Police officers in fear as 3 inmates test positive in Walewale

Ten police personnel of NASIA station under the Walewale district command are living in fear of a higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

Rainbow Radio International has been following the situation with which some three inmates were transferred from Walewale to the said post by two officials of the Criminal Investigation Department, Francis Ngissah and Francis Tabiri are believed to have hinted to their colleagues that the persons had tested positive for coronavirus following a test conducted on some ten inmates.

Results of the lab test indicate that the three Miftaw Ibrahim-22, Musah Salam-21, and Aziz Nurudeen- also 21 years are carriers.


At that, some senior officers at the NASIA police post quietly started advising themselves to take cover before they find themselves wanting in the arms of the pandemic.

On 15/01/21 the Walewale health directorate COVID-19 team came for samples of ten(10) inmates in Walewale cell for testing for COVID-19 upon request and on 19/01/21 the results came out that the following inmates are positive for the COVID-19:

  1. Miftaw Ibrahim age 22yrs
  2. Musah Salam age 21yrs
  3. Aziz Nurudeen age 21yrs

The three inmates have been isolated at one of the cells at Nasia police station undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the health directorate has commenced contact-tracing of persons/officers who have had contacts with the said inmates for their samples to be obtained for testing.

Chief of the community, Mozurana, and his elders are reported to have expresses displeasure over the matter.

This has also provoked the anger of the entire community as the youth are up to fight the somewhat pending danger out.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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