The entire current EC is a pale shadow of Charlotte Osei-Franklin Cudjoe

Founding President of IMANI-Africa has fired back at his critics who have slammed him for his fierce criticism of Mrs. Jean Mensa, the Chair of the Electoral Commission.

Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has come under verbal attack for criticising the competence of the Electoral Commission following the outcome of the 2020 polls.

He had slammed the EC after it admitted that the were errors in the declared results for the presidential polls.


He further described the former EC boss, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, as a better EC chair compared to Mrs. Jean Mensa.

Some persons especially from the NPP have taken him to the cleaners but to these individuals Mr. Cudjoe says he criticised the former EC chair when he felt some of her decisions were not the best.

But he believes the former EC chair is far better than the incompetent Mrs. Jean Mensa.

“Turns out some people think everyone has an auto pilot brain. Yes, I criticised Charlotte when some of her decisions were troubling, but compared to the brave bare lies, tender rigging re biometric machines, shameful procurement gigs, and shambolic basic math errors that has generated a crisis of confidence, the entire current EC is a pale shadow of Charlotte! Eat it!! IMANI shall be releasing its own report and recommendations on the conduct of this EC. Enjoy your Sunday.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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