Ghana’s judicial system is not bad as people think-Lawyer

Lawyer Nkrabea Effah Dartey has asked Ghanaians to trust in Ghana’s judicial system.

According to him, irrespective of the challenges we have, the system we have in Ghana is appreciable.

He noted that no matter how long a case will drag in court, at the end of the process, justice must be seen to be done.


He disclosed there are several persons in custody with their case still traveling for over ten years.

The respected lawyer in an interview recently with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm noted that no one plans to have cases delay in court but sometimes the system makes it so.

Lawyer Effah Dartey explained that lawyers as part of their strategies intentionally delay cases in court just to ensure that the law takes time to go through every aspect of the matter pending in court.

He said Ghanaians should appreciate what we have and support than lambast it.

He advised Ghanaians to get the best lawyers to help them in court.

He further bemoaned the way people use social media to pronounce people guilty even before the court deals with the matter.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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