Discussions about NDC flagbearer irrelevant now-Fritz Baffour

A former Information Minister Fritz Baffour has averred that discussions about National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer for 2024 are premature.

Mr. Fritz Baffour said what was important is for the party to reorganize and put in measures to make the party move away from being a party just for an election to a party that is well structured.

He refuted claims that some of them are anti-Mahama, rather they are interested in making the party work again.


Fritz Baffour was speaking over a forum organised by cadres of the party last weekend.

He urged the party and its executives to adopt decisions that will resuscitate the party before it collapses.

He said we have a problem of high monetization to the extend that whatever you would want to do, you to pay your through.

He said these are the things we have to move away from because you cannot buy power.

The former legislator said the party was at the crossroads and would be prudent to secure its future.

The communications expert added that the movement was not about 2024 but a long-term plan this expected to restructure the NDC for the future.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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