I’ve not called to congratulate anyone, I’ve won 10 regions-Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has declared he will resist any attempt by the government to rig the elections which have gone in his favour.

The candidate of the NDC addressing an emergency press conference stated without mincing words that he has not congratulated any person.

Mr. Mahama said no attempt should be made to “steal this election because we will resist it”.


He accused the president of using the military to change election results in some constituencies they (NDC) have already won.

He said it was clear that Ghanaians want the Nana Addo led administration out of power.

He insisted the NDC will not allow anyone to rig the polls.

Mr. John Dramani Mahama added that the NDC has won 140 seats in parliament and no attempt should be made to subvert that.

The NDC he noted has won 10 regions out of the 16 regions.

He said the NDC has collated its results and are confident of victory.

He was reacting to a fake statement that has gone viral on social media with the name of the former president conceding defeat.


By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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