God would have created two men if a man was suitable for a man-Evangelist


Evangelist Martin Oppong of the Church of Christ has stated that homosexuality is a sexual perversion that should not be encouraged or entertained.

Speaking on sexual perversion; the case of homosexuality, the man of God said the creator created Adam and Eve and did not create Adam and Steve.

He explained that if the creator was a God who entertained homosexuality, he would have created two men to have sex.


He said God ordained sex to be enjoined in marriage between a man and a woman and not two men or two women.

Evangelist Martin Oppong noted that there is no confusion on this and anyone caught up in the act is a sinner and should flee from their evil ways.

He said no one can use any form of explanation to justify the ungodly act of sex between the same sex because it is abominable and should not be allowed to fester in our society.

He further admonished persons who are lovers of pornography to desist from it because it is also evil and destructive.

He said human sexuality as defined by God was for men to have sex with women and reproduce and not for men to have sex with their fellows.

“If a man was suitable for man, God would have created another man. But man is not suitable for a man so he created a woman. If you are listening to me and would appreciate what I am saying, you would understand that men sleeping with men is ungodly and evil before God”.

Evangelist Martin Oppong was speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.Fm on the recent debate over the controversial issue saying, this should not confuse anyone because there is nothing good about it.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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