Wife of Eugene Arhin files for divorce, demands GHC2 million, 50% of all properties

Wife of Eugene Arhin, the Director of Communications at the Presidency has filed for a divorce demanding 50% of all movable and unmovable properties and an amount of Ghc2 million.

She is asking the High Court to annul the marriage and order the husband to compensate her.

She is alleging that her husband had left home for the past two years and has resorted to engaging in extramarital affairs with one Chantel Kudjawu (Gertrude Gbajo).


It is her case that “That prior to leaving the home, the Respondent on some occasions spent the night with these ladies and also did not sleep in the house and when I confronted him on it, he yelled at me and sometimes verbally, emotionally, psychologically and physically abused me in the presence of our children. Respondent told me in one of his verbal abuses that I was not woman enough for him that is why he is involved with these other women.”

Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin further noted that she had to do extra side jobs to mobilize enough funds for the maintenance and management of the home when their marriage faced financial challenges in the early stages.

But shortly after becoming the Director of Communications at the Presidency, the Petitioner indicated that her husband started behaving very unusual, claiming he is no longer interested in the marriage. She also stated that all the efforts by the parties and their families for an amicable resolution have all failed.

Mrs Arhin also alleged that the “Respondent informed the Petitioner that he had to travel to pursue a course at George Town University, a claim which Respondent knew very well to be false and only used it as a means to travel out of the country to spend time with one of his mistresses and his other child.”

“On one occasion, after Respondent came for the children to spend time with them, the older child informed me that while they were with the Respondent, there was another lady in the house by name Grace whom the Respondent kissed continually in their presence,” she added.

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