If there is no ‘Kuluulu’ I’II be contesting GOC Presidency-Assibey

Mr. Charles Assibey, the founder of the Armwrestling Federation, has confirmed he would be contesting in the Ghana Olympic Committee elections.

He says if there is no hindrance or any form of blockage, he would be contesting as the Ghana Olympic Committee President.

According to him, he is more than qualified, competent and with the needed skills to manage the office as President.


”Let us emphasise on this, if there is no kululu, I will be contesting as President for the Committee.”

He was speaking to Wallace Worlanyo Wallace on Rainbow Sports.

He told him he would be looking forward that the assembly will adopt the roadmap for the GOC then he will make the move in contesting the seat.

The renowned sports journalists noted that there are people who make promises but when they get to the seat, they lose focus and are unable to deliver on their mandate.

He has promised to give the GOC a new look and deliver leadership to ensure a better direction.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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