of the seminal initiatives of this Government, Dr Bawumia insists. The Vice President, who was speaking at various mosques during the Eastern Region leg of his nationwide Ramadan Tour on Sunday 20th May, 2018, said the Akufo-Addo government had also done more for the Zongo community than any other government in Ghana’s history. “We promised to pay closer attention to the developmental needs of the Zongos, and for the first time in the history of Ghana, President Nana Akufo-Addo has not only appointed a Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development Affairs, but has set up a Zongo Development Fund and set aside budgetary allocation of Ghs100 million for it. Just last week we appointed a CEO and two Deputies to run the Zongo Development Fund. This is evidence that when we make a promise we keep it,” Alhaji Dr Bawumia emphasised. “To ensure that our children receive both English and Arabic education, about 3,000 Arabic instructors will be engaged this year” he added. Faced with the challenge of graduate unemployment, the Akufo-Addo government again thought out of the box and has launched the Nation Builders Corps to offer the opportunity of acquiring skills and experience to 100,000 graduates this year in seven different modules, the Vice President indicated. “At least 350 graduates will be engaged in each district and they will be on the module for three years during which they will receive training and still get paid. That is the result of critical thinking, to solve the challenges Ghana faces, not critical thinking to find ways to deprive the ordinary citizen of the benefits of being a Ghanaian, what the court described as Create, Loot and Share. “We will not create, loot and share, that is why we have reduced electricity tariffs, 30% for industry and 17.5% for households. That is a sign of a Government that cares about its citizens, and not one that will put its citizens through hardship while they enrich themselves.”
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has charged the Bank of Ghana to help indigenous banks to grow and survive, as part of the ongoing reform of the banking sector being undertaken by the Central Bank. According to President Akufo-Addo, the viability of the banking and financial sectors is critical in any nation’s quest for rapid economic development and investment growth, adding that a nation’s economic fortune is often as good as its banking system and the confidence in its monetary environment. That is why recent scenes in the banking sector, the President noted, has been a cause of worry for many Ghanaians, and was, thus, relieved that the Bank of Ghana is tightening up its regulatory and oversight activities on banks. “We cannot afford instability or recklessness in the banking and financial sectors. For any loss of confidence in the banks is bound to have a ripple effect on the stability of the economy as a whole,” he bemoaned. He thus urged all Ghanaians to allow the regulator, which is the Central Bank, to deal with these matters and restore sanity and confidence. “It is in all our interests that all financial matters are dealt with professionally and without political interference, no matter how tempting. Nonetheless, it is important that the regulator recognises that a banking sector dominated by foreign-owned banks does not bode well for the Ghana Beyond Aid project,” President Akufo-Addo said. He continued, “It is essential that indigenous banks grow and survive in any meaningful reform of the banking system. I am confident that the regulator, the Bank of Ghana, appreciates this.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Monday, 21st May, 2018, he delivered an address at the 3rd Ghana CEO Summit, held at the Kempinski Hotel, on the theme “Leadership, Innovation and Investment for Business and Economic Transformation.” Help create jobs Describing widespread youth unemployment as the greatest threat to the country’s democracy and its stability, President Akufo-Addo stated that Ghana must develop an economy in which sustainable jobs are created to absorb the youth that enter the job market every year. “Real, sustainable jobs are created by the private sector, and I urge you to partner the government and take advantage of the opportunities that are coming up. The ‘One District One Factory’ Initiative is one that has been subjected to intense preparation and provides great opportunities,” he said. Despite Government leading this effort, President Akufo-Addo was hopeful that the private sector will rise to the occasion, identify niche areas, and establish viable industrial concerns in the districts. This, he said, is the way Ghana can build her own Samsungs, Kawasakis, Suzukis and Hyundais. “This model of ‘One District One Factory’ is a necessity of our time, and a key strategy towards the eradication of poverty and the creation of employment around the country. I urge you to take advantage of the various incentives that have been put in place, and help make a success of the programme,” he said.
