Respect the public order act-Police warns over demo

The Police Service has released a statement asking the public to strictly adhere to the public order act.

The statement issued indicated that the police has taking note of some demonstrations ongoing without the organizers notifying the police.

“The Police Administration notes with concern, recent disregard for laws governing public assembly in Ghana, resulting in damage to both state and private properties. It is reiterated that such assembly including “demonstrations” fall directly under the Public Order Act, 1994 (Act 491).”


According to the police, “The Public Order Act places an obligation on persons who desire to hold demonstrations or special events to give notice to the Police of such intention in a period of not less than five days before the date of the event. It also obliges participants to obey the directions of police officers safeguarding the proper movement of other persons and vehicles and generally maintaining order.

The Police Administration, therefore, calls on organisers and participants of such events to give due regard to the laws of the country. It also wishes to remind the public that failure to notify the police of any special event amounts to an offence which can lead to various penalties including imprisonment. Also, if any crimes are committed in the course of such unlawful demonstrations, all participants are jointly and severally responsible for the crimes.”

Read the full statement below

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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