Bagbin better than Oquaye & some NPP MPs want him as Speaker-Ras Mubarak

The outgoing Member of Parliament for Kumbungu constituency Ras Mubarak has suggested that the choice of Alban Bagbin as Speaker is far better than Prof. Aaron Oquaye.

The legislator says in terms of the rules and procedures in the House, Bagbin has more knowledge compared to Prof. Oquaye.

Ras Mubarak said he has personal administration for Prof. Oquaye because he allowed backing benchers to shine in the House but knowing the rules of the House, Bagbin stands taller.


Speaking on the names that both sides have presented, he admonished the NPP to support Alban Bagbin as Speaker if they want to build consensus as they have suggested.

He said the 8th legislature would be a heated one hence we need someone with energy and stamina to manage the House.

He added: ”beyond energy and stamina you will need somebody who is well-liked by both sides of the House. You will need somebody who knows the rules”.

”Between the two, in terms of the rules of the House Bagbin, knows the rules better than Oquaye. Secondly, Bagbin is young; he has been in parliament for 28 years. He has an impressive record. If we want to move away from the winner takes all and clear partisanship, then what the NPP ought to be doing is to support Bagbin,” he added.

He told the host some NPP MPs are in support of Bagbin as Speaker, but the party wants to intimidate them.

”If the NPP does not intimidate their members, you see the results, and the results will shock. You will be surprised at the number of NPP MPs who will vote for Bagbin. But we know the NPP and their character. As we speak, they are camping their MPs elect and forcing them to retain Speaker Oquaye.”

”If the NPP knows they are doing the right thing, they should allow their MPs to decide. If they know Speaker Oquaye is a better choice than Bagbin, they should allow their MPs to decide and they will see the results.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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