The attention of the Office of HE John Dramani Mahama has been drawn to the false comments made by President Nana Akufo-Addo to the effect that the unprecedented capital investments made by the Mahama administration cannot be seen and are “ghost projects”. It is regrettable that President Akufo-Addo has yet again failed to exhibit candour in his speech, this time to the Chiefs and people of Nkoranza in Brong Ahafo Region. It is even more worrying when there is overwhelming evidence of the massive investment made in the provision of various projects for the people of Ghana. Mr. Mahama, who remains grateful to the people of this country for the opportunity to serve them, is gratified that he was able to provide tangible development in all sectors that enhanced the quality of life of Ghanaians. The least President Akufo-Addo must do is to add to his predecessor’s significant gains instead of rolling back the clock of socio-economic transformation. After seventeen months in office, what the people want to see are the projects initiated or started by the President since he was sworn into office. In the Brong Ahafo Region, for instance, the region had its fair share of development, which can be honestly attested to by the chiefs and people of the Region. How the President can say these are ghost projects is surprising. For the benefit of the President, I wish to provide below, a list of some projects undertaken by the John Dramani Mahama administration between 2013 and 2016 in the Brong Ahafo Region. ROADS SECTOR 1. Dormaa Ahenkro- Nkrankwanta road 2. Dormaa Ahenkro Town roads 3. Dormaa Ahenkro- Babianiha roads 4. Babianiha- Antwirifo roads 5. Nkoranza Town roads 6. Nkoranza- Jema Road 7. Wenchi Town roads 8. Techiman Town roads 9. Techiman- Offuman roads 10. Sunyani Town roads 11. Jema-Amoma-Anyima road 12. Nkoranza - Busunya road 13. Goaso-Akyerensua road 14. Mmahame Junction - Dadiesoaba road 15. Dadiesoaba - Siechem road 16. Sunyani Senior High School roads. In addition to the above, the following road projects had been awarded and were under construction at the time the NDC left office in January 2017. 1. Kintampo Town roads 2. Jema Town roads 3. Atebubu-Kwame-Danso roads 4. Sankore - Nobekwa road 5. Bechem Town roads. HEALTH SECTOR As part of efforts to bring healthcare to the doorstep of the people of the Brong Ahafo region, the John Mahama administration constructed, equipped and operationalized five (5) polyclinics at Techimantia, Kwatire, Bomaa, Wamfie and Nkrankwanta. The TAIN District Hospital at Nsawkaw, started by the same government, was about 75% complete at the time the NDC exited office. A total of one hundred and twenty-one (121) CHPS Compounds were also constructed across the region. The region also benefitted from the National Hospital Equipment Replacement Programme under which modern health equipment were installed in all public hospitals. EDUCATION SECTOR We wish to remind President Akufo-Addo that it was the Mills and Mahama administration that established the first Public University in the history of the Brong Ahafo Region, the University of Energy and Natural Resources- UNER, which today has a student population of more than three thousand (3000). The Mahama administration also established the Dormaa satellite campus of the UNER and provided many transformative facilities on the main Sunyani Campus of the University. The following Health Training Institutions were established in the region- Sampa Nursing Training School, Techiman Nursing Training School, Yamfo College of Health, Dadiesoaba Nursing Training School, Seikwa Nursing Training School, Kwapong Nursing Training School and Goaso Midwifery School. To further expand educational facilities and opportunities in the region, the following projects were undertaken: 1. Construction of fifteen (15) Community Day Senior High Schools (Danyame, Techimantia, Techiman, Kasapin, Duadaso, Kintampo, Awrowa amoing others) 2. The absorption and enhancement of 16 other Community Secondary Schools in the region e.g. Sankore Senior High School. 3. Establishment of a satellite campus in Techiman for the University of Education Winneba. 4. Expansion of the Nkoranza Technical Institute by constructing eleven (11) new structures for the Institute. 5. Construction of over two hundred and forty (240) six-unit classroom blocks for basic schools in the region. These projects were all at different stages of completion as at January 2017. Additionally, the NDC Government constructed educational facilities ranging from dormitories, classroom blocks and administration blocks in almost every Public Senior High School in the region. WATER SECTOR To ensure access to potable water in order to ensure good health and enhance productivity, President Mahama provided the Brong Ahafo region with the following: 1. Berekum Water project- this project will supply the people of Berekum and its environs with water till the year 2050 2. Construction of 23 Community Small Town Water projects across the Region 3. 