NPP condemns bigotry textbooks

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has condemned the controversial textbooks that several critics have stated stereotyped Ewes.

A statement issued by the party said: “Current global values project universal human rights, encompassing respect for all peoples irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture or gender. Economies are being built on digital technology and innovation, creativity and skills development. These are what will drive international competitiveness for Ghana and open opportunities for our young people to master their talents and fulfil their dreams.”

Ir added that “We deem it highly reprehensible for those responsible for this offensive publication, to harbour such vile thoughts about their fellow citizens of Ghana in the twenty-first century”.


“We therefore unreservedly condemn this singular demonstration of tribal bigotry and prejudice and call on those responsible for the offensive publication, to withdraw the same from circulation and to destroy every part of the offending material.”

“We further demand an unqualified apology from the authors and publishers of this base material to be rendered to all Ewe speaking citizens of Ghana. In addition, we urge other ethnic groups in this country, to condemn such divisive publications which only serve as a recipe for chaos and disunity.”

The textbooks – History of Ghana, Text Book 3, was authored by Badu Nkansah and Nelly Martinson Anim; while the Golden English Basic 4 was authored by Okyere Baafi Alexander.

These books have been widely criticised for making bigotry comments about Ewes.

Read the full statement from the NPP below

By: Rainbowradioonl;ine.com

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