E-Levy will pose a security threat to Ghana if passed-Adib Saani

Security analyst, Adib Saani has warned the government to tread cautiously in the ongoing attempt to pass the E-levy despite the opposition.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 875.Fm, he described the E-Levy as an unpopular policy that could provoke anger from the public.

He was speaking on issues that could trigger anger from citizens over policies from their leaders.


The security analyst stated that the E-Levy could pose a big security threat to the security of the state.

“E-Levy could pose a big security threat to the state. I am saying it on record. I am saying it without mincing words.”

When asked to confirm his assertion that the E-Levy could pose a security threat to the state he said “absolutely. I can say it anywhere and even say it right in front of the president”.

According to him, he was not sacred of asserting because the policy was unpopular and Ghanaians are against it.

Adib Saani stated that the President had asked Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators and so, as a citizen, he is telling the President that the E-Levy is unpopular.

He slammed African leaders saying they do not care about their citizens hence the recent instability in some West African countries.

He maintained that ” despite the propaganda, the E-Levy is unpopular and the government must drop it.

He said the government must stop pushing things that are unpopular on Ghanaians because the people will resist.

“Some NPP MPs are aware that the E-Levy is unpopular but because it is a party policy, they have refused to speak against it”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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