We cannot forgive crooked & corrupt EC for their mistakes-Cudjoe

Founding President of IMANI-Africa has fired back at the Electoral Commissioning wondering why they could make mistakes in their declaration for general elections.

He has also slammed those who have asked that the EC is pardoned for admitting making mistakes in the declaration although they say the mistakes are insignificant.

To him, the EC has no excuse especially when they disqualified some candidates who made mistakes in filling their forms for the general elections.


In his view, the electoral body has not been fair to the parties especially the NDC and NPP.

He maintained that the EC is crooked and corrupt.

“Some people say to me, we all make mistakes so just forgive the EC and move on. I simply say to them, the EC disqualified far more respectable and hobourable men for minor infractions without the opportunity to remedy alleged impersonates on their presidential application forms. And yet, the innately crooked and corrupt EC should get a pass for not only altering figures once, but severally in the dead of night after declaring results. Has the EC been fair to all parties, the NPP and NDC especially?”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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