1,446 Boreholes and 71 solar-powered boreholes across the region 4. Expansion of Bechem and Duayawkwanta water facilities. RURAL ELECTRIFICATION Under the leadership of President John Mahama, over seven hundred (700) communities in the region were added to the national grid. These communities included Danyame, Nsesreso, Antwirifo, communities in the Nkrankwanta District and eighty (80) communities in the Kintampo Municipality among others. Let me place on record that the above list is by no means exhaustive. It is therefore inexplicable how any citizen of Ghana would purport not to be aware of these visible investments much less the President of Ghana, who should and can assess information about all these very easily. Even as we remain convinced that an unwholesome political motive may have informed the President feigning ignorance, we wish to encourage him to use the opportunity offered by these tours, to explain to the people of Ghana why they should continue to repose confidence in him after having disappointed them through his failure to honour many campaign promises. We note, sadly, that owing to this failure, President Akufo-Addo is touring the country empty handed with little or nothing to show for his stewardship so far. As a consequence, he has resorted to making more promises on his regional tours after seventeen months in office. The much awaited campaign promises of ‘one District, one factory’, ‘one village, one dam’, ‘one million dollars for each constituency every year’ are yet to to materialize. Also conspicuously missing on the President’s agenda in the Brong Ahafo Region was a tangible update on efforts to make good his promise to pay victims of the micro-finance scams that became a subject of his campaign in 2016. SIGNED Joyce Bawah Mogtari Special Aide Monday May 21, 2018
US-based Ghanaian athlete, Nadia Chika Eke, has disclosed that sports chose her and she was active from her childhood days. In exclusive interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, she revealed that sports became part of her life at a tender age. She however indicated in the interview that, she only realized three years ago that athletics was going to be her profession. ‘’The funny thing was that I didn’t realize until probably three years ago, not because I didn’t think I was not capable of it. I just never really; let me backtrack… I went to Columbia University in New York City. It is an Ivy League School so the focus is academics and so being in that environment… I realized that there was a space for me as an athlete and there is something I can bring to the table that was completely different and that was what pushed me,’’ she added. Nadia Eke stated that sports gave her the discipline and the exposure to explore. The profession she said does not pay but she is not doing it for the money or recognition. When asked if her parents at a point tried to stop her from being an athlete, she said, ‘’the funny thing is that, I am so blessed because I would say that I had the most supportive who provided me the needed support.’’ He urged parents not to limit their wards to only text books but allow them to explore. Eke, in 2014, won silver medal for Ghana at the African Championships. She was the first to qualify for the 2017 World Championships. However, she is yet to acquire the needed financial support to enable her prepare adequately to participate fully in various international athletic competitions. Ghana she believes is endowed with talents just like Jamaica but because e we do not invest in these talents, they are unable to perform. She stressed the need for corporate Ghana and government to invest in sports since it will put the nation on the world map. Nadia Eke is currently embarking on a project dubbed, ‘’LeaPS (Learn. Play. Succeed) The project is meant to help Ghanaian student-athletes reach their full potential. LeaPS is a project, founded by a team of passionate successful student-athletes, focused on helping underprivileged primary school girls (ages 10-14) in Accra, Ghana to reach their full academic and athletic potential. Since many children of the region are deprived of adequate support, this program aims to create an awareness of the incredible opportunities that being a successful student-athlete can bring to a person’s life. LeaPS has partnered with three local schools and US-Africa Children’s Fellowship, in the hopes that this partnership will provide much needed resources for these emerging student- athletes to discover and cultivate their often overlooked and under-appreciated mental and physical talents. This past Christmas we donated over US$10,000 worth of equipment to our local schools in Teshie and Latebiokorshie. Although this is not much, it is the foundation that will not only change the culture of girls in sports but also sports in Ghana. The hope is that this new beginning can lead on a new journey where we nurture and cultivate our own athletes and future leaders.” About the Athlete NADIA EKE, a multi-time Ivy League Champion, four-time NCAA All American, and an African Championship Gold Medalist: these are just a few of the incredible results of a childhood grounded in athletics. “Being an athlete was simply the life I have always known, and to be honest, a life I took for granted until recently. Athletics has made a huge difference in my life bringing not only accolades, but also giving me the opportunity to further my education at one of the top universities in the world. You can read the project in full in the attached file.
