The minority will be in disarray forever should leadership be changed-Ebo Amoah

A lecturer and political analyst, Michael Ebo Amoah, has warned the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) against plans to change the leadership of the Minority in Parliament.

In his view, the Minority in Parliament would be in disarray should the party attempt to change its leadership.

He said the party must tread cautiously because a change in leadership will worsen the plight and destabilise them.


”I would advise the NDC to rescind the decision to change Haruna Iddrisu, if they that, it would be their doom in Parliament. Who are you replacing him with? The sort of leadership he has displayed is unmatched.”

He said there is no personality who can perform like Haruna Iddrisu because he has institutional memory.

According to him, Haruna Iddrisu has helped the party and increased its seats in parliament hence he should not be changed.

”If it is true that Haruna Iddrisu is not the permanent leader and they want to change him, then the leadership of the party in parliament will be in disarray forever. The leadership have now gained loyal people, loyal MPs at the parliamentary level so the NDC should be careful,” he concluded.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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