We took the 2020 elections for granted-NPP

Ablekuma Central New Patriotic Party’s youth organizer Isaac Asare has opined that the party’s inability to retain their wide majority seats in the just parliamentary elections was because they took the polls for granted.

He said although it was the will of God for that to happen, the party did not take the polls seriously.

He argues that the results from the elections were something God wanted to happen but must be a lesson for the NPP.


Known as Akonoba, he said “God does what he wants. But this should be a lesson for us. Frankly speaking, some things were not well with our party. This is a wake-up call for the NPP fraternity. Our leaders must listen to us. We cannot sit on the radio and wash our dirty linen. We will meet our leaders and iron out our issues.”

He said the NPP became complacent because of the surveys and polls that predicted a massive victory for the elections.

According to him, the party did not campaign vigorously to win the victory massively following the surveys.

The party he added also took the NDC for a ride going into the elections.

“The NDC took the elections seriously and worked and it is not a party to take for granted because what the NDC can do to win an election you have no idea. Our leaders took the NDC for a ride and that was what caused us.”

He admonished the youth of the party to learn the strategies of the NDC and be guided by them in the next elections.

He wondered why the government failed to deal with the issues of the double salaries and other scandals under the NDC to their advantage.

Meanwhile, he has also advised the smaller political parties to re-strategize to win some of the parliamentary seats to help deepen our democracy.

In his view, the inability of the other political parties to win seats is not healthy for our democracy.

He made the remarks on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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