The usually busy railway station of the Accra Central Business District was today [Monday] 21/05/18 seen cleared as never before. A visit to the hawker centre revealed that the Minister for Railways Development, Hon. Joe Ghartey, is embarking on a working tour to the place following the sack to make way for his visit. The usual gate fee collected from people before having access to the train station was seized and for that matter everyone entered the place freely. The exact time for the minister’s visit has not been made clear for the petty traders who have over the years resisted vacating place as demanded by authorities to know when they may return for full business. It would be recalled that a train derailed at Tesano in Accra in October 2017 and since then the city has hardly seen locomotive pulling any coaches along its line to commute passengers for their daily activities. By: Daniel Asuku
The FPSO Prof John Evans Atta Mills will from Monday, May 28, 2018 shutdown, the Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) has announced. The planned shutdown of gas supply from the FPSO Prof John Evans Atta Mills which is expected to last 21 days is to allow for turret remediation works of the FPSO. A joint statement issued by the Volta River Authority (VRA) and Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) to that effect said, “The above-mentioned gas works are critical as they would significantly increase the amount of natural gas to run the power generating facilities at Aboadze and improve the overall reliability of power supply to the country.’’ According to the statement, the exercise is not expected to affect gas supply from the Tweneboa, Enyenra, Ntomme (TEN) oil fields. “There will therefore be only a minimal loss of some power generation from VRA plants at Aboadze and the AMERI plant,” it said. “We shall institute measures to the extent possible, to prevent any supply disruptions.We take this opportunity to assure electricity consumers and the general public that the power situation will be managed in the most efficient manner during the period to address any challenges in power supply,” it concluded.
itel, a mobile phone brand committed to providing budget-friendly, high quality products boasting excellent user experience under TRANSSION Holdings, has launched its first three smartphones which run on the Android™ Oreo™ operating system (Go edition) – itel P32, A32F and A15, into the Ghanaian market. itel is one of the first global mobile phone brands to partner with Google on the Android Oreo project. In line with itel’s commitment, this initiative aims to benefit the brand’s millions of consumers in global emerging markets and empower them to enjoy mobile life at affordable price points. itel P32, A32F and A15 which feature the new Android™ Oreo™ operating system (Go edition) present a number of benefits to consumers including: • A smooth and fast experience tailored to devices with 1GB of RAM • New and reimagined Google apps for entry-level smartphones including Google™ Go, YouTube Go, and the Google Assistant for Android™ (Go edition) • Enhanced data efficiency Speaking at the launch in Accra, the General manager of itel, Stephen Yang said“We are delighted to launch the first batch of itel smartphones powered by the Android™ Oreo™ operating system,” He added that the mobile communication device that has revolutionized human social life should belong to everyone stressing that partnership with Google will make it easier for consumers in emerging markets, especially in Africa regions and also offer them an opportunity to afford an efficient and user-friendly smartphone. The West Africa Partnership Manager, Google, Martin Njoroje on his part noted “Android Oreo (Go edition) is specifically optimised to bring the magic of Google and Android to smartphones with limited memory and processing power. We’re excited to see itel take the next step towards bringing computing to more people by launching Android Oreo (Go edition) phones.” "The specifications and features of each of the launched smartphones have been specially built for our consumers in Ghana. The new Android™ Oreo™ Operating System(Go edition) opens a new world of convenience for users of these 3 itel smartphones" itel P32 The itel P32 comes with the 5.5-inches IPS 18:9 full screen display with a 5MP/5MP rear dual camera and dual flash lights. The device is packed with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, powered by MT6580M Qual-core 1.3GHz processor. It houses a 4000mAh big battery with one charge for 3 days, as well as a fingerprint sensor for easy access to the phone. itel A32F itel A32F comes with 5.0-inches big