Covid-19 not Ghana’s pandemic, but road accidents-GPRTU

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Eric Asirifi says it is heartbreaking for over 770 to be killed through road accidents in the first quarter of this year.

He said the situation is dire and terrible considering that the figure surpasses the total number of deaths recorded for the Covid-19 outbreak.

Some 771 people have died from road accidents from January to March 2021 alone in the country.


Out of the 771 people losing their lives to road accidents, 636 of them were males and 135 were females.

The regional breakdown is as follows: Ashanti region is the leading region with 171 deaths, Greater Accra 146, Eastern Region 127, Central Region 48, Savannah Region 42, Bono East 38, Western Region 35, Upper East 33, Volta Region 30, Bono Region 23, Western North 22, Ahafo Region 20, Upper West 13, Northern Region 12, Oti Region 8, North East 3.

Commenting on this, Mr. Asirifi encouraged drivers to maintain discipline on our roads to help save lives.

Over speeding, overtaking and other road traffic offenses should be dealt with.

According to him, the government should pump in money for advocacy on road accidents.

The campaign and advocacy he noted are less and not encouraging.

He said just as we invested heavily in fighting Covid-19, we have to do the same for road accidents.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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