2019 SONA: Ghanaians want you to disband vigilante groups-Minority to Prez

Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, has challenged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to disband all vigilante groups in the country.

The MP for Banda says, the only thing Ghanaians want to hear from the president during his state of the nation address which is scheduled to take place in some few weeks is for him [Nana Addo], to tell them he has disbanded all vigilante groups.

The president must also tell Ghanaians he is willing to resource all the various state securities to make sure they work efficiently.

According to Mr Ibrahim, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), does not entertain the existence of vigilante groups and has therefore asked the president to emulate the NDC and disband all the groups associated with the ruling party.

Speaking to Rainbow Radio’s parliamentary correspondent, Afia Kwarteng, the MP said, this will not help our inter party activities. I do not subscribe to vigilante groups and so the president should disband them.’’

He cautioned the president against delays and warned he [Nana Addo] may not be able to contain such groups.

‘’No political party should entertain vigilante groups, their existence is a threat to our democracy and security. We have a history of how vigilante groups have affected the development of a country and so we do not have to entertain them.’’


Mr Ahmed Ibrahim said, our security personnel including the police are professionally trained as compared to the vigilante groups ‘’clothed in national security uniforms to unleash mayhem on Ghanaians.’’


President Akufo-Addo is expected to address the nation on the security challenges confronting the country.



Areas expected to get the attention of the president are the free senior high school, regional capitals for the new regions, district assembly election and teacher motivation.


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