display and 5MP AF rear camera with 1.4μm big pixel and 2MP selfie camera with 1.65μm big pixel. It supports 1.3GHz Quad-Core MT6580M, 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM (expandable to 32GB of storage), and 2050mAh battery. Especially, this device offers multi-functional fingerprint sensor at affordable price to allow users to program up to five fingerprints and quickly access to their favourite apps, calls, cameras with security. itel A15 itel A15 also comes with a 5.0-inch display screen and 5MP AF rear camera with 1.4μm big pixel, and a 2MP selfie camera with 1.65μm big pixel. It supports 1.3GHz Quad-Core MT6580M, 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM (expandable to 32GB of storage), and 2050mAh battery. The device will be available in three colours – midnight black, starry blue and rose gold. According to the Public Relations Manager of itel, Michael Tuekpe “The devices promises an exciting and intriguing smartphone experience. He said "the phones durability is highly guaranteed and still has twelve months warranty". About itel Established in 2007 in Hong Kong, itel Mobile is an innovative brand specializing in mobility solutions. With its brand philosophy "Join • Enjoy", itel will continue to empower every individual by providing best in class, reliable and trendy communication devices at an affordable rate. Its product portfolio comprises smartphones, tablets and feature phones. Over the past decade the brand has become a household name in the industry spreading its presence in 40 countries across the globe. By: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah
The Accra High Court has dismissed Dr Stephen Opuni’s attempt to have his bank accounts unfrozen. Dr Opuni, the immediate past CEO of COCOBOD, who is standing trial for allegedly causing financial loss to the tune of Gh¢217.3 million to the state, had his bank accounts frozen by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) following a High Court order. After months of having his bank accounts under the control of EOCO, Dr Opuni’s lawyers obtained a High Court order on April 23, 2018 for the accounts to be unfrozen But the victory was short-lived, as EOCO filed an ex-parte motion the following day, April 24, 2018, and obtained another order from the same court for the accounts to be frozen again. Not happy with EOCO’s action, Dr Opuni filed another application at the same High Court seeking to get access to his accounts. Court decision But in a ruling Monday, the court presided over by Mrs Georgina Mensah, dismissed Dr Opuni’s application. She, however, did not give her reasons and told the parties involved to apply for the full ruling for the reasons. Source: GraphicOnline
The former communications director for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akomea, has called members of the elephant family to support Mahama’s decision to contest the 202 presidential race. In a post, the current managing director for the INTERCITY STC said the race would be fought on the record of Mahama as against that of President Akufo-Addo in 2020. According to Nana Akomea, ‘’The NPP should be quietly supportive of president Mahama leading the NDC into the 2020 election. With any other candidate for the NDC, the election will be fought on president Akufo-Addo's record as against the promises of that candidate. He added: ‘’Against president Mahama however, the contest will be about president Akufo-Addo's four year record against the four year record of president Mahama, a record that earned him the historic 44.7% vote. I will look forward to that contest.’’ Former President John Dramani Mahama has said he will not disappoint those calling on him to contest. The former leader in a post told the supporters of NDC that he is waiting for the guidelines by the umbrella family as they prepare to elect the next leader to lead the party. His post read: ‘’ I want to congratulate the rank & file and executives of our party, the NDC, at all levels for the commitment and work rate we have put into our reorganization efforts. The zeal and determination of the average sympathizer of our great party is greater and miles ahead of what it was after the December 2016 Elections. We need to keep up with the momentum generated and follow the published timelines. To you the teeming supporters and sympathizers calling and requesting me to declare my intentions for the future, I wish to assure you today, that as a servant-leader, I have listened to your calls and reflected. I will not disappoint you even as we await the publication of the party’s guidelines for selecting a new leader.’’
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