Challenges of free SHS worsening, seek help-MP to Prez

A Deputy Ranking Member of the Education Committee of Parliament Dr. Clement Apaak, has decried what he terms as the worsening challenges of the implementation of the free senior high school policy.

The MP is worried that the policy is badly implemented and yet, the government has refused to seek help or address the issues.

He was reacting to a media report where schools have reportedly run out of food owing to failure by the Buffer Stock company to supply them nonperishable foods.


Also, the situation according to sources is due to a lack of funds to the schools by the government.

Some heads of some schools have bemoaned the situation and called on the government to provide them with the resources need to feed the sudents.

Reacting to this, Dr. Apaak said it was about time the government engage stakeholders on the matter and seek help.

He urged the government to organize a national dialogue to seek help from others since the free SHS is currently facing a crisis.

”FixfSHS Call a national forum to address the challenges facing our Secondary Education. It’s not getting better, it’s worsening. For how long would our children/wards be punished for political expediency.”

The MP had asked the government to avoid the shame and tell Ghanaians about the challenges they are facing with the implementation of the free SHS policy.

He argued that the NPP government has failed to properly implement the free SHS programme.

According to him, the previous NDC government started on the right foot for the implementation of the free SHS programme, but due to political interest, they abandoned it to run their own which currently seems to be collapsing under their watch.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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