Arrogance, pride, and complacency destroyed the CPP-Prophet Oduro

Founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro; has blasted the Convention People’s Party (CPP) for causing their own political woes.

Preaching on Sunday, February 27, 2022, the man of God attributed the woes of the party to complacency, pride, arrogance, and failure to see the dangers of their self-satisfaction when they held power.

Prophet Oduro asked the congregants not to allow complacency to deny them better opportunities and respect from people.


He said the reason the CPP as a party had not been able to recover from troubles is because they failed in the past to respect the people.

He has therefore advised his congregants to humble themselves and respect people so they would not be embarrassed.

He added that there are situations in life you can never recover from hence Ghanaians must be careful how they treat others when in office.

He said some people abuse others because of their position forgetting that life could change in a way that those who used to be powerful, will no longer be respected in their society.

“There are people when they appointed as Ministers, DCEs, they want to lord over others. They become arrogant, complacent, and disrespect others. They talk to people anyhow and do not even want them to come near them.

They become arrogant to the point of forgetting that power can change. They become powerful to the point that they forget those who voted them into office,” he added.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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