No credible Music Awards Scheme in Ghana make profits-3Music

A research member from 3Music Awards, Andrew Nana Ofori, has posited that there is no credible awards scheme in the country that make profits from any ceremony they organised.

Contrary to claims that awards schemes make so many profits from organising annual events, he said they rather incur costs.

He was speaking on Rainbow Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm.
He asked Ghanaians and entertainment critics to stop asserting that awards schemes get money from the events they organise.


”Let me tell you, I am not holding brief for anybody, but I can tell you on authority that the two awards schemes in the country do make profits. They rather incur costs. So that assertion that we make money is not true.”

He told host DJ Slash that instead of critics to slams schemes, they should rather understand what they do and the contributions their work have on the music industry.

He explained it is not necessarily for them to make profits but, to contribute to the industry and help it grow.

Using 3Music as an example, he said tickets and sponsorship help them make profits, but last year, the event was virtual, and they had no sponsors on board and sold no tickets.

He added awards schemes sharp and position the industry and when slamming schemes, critics should be circumspect.

In his view, the awards are a mark of excellence for musicians who get them.

He opined that awards are used to categorize musicians and are also reference points for arguments.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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