Ghana’s constitution protecting political thieves-EFL

The Economic Fighters League has argued that in Fixing the country, we would have to abolish the 1992 constitution and draft a new one.

Founder and leader of the group, Ernesto Yeboah, says the current constitution is the cause of the corruption, mismanagement, lack of accountability and abuse of power by our leaders.

The stealing, dangerous agreements between Ghana and foreign entities are all from the constitution.


He said the late former President Rawlings who benefitted from the constitution at a point suggested for Ghana to adopt a new constitution because it was not beneficial.

Ernesto Yeboah said the entire constitution is dangerous to the democracy of Ghana, and if we want this country to progress, we have to let it go and develop a new one.

In his view, we need a new constitution that would abolish ex-gratia so politicians and other professionals would be equal everywhere. We need a new constitution that will promote economic democracy. An election is not something we enjoy. We need a democracy that will ensure economic freedom. We need a constitution that will put Ghana in control of its natural resources including oil, gold manganese and other minerals. We need a constitution that will promote equity and equality before the law.

We need a constitution that will make it possible for the President to be prosecuted for corruption and other criminal activities. We need a new constitution that would make every vote count in Ghana where every party will have a representation in parliament based on the percentage they garner in an election. This would ensure that the marginalised get a representation. We need a new constitution that will prevent the President from appointing the security heads and prevent political interference in our security services,” he added.

He said: ”if we have a thief as president, he cannot be prosecuted because he is protected by the constitution. This is not a constitution and should be abolished and a new one developed”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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