Allotey Jacobs is a political opportunist, be careful of him-NPP warned

Political analyst Michael Ebo Amoah has indicated that the dismissal of Allotey Jacobs from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), will have no political effect on the fortunes of the party.

He has described him as political opportunist respect for his party and disregarded rules set out by the party for members to obey.

He wondered why some two years back Mr. Allotey Jacobs blasted the president but today has turned into someone praising him.


Mr. Ebo Amoah noted that what he is doing is for political convenience and opportunism.

For him, what he is doing is not genuine and also not good for political loyalty.

He said the former NDC Central Regional Chair of the NDC is a threat to Ghana’s democracy because such characters are insincere and only move to places where they would benefit from.

The political analyst noted that political loyalty is paramount and that was something the dismissed politician lacked.

Meanwhile, he has cautioned the NPP to be careful of what Allotey Jacobs is doing today or they would regret it later.

He said they should not just embrace people like that.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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