Farmer on the run after allegedly murdering motor rider

A farmer is currently on the run over an allegation of murdering a motor rider.

The farmer allegedly murdered and buried the rider in a shallow grave at Nyamabekyere Asaaman.

The Okada rider, identified simply as Oboy Joe, was allegedly contacted by the farmer, identified as Michael Akrofi to transport him to a location.


However, after he failed to return home, the victim’s wife called Mr. Akrofi went to the residence of the farmer to enquire about his whereabouts.

She was told by the suspect’s wife the two had no returned from their journey.

Unsatisfied with the response, the wife of the rider and the family sought help from two spiritualists who both confirmed the rider had been killed and buried.

Residents joined the family to launch a search on the said farm and discovered the body of the rider in the shallow grave.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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