Evacuating Ghanaians from Ukraine through other countries the best option for now-Prof. Boateng

International relations expert Prof. Agyenim Boateng has posited that it would be challenging for the government to mobilize and evacuate Ghanaians in Ukraine.

He noted that it is far superior for the government of Ghana to evacuate our nationals through other countries.

For now, airlifting Ghanaians in Ukraine he added would be difficult hence other options must be applied.


He explained that it would be prudent for the United Nations to intervene to prevent another world war.

He believes countries must not intervene at the personal level since it could trigger escalating effects.

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin did not joke when he threatened to deal with countries that will support Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has disclosed it has engaged with the leadership of Ghanaian students in Ukraine.

The Ministry says it has compiled a list of students who would be evacuated.

According to the statement, it has become challenging evacuating the Ghanaian students following the closure of the Ukrainian airspace.

It further revealed the Ghanaian government was in touch with Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, to assist with the smooth evacuation of the Ghanaian students.

Meanwhile, the only option available for the Ghanaian government to evacuate the students is through Moldova, Belarus, Slovakia, and Hungary by land.

The statement also revealed officials at Ghana’s Honorary Consuls are on stand-by to facilitate the smooth evacuation of students who had commenced their journey by road to Romania and Hungary.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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