Vetting Committee has so far done marvellously well-Lawyer

Private legal practitioner, author and researcher, lawyer Tachie Antiedu has asked Ghanaians to commend the Vetting Committee of Parliament for the vigorous work they have been able to do so far.

The lawyer speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm indicated that the work of the committee is not an easy one since they must ensure the nominees appointed have what it takes to perform.

According to him, he is impressed with the work of the committee and Ghanaians should feel proud.


He advised against the attacks that are usually thrown at the MPs over what has become ”rubber stamp” attitude of parliament in reaching agreements.

He said this should not negate the marvellous work the Committee has been able to achieve on behalf of Ghanaians.

Lawyer Antiedu said the committee’s work was nearly buried by the election petition but it has found space in the media.

He said vetting is an important governance practice and appointees who appear before the committee should be well prepared and show reasons why they are capable of the job.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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