Attacks on MPs over ex-gratia needless & unfortunate-Ras Mubarak

Mr. Ras Mubarak, the outgoing Member of Parliament for the Kumbungu constituency says the public backlash against MPs over the demand for their ex-gratia is needless unnecessary, and unfortunate.

The issue surrounding the ex-gratia for MPs has generated heated debate among Ghanaians with some claiming the demand from our MPs is outrageous.

The MPs want an increase in the package of Members of Parliament (MPs) as contained in the Prof. Yaa Ntiamoah Baidu Committee report.


The President is expected to approve the ex-gratia of MPs and the other article 71 officeholders while parliament approves that of the Executive.

The MPs have argued that the package did not meet the minimum threshold of 600 thousand Ghana cedis that was paid to the ordinary MPs in the 6th parliament.

The committee’s report recommends that the MPs take home an end of service of four months of their salaries every year than they served in the legislature.

The legislator in responding to the concerns said all public sector workers benefited from an 11.4% increment in wages and salaries over the last four years but that of MPs was 10%.

This he noted is not fair and an insult to MPs and that is what they have argued about.

He said contrary to assertions that MPs get paid huge sums of money, the true reflection of what MPs receive is not as huge as perceived.

He said as compared to judges who get the government to buy cars for them, insure it for them but MPs are responsible for their own cars, insurance, and maintenance.

He wondered why ministers who get paid more than MPs do not get this kind of backlash.

He said in terms of hierarchy, some public officers earn more than MPs but they are not criticized like the MPs are criticized.

Ras Mubarak called for a national dialogue on this matter so Ghanaians will understand the struggles MPs go through.

This he added will resolve the brouhaha surrounding the issue of ex-gratia for MPs.

He underscored the need for them to also carry the public along because there are people who slam them as if MPs are not deserving of what is due them.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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