I’ve not scandalized the judiciary & I’ve every right to demand our judiciary to be devoid of political influence-Sosu to judges

The Member of Parliament for Madina, lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu has reacted to concerns raised by the Association of Magistrates and Judges.

The Association had described the description of judges as political by Madina MP, Francis Xavier Sosu, as “unfortunate, reckless and misguided”.

The MP had stated that “If you make yourself a political Judge, you will be treated politically, and your tenure of office will run with the political party that you favour”.


He made the comments during the ‘Yentua’ demonstration held against the introduction of the controversial E-Levy.

Reacting to these comments, President of the Association of Magistrates and Judges, Justice Henry Kwofie, said “The Association finds this statement of Honorable Sosu against Judges as unfortunate, reckless and misguided, coming as it is from a Member of Parliament and a Lawyer who should know better.”

“The Association considers this statement of Honourable Sosu as deliberate and calculated to create disaffection against the judiciary and an attempt to scandalise the judiciary, and we condemn the said statement in no uncertain terms.

“Judges do not determine which cases are filed or put before them for hearing. The statement of Francis Xavier Sosu is an attempt to intimidate Judges who are doing nothing other than their normal work.”

He revealed they would file a complaint against the lawyer at the General Legal Council.

“Having regard to the seriousness which the AMJG takes this statement and its potential to do undue damage to the image of the Judiciary, the Association is lodging a formal complaint against Francis-Xavier Sosu to the General Legal Council immediately for his unprofessional statement and utterances which have the potential to tarnish the image of the Judiciary as a whole.”

But lawyer Sosu react g to the concerns raised by the judges noted that the release from the judges will not stop him from holding the judges to account.

He said as a legislator, he has every right to demand our judiciary to be devoid of political influence.

According he is highly disappointed in the statement by the judges because they misconstrued his comments.

He said his comments were deliberate and well thought out and not meant to scandalize the judiciary.

He further disagreed with the Association for describing his comments as unprofessional.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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