The multiplicity of regional music awards schemes good for the industry-Tsormanah

Entertainment critic Chris Tsormanah has opined that the multiplicity of awards schemes in the country especially at the regional level is not bad as some have suggested.

To him, this will rather create healthy competition and boost the industry.

Appearing on Rainbow Entertainment, he indicated the regional awards schemes would help appreciate up and coming musicians who are usually not appreciated by the top award schemes in the country.


“The multiplicity of awards schemes at the regional level is healthy for the industry. Usually, we only centralize the schemes in the capital without focusing our attention on the other regions. Within every region, we have talents but they don’t get the opportunity to come to Accra and so for us to organize these awards at the regional level, it is brilliant.”

Chris Tsormanah maintained these awards schemes will propel the winners to come to the limelight hence the organizers should be commended.

He argued these regional awards schemes could even make the top music awards scene competitive explaining that if for example, all the top winners from the regions get a spot in VGMAs or 3Music, it will make the competition competitive because residents in these regions would want their winners to win.

Meanwhile, DJ Possible has doubted the sustainability of these schemes at the regional level saying it will not last.

The credibility of the schemes he added could also come into question.

Organizing an award scheme he noted is not easy since a lot of resources go into organizing such schemes.

The plaques alone he opined should not be an ordinary plaque.

He advised the organizers to get in touch with Charter House and collaborate with them on the awards scheme.

He said it would be prudent for these regional awards schemes to consider this approach so they will synchronize the schemes.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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